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Monday, 07/09/2012, 09:56 am

Video | Overeem Thinks UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos Is Scared To Face Him | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Alistair Overeem in an interview with MMA Fighting.

Overeem comments on the current UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos and has a feeling that Dos Santos doesn’t want to face him.

“For me, I’m a fighter, I’m here to kick ass, I don’t care who I’m fighting. I’m already a three-time world champion, I’ll fight anybody, anywhere, so I’m going to leave that to the gentlemen of the UFC to decide. I know [Junior dos Santos] didn’t want to fight me in the first place. I know he was happy [about the NSAC decision], I just know that. I hit very hard, I’ve knocked out a lot of people, I’ve submitted a lot of people. I am, in any way you look at it, a legitimate threat to his title. I’m gonna get it. He knows that. Cain (Velasquez) is also doing very well right now, but Cain doesn’t hit as hard as I do. Cain is smaller than I am and has less experience. I’m the biggest legitimate threat out there, that’s why he’s afraid.”

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43 Responses to “Video | Overeem Thinks UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos Is Scared To Face Him | UFC News”

  1. The almighty hog says:


  2. fist says:

    overeem = overconfident

  3. Wrestler66 says:

    Junior would take an absolute beating in the clinch and get knocked out Overeem would pepper him with kicks when he was on the outside too to make it uncomfortable for him too get his footwork going

    • Bro, Overeem has been knocked out many times before and none of them hand the hands and power Junior has, not even close. Is it possible Overeem could win, of course. However putting it out there as fact like Overeem would definitely manhandle him is overboard. I myself would probably bet on dos Santos but I wouldn’t swear to it.

    • tazdevil86 says:

      dude have you seen Overeem fight?, in my point of view Junior Dos Santos is to much for him. I would love to see them two to fight, but I know JDS will smash him!

  4. fist says:

    what the fuck in my Name and Email section on my phone was already filled in at
    Name: fist
    buuut back to Overeem.
    i think JDS is just concerned about the ped situation.

  5. Troy aguilar says:

    Dos Santos aint scarred hes in the wrong sport to be scared, he just dont want to fight someone juiced up. Overeem is a top threat along with vasquez but i see dos santos staying a champion for a long time.

  6. B-rad says:

    Junior is gonna have to walk a real tight rope against the Reem..if he can keep plenty of distance and out work him he can stop him. But if Reem closes the distance and gets a thai clinch Jr will get battered

  7. WrestlingRules says:

    Yep, If Overeem cycles properly and comes in feeling good, not much hope for JDS. I don’t see where he can beat Overeem. But JDS is a good boxer and if he can stay out side the kicks or grab one, he may win by points. Do the Greg Jackson dance and pepper punch. Could happen, Once again, if JDS was a good wrestler he could beat with gnp or sub…But JDS doesn’t seem to like the ground much. Yuuup Overeem by destruction…..

    Man if that could happen and Kampmann beats GSP, shit Xanindo would be having wet dreams and actually be less grumpy maybe!!! Miracle!! rofl….

    • Xaninho says:

      Hahaha I’m not grumpy! I’m usually in a good mood. I do have a short fuse but that’s something different.

      I actually don’t mind if JDS beats Overeem. I like JDS both as a fighter and as a person he’s a very likeable guy. Overeem as well. He’s a nice guy and has great fighting skills.

      I think it could be a good thing if Overeem became the champ, a Dutch champ might change the ridiculous ban on MMA in Holland.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        That’s what she said; ‘ You have a short fuse”…just kidding!!!!!

        I personally would like to see Overeem beat him, but you’re right JDS does come off as a happy go lucky guy, but he’s not been tested yet, let’s see how he reacts when he gets beat. I like all of Overeem’s game. Too bad these guys aren’t better wrestler’s Oh well life ain’t fair….Overeem seems cocky but a nice guy too, but I;m good with cockyness…go figure…

        I didn;t realize that in Holland MMA is banned!! It’s all that crazy political correctness socialistic bullshit they have over there.

        What do you think about Kampmann??

        • Xaninho says:

          Oh it’s not the socialists, the christians were against it.

