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Monday, 07/23/2012, 02:21 pm

VIDEO | Overeem Comments On Jones vs. Silva Superfight, Gives Hendo Underdog Status | UFC NEWS

White attending the K-1 open tryouts today, UFC heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem took time out to comment on his future and place in the UFC heavyweight division as well as discuss a few fights set for the near future.


9 Responses to “VIDEO | Overeem Comments On Jones vs. Silva Superfight, Gives Hendo Underdog Status | UFC NEWS”

  1. silva vs. leben says:

    ummm wtf? why is this my login ?

  2. danielrchargers says:

    yeah my name is
    and my email is
    what the hell.

  3. Nuitari X says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think of kermit the frog every time they hear Overeem talk?

  4. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    He won against brock, but brock sucks I think JDS or Cain will kill him. I think Alistair can knockout guys like Frank Mir or something but he isnt in the league of JDS Or Cain.

  5. YeahRightMan says:

    I made a comment just the other day on Hawani and how he looks like he’s never played a contact sport in his life and he’s an annoying wimp. Good to hear it, respect to overeem. I think this interviewer is better than Hawani anyway (I know I’m spelling his name wrong but it’s not even worth my time to check.)

  6. NiggerDick says:

    This nigga already looks like he’s losing bulk, needs to get back on the horses.

  7. Hector says:

    His demeanor changed since hs’s off the test. before he would be stationary/ serious, no he’s lovey dovey (cause he no is with in normal test range and estrogen levels are playing a part) don’t believe me.. look at his videos before he got caught using and the ones lately. case closed.

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