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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 07:00 pm

VIDEO: Nick Diaz Addresses The Fans And Talks About His Withdrawal From GSP Fight


130 Responses to “VIDEO: Nick Diaz Addresses The Fans And Talks About His Withdrawal From GSP Fight”

  1. brian says:

    What a dumbass … they should feed him to BJ for that asshole move.

  2. Jim says:

    Ok that clarified nothing…Carlos Cond-UIT…that’s kind of funny.
    Don’t think this guy should fight on the card.
    Find someone else for BJ…
    Would love to see BJ vs Rumble.
    I remember when BJ wanted to fight Arlovski, for the HWY title.

    • MichaelConquest says:

      B.J. is always looking for the fights to challenge him. He reminds me of the Natural when it comes to that kind of mentality. That is why they both have some losses on their record, because they were never afraid of a fight, and never backed out. I think he would destroy Nick Diaz personally. On the feet at that. He would box circles around Diaz, and if it went to the ground I wish he would rear naked choke his ass, and hold onto it just a little tiny bit longer than he is supposed to after Nick taps, just for screwing up the card for everyone involved!

  3. alx says:

    it does seem a little harsh on White’s part. A press conferance is bullshit, all these people gather around to talk about a fight that hasn’t even happened yet. By diaz missing these it has created more hype, more buzz then him being there would have, but that’s hypothetical. You wan’t fact, Dana said any other fight on the card you don’t need to do the press rounds, alright so Penn vs Diaz, jAj!

    • Robert says:

      bullshit or not its ur job and responisibility to be there. alot of shit is bulshit at my job but i gotta do it or i lose it….he is an immature childish idiot just show the fuck up get it over with and you had ur fight that simple he just wanted to say fuck you to dana.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Look that’s fine and all that you don’t enjoy all the media BS. But seriously once you sign on the dotted line and give your word you’ll do this and that, if you’re a man you should honor it! And come on really, just this once he couldn’t just put aside his personal issues & antics, it’s a freaken “championship” fight man! Sooner or later you just have to grow up and man up!!

    • joshy says:

      he didnt show up to two in a row. After the canada one he said book me a flight to vegas and im there. His freaking manager/trainer even thinks diaz is dumb for this shit. Im a huge Diaz fan but this is just dumb. Show up and stop acting like a little bitch. I wouldnt mind now if DW cut him. Let him go to boxing and try to not show up for pressers. That is the only way the sell tickets.

  4. Surfman818 says:

    “Trying to make it to the press conference?” Not a Diaz hater but for the biggest fight of your life, you gotta do pressers to promote the fight. He just blew his biggest chance & to say he would be making as much boxing is laughable. Dude seems like those that blames everyone but himself for dropping the ball. Was looking forward to the fight. Best of luck.

    • Iggyboohex says:

      I can def appreciate where you’re coming from on all but one count, he DEFINITELY can make more from one boxing match than he can from an MMA bout…if there’s one GLARING deficiency still left in MMA it’s that the fighters make nothing compared to their boxing counterparts…you want proof of that without having to look to far, go look at the top paid athletes in 2010 and find #1, Floyd Mayweather…then look thru the rest of the list and tell me how many MMA fighters are on it and you’ll be there a while before you realize there are none…completely agree on Nick being an assbag tho…WOW did he fuck this up for himself….

      • Ifan says:

        Actually dude, you are partially right. The top boxers do get more than the top MMA guys. But remember this – Nick Diaz is NOT a top boxer. He is by far no Floyd Mayweather, no Bernard Hopkins and so on. He is a top MMA guy and he was in a championship bout. A guy in a championship match in MMA definitely gets more money then a guy in the undercard of some third rate boxing event.

        • Eugene says:

          Dude with all the hype of the fight he’d still make a cool 250k easy. I wouldn’t be so surprised if it was 500k.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i would. he was making 175k at strikeforce so maybe hed get 250k in the ufc but dana white is a cheap fat fuckk and he probably would have him make 150k to show and 100k to win.

