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Wednesday, 03/13/2013, 08:55 am

VIDEO | Nick Diaz At The Airport Heading To Montreal | UFC NEWS

UFC welterweight title challenger, Nick Diaz, gives his YouTube audience a chance to check out the live music at the airport while he travels to Montreal for his UFC 158 main-event against GSP.


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Nick Diaz At The Airport Heading To Montreal | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Gosh, i hope by Sunday we have a New WW champion, in Nick Diaz.
    GSP sucks as a champion. he needs to move up in weight.

    • Bob'O says:

      GSP does not suck, he’s a great champion who always respects his foes. Is he perfect? No he is not. I also question the greaseGate issue, but I don’t know all the facts.

      However, What I do know is, that he is a good man, and a great martial artist.

      With that being said, I hope Nick wins by submission after GSP takes him down because if he stands up with Diaz, he’s in trouble. I believe BJ would agree.

      Danielchargers, Show respect for MMA fighters. Even if you’re not a fan of them my friend. 😉 ~Bob’O

  2. Dave says:

    BJ’s cardio was usually suspect and even more so at the end, BJ wins that fight every time in his prime. Nick has cardio and he can box but this isn’t boxing.

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