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Thursday, 12/20/2012, 10:56 am

VIDEO | Oscar De La Hoya Offers Friendly Advice To Rory MacDonald | UFC NEWS

I was wondering, “Why don’t you just go finish him?” You know, he looks like he has talent. He looks like he has that little it factor. He just has to keep on working that. You have to feel that killer instinct. Feel it! And go after it! You have to feel it, grab it, get it!

I would love to see him use that jab to the body. If I was in there with that opponent he was fighting against, that jab to the body would have just paralyzed him. I mean, it would have. You can see it, I mean obviously you can see some things from outside. But he’s a talented fighter. My hat goes off to him.


4 Responses to “VIDEO | Oscar De La Hoya Offers Friendly Advice To Rory MacDonald | UFC NEWS”

  1. ChubbyCheeks says:

    The same jab to the body that got Liddell clocked against Rampage. It he was in there, he would need to stay clean so his face wouldn’t be chubbier than the referee’s.

  2. Bob'O says:

    “That guy he was in there against”? Shut the fuck up Oscar, your last fight was a joke. “That guy” was BJ Fucking Penn, The Prodigy! I respected you Oscar and grew up watching your fights, but now you’re just a joke and just the guy who Tito Ortiz bought his house from.

    Also, Swee pee whitiker beat your ass, it was fixed. Now go back to being clueless about Legend’s of the UFC. One more thing though, I would bet at 170 that BJ Penn would beat your fucking ass bro. Yeah, in just a boxing match. ~Bob’O

    • Bob'O is an idiot. says:

      You think a no weight cutted Oscar would be beat by Penn at 170 at straight boxing. I’m a huge BJ Penn fan but please don’t be ignorant. BJ has great boxing but not that grat..

      • Bob'O says:

        Hide behind your fake names coward. I have no idea why they allow losers like yourself to do that here. Yeah, BJ would. So would Nick Diaz. No go clean Mommy & Daddy’s garage. You got family coming over. ~Bob’O

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