        • Eugene says:

          Sorry I meant to if he were to box

        • Johnny says:

          sorry but your wrong, Nick was going to get 1mil. i shit you not. trust me i got a source.

        • Iggyboohex says:

          A big name MMA guy like Diaz would pull a MINIMUM $2.5M…and trust, I’m not trying to be combative here, there’s just alot more money for an “attraction”in boxing like this…unfortunately, one of the downfalls of boxing is the “sideshow” aspect…these promoters will put guys in fucked up situations for a buck (see Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis).

  5. Lex w says:

    Diaz was n the wrong but dana kinda hoed nick by taking him out the fight

    • Shawn says:

      He missed 2 conferences. One was bad enough, but White let it go. Then he missed a other. Thats like biting the hand that feeds u. It a job, n like all jobs its professional, n u r obligated to do what is required of ur position. If u missed 2 important meetings at work where u HAD to b there. Didn’t call in, didn’t return calls from ur boss. Do u think ur boss will keep u? Hmmmm. No one ‘hoed’ Diaz, but Diaz himself. Boy needs to grow up n give respect to earn it.

  6. Jason says:

    Hope Dana doesn’t cut him for this. just make him fight his way through the welterweights and get a title shot. But honestly, I wouldn’t do a press conference either. What a waste of time when you could be training. The fight itself creates enough buzz without the fighters getting grilled by writers for however many hours they take.

    • Rusk says:

      if the pay check depended on it, and the contract included it, youd be there with bows and whistles on if need be. any claiming otherwise is are liars or fools.

    • Drowning says:

      Dana needs the fighters to be there so that the fighters can sell the fight, there’s only so much he can do in terms of hyping the fight, he needs everything from Diaz talking about the fight to the media to the big ol’ stand off at the end.

      If you don’t market products & services, you don’t sell products & services – its as simple as that! Diaz didn’t show TWICE so he should have been pulled from the fight – as much as i wanted to see this fight you can’t blame Dana or UFC for this… it’s purely Diaz’s fault and now he’s missing a payday for it at the very least..

      I think Diaz made this video to try and spin it back round at UFC but he didn’t say anything in detail because if he had then it’d be bullshit (other than “i fucked up”) and UFC would hang him for it

  7. Ryan says:

    I’m a Diaz fan, and the excuse of trying to get a flight… That’s bull you’d have you flights book and paid that guy makes enough money to get plane tickets.

    His probably been getting stoned so much didn’t book flights and doesn’t want to get tested.

    • Steve says:

      Actually its even worse than that, Dana booked a flight for him, he didnt get on that flight so Dana booked a second flight and he didnt get on that one either. The flights are booked and paid for by UFC so he really had no excuse. Everything is set up and ready for him, all he has to do is show up. Not to mention he missed 2 press conferences in 2 separate days. I could see him missing the one in Canada but not again right after when its in his neighboring state. Thats just called not taking the job seriously and screwing things up for himself. Ill go to press conferences every day for the next year if I got the chance he got, to fight for the UFC title and make the money he was going to make.

  8. Chuck says:

    couldnt pick up the phone and call somebody?

  9. bmoney says:

    i dont know what he is thinking. he is rambling on. all he had to do was show up for some press conferences. all part of his “job”. i am very curios why he could not show up for work. ?

    this kid has talent. pissing it all away. why ?

  10. Rick Kane says:

    What an AssClown.. Eat A DIck Diaz.

  11. StickBoxer808 says:

    Makes no sense, press conferences are just a part of the job.

  12. bruts says:

    why are you people saying hes dumb? because he wanted to do boxing first, then strike force cut him, then he got to fight gsp, didnt come to a press confrence, and gets cut, AND HES DUMB!??!?!! how? hahahaahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahaha! what the fuck he just wants to fight, diaz vs bj penn. good match up

    • Rusk says:

      how isnt pissing away a title shot dumb?