          I think Kampmann is a great fighter. He’s a very complete fighter, doesn’t really excel in one particular part of the game but every part from stand-up to grappling is very sound.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I’m a Christian and I am ok with it. That’s right the socialist over there just want to tax the shit outta you and control your life….I guess they don’t care if people beat the crap out of each other as long as they can tax it 80%…As a businessman don’t you get tired of those leeches in government trying to take all your hard earned money to give 5% to drug addicts and don’t want to work lowlifes??

        • Xaninho says:

          No I don’t mind to pay taxes if it’s used right. I don’t mind if some of it is used for people who can’t find work or are too sick to work.

          What I do mind is that my hard earned money is used to aid countries in the European Union that blatantly lied about their budgetary deficit (Greece). 35 billion Euro for the countries with the weakest economies, the same countries that have been giving false information and the same countries who have a pension age of 57 where WE Dutch people have to work until we are 67 to keep OUR budgetary deficit under the allowed 4%.

          So I have a problem with the whole european union and with the euro currency. Netherlands was doing great with our old guilder currency before the EU and the euro were shoved down our throats. And this wasn’t done by socialists, but by the rightwing conservatives.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          The problem is that governments ARE the worst entity to distribute help. It is much better on a local level.

          I hear you on the Euro, but you have to admit the Socialists in these other countries created these debt issues by spending more than they can bring in. The whole world has and is doing that.

          Yah Holland is made up of great business’ and do have a hard working people . Tulips are great… A beautiful country as well. Except for your blindspots and stubborn ego, I can see people there are superior too.

          But you seem a bit naive about the socialists. They are really marxists and are interested in fascism. And the so called right-wing conservatives are not conservatives at all they are fiscal fascist that are the moneyed people. Both these and the socialists are equally totalitarian. They infact are controlled by the same people. The moneyed interests worldwide. True conservatives are for indivudual freedom and democracy where the free market decides what people want and NOT governments or the moneyed elite.

          Oh yah and Silva is the champ and he slimey….

  8. blahblahblah says:

    Agreed. I don’t think Cigano is scared by any means, but Overeem poses a GIANT threat to his title reign. He’s never fought a striker with the same skill set that Overeem has.

    Regarding Kampann, he’s a phenomenal fighter. That being said, I don’t see him being TOO much of a challenge for GSP. If the standup game gets to be sketchy, he’ll take it to ground and smother him.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Yah, plus Overeem has a ground game and I’m sure JDS does too. I think we will see if JDS has a chin and if he does who knows but I got Overeem by destruction…

      I have to disagree with you on Kampmann. As good as GSP is, I just don’t see him better than Kampmann but on the ground and I don;t think he can hold Kampmann down. Kampmann’s boxing is just heads and shoulders ‘bove GSP;s. The only real weakness is that Kampmann keep;s his head pretty still and GSP’s jab is dangerous so so he could get beat up a bit. But at he end of the day I believe Kampmann’s boxing combo’s and overall skill is enough to beat GSP….It’ll be good and I Just want to get through the Condit / Hendricks stuff and see this fight by March 2013 or so.


    I’m a Dos Santos fan, but I think that he’s ducking Reem.

    He’s ducking. Not scared.

    Ducking and being scared is 2 different things.

  10. mike69 says:

    I like Dos Santos, he’s a cool guy, down to earth, highly skilled and a great representative for the sport.

    BUT, I hope he doesn’t fight Overeem. Actually, I shouldn’t say I hope he doesn’t fight, just that if he does, I think JDS loses. I think toe to toe in the standup game, Overeem wins. I THINK (just my opinion) that if in order for JDS to win is to take Overeem down and use his supposed BJJ skills (I say supposed because we haven’t ever seen it, although JDS has never had to show it). But if Lesnar couldn’t take Overeem down, I don’t believe that Dos Santos will be able to.

    If this fight happens, it’s going to be a standup fight, and I see JDS battered and losing. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  11. Drew says:

    Dear reem. You haven’t beaten any real UFC fighters yet because Brock doesn’t count. Standing with another heavyweight who Trully has like a mere amateur standup game in Brock doesn’t count. Jds has faster hands then u and Cain would steamroll you. Your a solid number 3

  12. Shonan says:

    The only thing i see being a problem from Overeem is when he has immense pressure put on him, he has been known to lose his edge. This hasnt happened recently in the cage since he has been beating the brakes off everyone, but i wonder if thats still something junior could exploit….

