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Thursday, 03/28/2013, 10:07 am

VIDEO | Ortiz Coaching Cyborg on Ground And Pound | MMA NEWS

Tito Ortiz takes the credit for creating the ground-and-pound style of fighting in Mixed Martial Arts. Now that he is retired from competition he has taken on the role of managing Cris Cyborg. Apparently management also entails teaching his fighter some vicious elbow strikes from top position.


2 Responses to “VIDEO | Ortiz Coaching Cyborg on Ground And Pound | MMA NEWS”

  1. TQ says:

    I thought Mark Coleman created ground and pound

  2. 123 says:

    if elbows r allowed, headbutts & soccer kicks should be too.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      WTF? Do you want somebody to die in there? Soccer kicks? What is wrong with you?

      • B.O.M.N.M.T.U says:

        Your comment totally made me breath out my nose more than usual.
        Jumping over the guard to a face stomp is better compared to soccer kicks. Atleast the fighter laying down have the opportunity to use his legs to protect himself when the opponent is trying to jumo over the guard, and it looks awesome for the audience. But yeah soccer kicks is f*ed up, that rule should come with an automatic compensation for the fighter, his purse +30% or something for the risk taken.
        -The rulemaker

  3. Sasquatch says:

    Ronda better avoid this biatch at all costs… wait a minute, she is!

  4. monkeyonjuice says:

    that elbow would b gone if she fought rousey snaaaaaap

  5. Kender says:

    No steroids there.

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