    • drew says:

      and the award for dumb fuck of the year goes to…………….Nick Diaz!!! with bruts in a close 2nd. guess diaz can go back to fighting cans. im speechless. this guy will regret this for the rest of his life. if he does try boxing i hope he gets knocked out in the first round, then he’ll have nowhere else to go

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        dumb fuckk for life is tbaggy!

      • bully4me says:

        Problem is HE WON”T REGRET THIS. With Nick it will ALWAYS be someone else fault or they were screwing him. He is very immature and just doesn’t know how to accept blame for anything. Keeps talking about “getting paid” , well Nick …YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN PAID IF YOU SHOWED UP FOR WORK. Feel sorry for his Brother Nate, he always stands behind Nick even when Nicks wrong (some sort of 209 respect thing), maybe if he stood up to Nick and told him he’s being childish and a douche it would actually wake Nick up.

        • Iggyboohex says:

          Are you SHITTING me?!? The only difference between Nick and Nate is Nate is a bigger PUNK than Nick ever DREAMED of being! Nick is an asshole, no doubt…Nate’s just a fuckin DICK.

    • BobbO says:

      You clearly bumped your head bro. ~BobbO

  13. Onlyonefighter says:

    Wtf??? That’s his address to his fans? Are his fans in pre school? I dont understand. Even his trainer grace said he went Mia on him and he didn’t know where he was. Maybe he was smoking to much weed and couldn’t pass his physical? Anyways… I really wanted to see this fight, and somehow Diaz really fucked it up.

  14. L.D. says:

    Naw fuck that shit. I’m not a diaz fan, and i’m backing him on this. It’s bullshit that a fighter must take time out of his training to even pay attention to the media. If a fighter wants to be a superstar, name in lights and glitter, fine so be it, but if he doesn’t fuck should it matter.

    • brian says:

      As someone pointed out earlier, if it’s in the contract and you sign it, then you have to do it. This isn’t the minor leagues. Diaz needs to grow up.

    • Rusk says:

      read it with me, real slow. ITS. PART. OF. HIS. JOB.

      • L.D. says:

        No thats not what i’m disagreeing with. I’m disagreeing with the fact that they MUST do shit like that

        • PK says:

          You need to promote these fights to make money which pays fighters. It’s a business model.

        • Dicksnot says:

          If they didn’t do shit then the hype dies, its to promote the fight and keep the buzz fresh, without it everyone forgets and the hype dies and in turn the UFC and the fighters miss out on potential money and we all know what happens to a business that lacks money, it dies. Its basically like a commercial for any product you see, you see it and you’re like, “thats cool as shit, i need one of those!” and you go buy it.

  15. Alex says:

    Man I was really hoping for a better explaination, seems like he’s saying that he was TRYING to go but couldn’t, but man I just don’t get it! I really wanted to see this fight. of course the Condit fight is a good one, but I was ready to see that one. And I don’t wanna see him get cut or anything, I just can’t stand the fact that he missed the conferences and then doesn’t even try to apologize to the fans for getting us hyped for nothing! It’s not cool man.

  16. damo1412 says:

    looks like some one is scared homie. that whole video was nothing but jibberish crap!!!

  17. doitsustyle says:

    this guy is so fucking high…no wonder he didn’t show up. was probably tripping on acid in the woods!

  18. Scott says:

    What a tard. They should feed him to BJ and give BJ half of his purse ontop of his own.

  19. keith d says:

    duh, I am ready to fight over & over…..I have always tried to like Nick but if you “really” want to fight & you are in the biggest venue/preshow of your life & you don’t even make it there….wtf ? Your actions show different, what a shame you have become to the Gracie Camp. I hope you get suckered into the boxing game where there is “real” B.S. going on , you will fit in there nicely….maybe you can even get Don King to help you out.

  20. JJ says:

    He wouldn’t fight Mayhem, why did anyone think he would fight GSP. He should go to boxing if he can’t handle MMA.