  13. Thomas says:

    Who cares? Overroid is in no position to have an opinion!

  14. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Who wouldn’t have some concern over fighting a known cheater? He must think Brock was the cream of the crop in the UFC and is sounding a little confident that everyone is scared of him and what he’s accomplished and that it’s just a matter of time when he gets the UFC title. I personally like him when he came out with the “hammer” back in the day, but I would love to see him get knocked down to reality. There are many others out there who are more deserving and I hope JDS gets to put it on him. This guy reminds me of the mighty Metallica – no remorse! One love from central cali’s “NO”.

  15. C says:

    I say give overeem a rematch with werdum, then the winner gets a title shot

  16. TRUTH says:

    JDS is the UFC HW Champion, that Belt is worth more than your Fake Belts from JAPAN. When this fight happens JDS is going to Knock His Head out. U barely got through Werdum, and u beat Brett Rogers, and build your records fighting bums like James Thompson. The List of Guys JDS has dominated is insane, Werdum, Carwin, Cain, Mir stack up way more than the nobodys u beat in JAPAN. U got caught with ROIDS, END OF STORY

  17. ballsackface says:

    i like reem, jds and cain
    reem is a legit threat. hes a fucking monster and hes confident

    problem is though is that cain velasques has the hardest punch in MMA. didnt they do some test with fighters punching some kind of impact machine and he scored so high they had to modify they way they measured it.

    eitherway i think each one of those fighters can be champ at any given day and the title will move around between them as they each have a slightly different skillset they excel at

  18. Mike b says:

    JDS scared of overeem.u gotta be fucking kidding me right..allistar has more tools than JDS understood,overeem is a better kick boxer than JDS understood but overeem has been knocked out or tkod about 6 times in mma and 4 times in kickboxing if I’m not mistaken.his pride record was point is he hasn’t fought top guys yet he’s fought chuck got ko’d fought shogun got smashed a few times he lost to nog.all top tier guys he fought he lost.oh so tod dufee and Brett Rogers are ranked fighters.he hasn’t fought the best guys in the world yet and when he did he got smashed.and with his weak chin he will suffer another KO yet again when he fights JDS.hes a great fighter and ONE of the top heavyweights but fight some top guys first before u get too cocky reem.ive watched all his pride fights and k-1 fights on hd net.jds will give him another KO on his record and Cain will beat that mutherfucker down something crucial.

  19. Daddy of u says:

    For all the faggots that think he took roids…..
    Testosterone or tri tesosterone is not a steroid it is mearley a synthesised male growth hormone that is commonly used as a stack with a steroid to stop roid dick from happening as the hormone heightens hair growth aggresivness, beta to alpha types of characteristics and cellular repair and promotes protein synthesis in the body. Tesosterone is an 18 carbon atom chemical all anabolic steroids is a 19 carbon atom chemical. Yours sincerely a fibromyalgia patient who takes a 1mill shot of tri test per week to stop chronic muscle wasting who was told by the doctor that testosterone itself is not a steroid even though steroids are chemically derived from it. So get the head down girls and shut the fuck up.

  20. Mike b says:

    anybody could sound smart using wiki many times did u practice that one own thoughts.. overeem is a fucking juice head man.the motherfucker has 3 necks.its so obvious come on.he was skin and bones in pride now he’s the fucking hulk.testosterone my ass mutherfucker gimmie a fucking break.not saying he tested positive for roids when the UFC suspended him in may but in the past he’s juiced up.there is really no proof that he took roids but come on……

  21. Diego C says:

    you are talking out of ur ass son!! Dos Santos will kick ur ass any day of the week!!!!!!!

  22. tae says:

    Overeem wins by 14:1

  23. oomaplata says:

    Shut up, juice monkey.

  24. punchkick says:

    reem is a glass cannon, jds by murder

  25. Matt says:

    Let’s see how hard u hit when u have the testosterone of one man and not 15…. U cheating dog

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