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Friday, 09/14/2012, 01:50 pm

VIDEO | Penn Hawaii Youth Foundation Season 7

PENN HAWAII YOUTH FOUNDATION Season 7 from layne luna on Vimeo.

This season the youngest coaches in history to lead the youths. Isaiah Kanakanui a three time BIIF wrestling and Judo Champion and Hillary Luna 3 time Teen Girls Jiu Jitsu Champion and BIIF Judo Champion and the current Miss Teen Lehua Hawaii 2012.


6 Responses to “VIDEO | Penn Hawaii Youth Foundation Season 7”

  1. not nick diaz says:

    Great job,undoubtedly these two will become two of the best coaches penn academie has.

  2. Majestyk says:

    OK, this is all great, but where are the articles and updates on BJ’s prep for the Rory fight? Would rather hear about BJ than about Rumble or Arlovski, but there is NEVER any info. I hope BJ is training like never before, because his chances against Rory won’t be good if he’s not. The fact that his site never has any news to report regarding his training makes me concerned. Don’t want to see him lose #4 in a row.

    • daveyB says:

      Whether you want to see him lose or not..

      He WILL lose cause Rory is a locomotive that will run over his “I don’t want my daughter to see me like this” crying, going into retirement, no cardio lazy ass.

      • Dick Diaz says:

        damn, that’s so harsh.

      • David Schreiner says:

        You are an disrespectful, condenscending idiot. I’d like to see your bitch ass get in the ring with BJ Penn. It’s so easy for your side line quarterbacks to continually vomit crap from that nasty hole on your face.

        • daveyB says:

          Ok, I admit it. BJ could kick my ass. Unfortunately for him (and you) he won’t be fighting me. He’ll be fighting someone that will give him his 4th loss in a row, tarnish his legacy, and will send him into mma irrelevancy.

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