  21. Queenie says:

    Sorry Nick, but you need to MAN UP and handle your business. Stop acting like such a diva. Just be happy they aren’t talking about suing you for breach of contract and the 15K of airfare. Yet.

  22. Alex G says:

    BULLSHITT!!!!! No Gsp vs Diaz And NO BJ PENN!! WTF UFC 137 EPIC FAIL!!!! Diaz WHY WHY WHY???

  23. Well that cleared everything up.. I feel better now! Thanks Nick..

  24. Johnny Corlano says:

    Dude is one of my fav fighters, but he f#cked this up.

  25. dwayne says:

    youre a fuckin pussy hands down…thats all i got to say you had ur chance and blew it..even ceasar said you were hiding and no where to be overrated

  26. Digs says:

    I dont know about this cat.

    If he had issues w/ media obligations, why not come out and say that.
    If you got some personal issues or family issues, come out and say that.

    Homie missed three flights that he said he would make….didn’t return calls….dodged friends and family.

    He blew it.

  27. Mike Diaz says:

    Diaz did blow the whole card but did he blow it or did Dana. Dana, you should have known ol’ boys rep for not holding pressers. He’s not into beauty pageants! All this ‘ ticket sales ‘ talk has taken away from what it is about, putting together catastrophic fights!!!!!! Matter of fact, his absences could have been used to hype up the fight, Grease should have commented how much of a fire Diaz lit under his a** by not showing, then Diaz responds by releasing a video calling his mom a hoodrat b****, then lets rumble! That’s all short cheese to me, WHAT ABOUT BJ NOW!!!!!! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

    • diek says:

      Blah Blah Blah. I like Nick, he has always been one of my favorite fighters but he screwed up plain and simple. He is an adult. Stop blaming Dana. Like the rest of us on planet earth, sometimes we have to do shit we don’t want to do. Nick signed the contract and did not honor it. He was paid to show up and he didn’t. I just hope that Nick does not get cut.

  28. josh says:

    he may have never “backed out of a fight” but he has been pulled for testing positive for weed. he wouldnt make it at a real job why should he expect to do stupid shit and still make it in the biggest mma promotion. someone needs to tell him that its not a conspiracy hes just a fuckup

  29. Andrew says:

    Dana booked and paid for 3 flights….THREE flights. $15,000 spent for him to no show 3 times…Screw Diaz, unprofessional and disrespectful, to the fans, to GSP, to the UFC……plain and simple. In the real world if you don’t show for work and the boss can’t get hold of get fired. Dana should fire him. If he wants to box so badly then go box and stop the BS. I will never pay one penny for any card he is on.

    He rambled on like he was on something. GSP would have messed him up real bad and he knew it. He folded. At least he knew enough to take himself out rather than be knocked out by.

  30. kimo says:

    dana white told him to take a dive or he will kick him out of the ufc. i have the inside scoop. i glad he left on his own terms that shows he’s not a puppet. their others mma shows now he can fight in hawaii . but now bj penn’s turn to make his choice be a puppet in dana whites game or join the hawaii show .

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      kimo hows the keiks u smokin still nice n clear? nick was, is and always will be a punk loosah!

    • Queenie says:

      Kimo, what are you talking about you conspiracy theorist tool… If that were the case, why didn’t Nick out him? Hes out now, whats he got to loose? And if you think GSP is one that would need a fighter to take a dive, I would like to see you get in the ring with him.
      Go back to watching TNT you homo.

  31. Scotty says:

    Diaz has a social anxiety disorder, people should know that by now.. Look he is even nervous doing a YouTube video in his car by himself.. Just watch him in other interviews, the rare ones that he does.. He tries to get it over with quick and is really nervous.. He can’t handle media and all these people in front of him.. I think he should openly just day this what is wrong with him and maybe it would be different.. And if u don’t believe it, this has messed with others athletes careers.. If u pay attention to football, Ricky Williams has this so bad it messed his career up.. Guy never could do media interviews, couldn’t even talk to fans.. Smoking weed helped him but can’t do that as an athlete so it messed shit up for him.. I think the sane fit nick, has this problem, needs help but goes the wrong way about things.. Just tell Dana u gave a problem with being on the spot in front of the media and maybe Dana would help ya out.. Just don’t skip a conference then cone out with this crap video..

