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Friday, 11/23/2012, 08:34 am

VIDEO | Nick Diaz Goes Off on GSP’s Toughness And His Methods | UFC NEWS


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17 Responses to “VIDEO | Nick Diaz Goes Off on GSP’s Toughness And His Methods | UFC NEWS”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    Nick’s talking out of his @ss again… wonder what he thinks now after the fight?. “Georges is a pussy, Georges can’t take those punches like that”… he got kicked in the head harder then Nick could ever hit him so what he going to do… oh yeah his jitz is going to save him, yeah right just like it’s saved every other elite grappler out there. Truth is he’s going to get rag dolled and humiliated in front of millions of people… sounds like he needs some humbling and GSP is the man to do it. Man I hope this fight happens just so I can hear what Nick has to say through his busted up face!

  2. ItsDaSpida says:

    Smoke more weed Diaz, seriously.

  3. wow! says:

    Wow his disrespect of Thai Fighters is unreal. Of course they dont make that sort of money Thailand is a poor country. Mr Nom from Thailand?? what Karate??? how ignorant can he be :/ its quite shocking. Ofc they arent ground fighters, but on the feet they would smash Diaz. I rate diaz i think he is a game fighter. But how you can be such an accomplished martial artist like he is, and be so ignorant and disrespectful. It really is a shame

    • yerr says:

      tell me how is that disrespectful ? he is telling th truth bout thailand, isnt he? thai fighters r good at kickboxing but in mma they r not. if speaking of truth is disrespectful, then wat else is respectful, lying ?

  4. Ryan says:

    Here he goes again with that bullshit. GSP took Condit’s best shot. And Diaz ain’t throwing no shit like that. He hit’s them with those piter patter punches. Those little peppering punches. Lol, Diaz couldn’t even beat Condit for Christ’s sake.

  5. Anthony says:

    On the road in a car the thoughts come out with sincerity. Dias does not hold back to sound good. Just real stuff. It is not about win or lose. At Diasʻs level of sacrifices to get into the ring, he just wants to scrap and fight. not hold an opponent down.

  6. GET RID O FITCH (forever) says:

    No way GSP would have the bal’ls to go toe to to with Diaz. Its would be a full on “FITCHING” and even then i think GSP would jump away after Diaz started hsi awesome jits.

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    Martial arts hasn’t done a thing for the development of this dudes brain……he still sounds like an angry teenage boy having a hissy fit with his home-skillets.


      +1000. He is nothing more than a brat punk crying about having to watch the true greats get all the glory that he’ll never have. His brother will be 10 times the fighter he is.

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    all i heard was wah wah wah wah wah… f****** whiner…

  9. j says:

    I know that didnt sound like silk but i would think some of you guys would be sick of the same generic statements fighters make and the fact that hes atleast real should be refreshing compared to J.jones fake persona imho…

  10. slacker says:

    Sounds like Nick is trying to convince himself that he would have a chance against GSP. He has zero chance. GSP will beat him on the feet. Without any real threat with kicks in his arsenal, Diaz just doesn’t have enough diversity in his stand – up to beat Georges. Whereas GSP knew that Condit was equal or better than him in the stand – up, so he took the fight to the ground. GSP’s handspeed was better than Carlos, Carlos handspeed was better than Diaz’. Enuff said. Diaz will get schooled.

  11. David M says:

    He’s saying that Georges is gonna beat Condit. Since he’s an intelligent dude he knows that write away after Georges beat Condit a lot of fans that don’t know what they are highly educated on the sport or on styles is gonna immediately compare and say “see Diaz can’t beat GSP, Condit beat Diaz and GSP dominated Condit” so he lays out 2 differnet scenarios in which GSP could beat Condit (the first one being exactly how the fight went down btw) and how GSP wouldn’t be able to employ those two strategies on him. I think he is correct if GSP tried to hold Nick down like that he would be submitted and GSP would most certainly be outboxed be Diaz. GSP has a wrestling edge and can probably decide were the fight goes but Diaz is more dangerous in the ground and on his back and i don’t see him getting held against the cage. He’s a very intelligent dude. Education and intelligence are separate things.

    • Raja says:

      Well said..Nick Diaz although not educated is an intelligent dude..he does think about things and has a legit chance against GSP..Nick has better standup and jitz..but Georges will most likely just try to hold him from top position and try to advance guard and do little/or no damage in the process..with that said Nick just due to his sheer determination and toughness has a legit chance of beating GSP…FYI – GSP’s face looked way more messed up than Condits the other week..GSP won the sporting match but Condit would win the fight everytime..and I’m Canadian.

  12. learntoread says:

    I love that people say Diaz is “stupid” just because he isn’t as articulate or sophisticated as some other fighters in the way he expresses himself verbally. Nick is actually a very intelligent fighter and a highly intelligent trainer. Just because he talks a bit different and chooses to smoke a little reefer doesn’t alter that in any way.

    And LOL @ people who are saying that GSP has “better standup” than Nick Diaz, I mean seriously. Just because GSP has better kicks doesn’t mean his standup is superior, simply means he relies more on kicks and prefers to try and mix it up a bit in attempt to keep distance (being that he does not like to get hit in the face). There is NO way Georges would ever risk standing up with a beast like Diaz, and we all know that.

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