    • DanielD says:

      Scotty just provided the only rational explanation. I know people like this, who when in their own element do just fine, but ask them to speak on camera or in front of a bunch of people, they would almost rather die. Just the thought of it causes panic attacks. It is a serious disorder and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

      • Queenie says:

        his job is to perform in front of thousands of people. He fights for the fans whether he likes it or not. Plenty of people are functioning just fine with this disorder, and IF thats the case with him he needs to get that shit taken care of or get another job. I think its more likely that hes just a fuck up.
        Nick needs to put on his big boy pants and do his job.

      • UberMoose says:

        I have it. It’s fucking horrible to think that Diaz wants to do the fight but has thrown it because nobody understands how it would have felt for him to be stood in the queue at the airport (if he even made it that far) feeling skittish as hell to just dart out the door, jump in the car & go back home. Done it myself for job interviews on occasion, and when I d.j’ed I had to load myself up on Columbian marching powder & E’s just to get the courage to go up in front of the crowd. Doing the fight would be different for Diaz because the adrenaline would be pumping & the pressure wouldn’t matter. Where there’s no pressure there’s just fear

  32. kopuncher1 says:

    Didnt even sound mad about gettin supposedly screwed out of the fight nor the big money!!! I think someones scared!!! Who? Use ur imagination!!!

  33. Marcus says:

    he thinks he wouldnt do press for boxing??? just as much if not more

  34. DW says:

    A little birdy told me BJ may be going in against a Mr. Melendez…

  35. Surfari says:

    WTF BJ just signed to fight Carlos Condit. This is BullSh*t Nick should show up if he wants to be a champion. Look at Mayweather and Pacquioa, they do so much media it is unbelievable. This sucks I was really looking forward to this fight. Dana can go F**ck himself too what a bitch

  36. Rusk says:

    or maybe nick should get a job in a mail room so no one has to see him, because being a professional athlete isnt going to work out for him obviously

  37. qwerty says:

    Wow. Bogus. This is garbage. The fans got f*cked

  38. AJ says:

    You have a job and like everyone else, when you dont show up for work your boss gets pissed and in your case Nick dipshit you have fans (not much im sure) but when you dont show they get pissed and somone has to answer for that Id do the same thing. The ufc is for athletes that think they can just do what they want when they want people work hard to get that far, and perform at that level and they deserve title shots lay off the drugs and work for it!+

  39. woz says:

    Someone is bullshitting. just turn up when you’re supposed to Nick.

  40. T says:

    I was a fan of Diaz but all he had to do was show up. What a waste.

  41. rich says:

    diaz dont deserve to fight in the ufc he had his shot and blew anybody who defends this dipshyt is just as dumb and rediculous as diaz, your getting paid to fight if ur the mainevent on the card u must do the press confrence sell the fight or not its part of the job to do so with that said u daiz fans who defend this reject of a fighter needs to get his dick out thier mouth cuz ur heroe is a zeroe

  42. Eric says:

    he still didnt explain why he wasnt answering any calls or anything. His dumb ass was probably smoked out somewhere. Beauty pagent you say but he is acting like the prima donna.

  43. heavybones says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t know what the hell this guy is trying to say? You miss like three flights in a row and refuse to show up to a press conference?! This video was about as enlightening as that retarded middle finger dance video he did to respond to mayhem.

  44. Alain latulippe says:

    First thank you for Carlos Condit to give us a fight and to GSP to accept it last minute. But, also, thank you BJ…. I hope they find an oponent that will deserve his place in the same octagone has you.

    THANK YOU BJ annd I wll be watching u in Vegas live….

  45. Carlos Conduit says:


  46. Iggyboohex says:

    Diaz is getting exactly what he deserves…he signed a contract, knew the terms and willfully breached it, plain and simple…he’ll be LUCKY if he still has a job AND doesn’t have to recoup any moneys lost due to his costing the UFC their marquee match up, not to mention the time it will now take for him to regain the trust of the organization enough to even allow him to start climbing the ladder toward another title shot…I see the malcontents, however few, uniting in support of Diaz but anyone with a sense of responsibility and an ounce of professionalism/business acumen knows that Diaz is plainly and simply wrong…he’s robbed the UFC of an incredible event and more importantly, the fans of an incredible fight and now he must, is and will continue to suffer the consequences for his childish actions.

  47. Cliff says:

    Nick I came to see you fight in Stockton when Nate had his debut and you backed out of that fight! You lie dude

  48. Mr.S says:

    there’s always something that the people don’t see behind the scene. Just go with the flow, I’m upset that this foo didn’t do his job.

  49. Marco` says:

    SUBTITLES PLEASE. I didnt get any of this shit. He got kicked out of the fight, hes a pussy. Em, i think it pretty much sums it up

  50. DBLADE says:

    What a liar,you backed out of fighting Jason Miller who called u out several times, and you’re on the main card,they wasted promos and banners on your bitch ass. You’re done little done done,never been a great boxer so I sure boxing would love to get u in their ring to make an example out of u. Anderson Silva did well in the boxing rinv and still came back to the ufc and make his press conference. You had plenty notice of when to be there but I’m glad u didn’t I’ve never seen carlos fight and it already makes a better one although BJ Penn deserves it. That fight would be huge we all wanna see redemption and seeBJ knock the grease off him.

  51. DaRuckuz808 says:

    Sorry Nick..aint got your back on dis one..Title fight and you pull dis shit?Unreal

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i told u about this punk ruckus, he probably knew he couldnt get off his back vs gsp and rather do this to dodge the fight.

      • DaRuckuz808 says:

        I really dont think he was dodging the fight..i think he really is just immature and the whole process before the fight just bugs excuses though he fucked up and he shouldve did whatever it takes to get dat title…still hope gsp loses in epic fashion

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          battle of the douches with one douche removed i can actually cheer for someone, and at least carlos is better than nick. carlos can actually land a power shot to knock out gsp. i hope he does too.

        • DaRuckuz808 says:

          lol..yea true dat.lucky we BJ PENN fans 1st,he wouldnt pull dis BS to his fans,garan t

  52. Derek Loa says:

    Hey dana, you can keep your condit vs. gsp fight! I am bootlegging that shit! Dana u can fuck yourself if you think I am buying that fight. Everyone wants to see Diaz vs GSP.
    That said, Condit is still a great fighter so mad respect to him.

    Buttfuck dana white, business man my ass. If he knows whats good for business this bitch is gonna put Diaz vs. GSP back on course.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      carlos condit is a better fighter than nick diaz. dong kim would beat nick diaz.

    • Justa Thought says:

      Dana just made a huge deal with Fox. Diaz is obviously not honoring certain parts of his contract and it makes Zuffa look bad. If Dana lets one fighter get away with this the next thing you know you have a circus. I know the pay is not as high as boxing, but mma is not as widely viewed or followed. Yet. The UFC has a lot of fighters to promote and as for Dana he has no time to play games with the original bad attitude, not fair to the rest of the fighters that help Dana promote the sport.

      This sucks for BJ and everyone involed with this event. Penn vs Condit was my main event. Be angry with Nick Diaz. I would, but it’s a waste of time, he could care less anyway. Who knows though, Dana has changed his mind before.

  53. Van Lee says:

    nick shows no remorse at all and seems to be pointing the finger at everybody but himself. He fucked it up for bj too

  54. Troy says:

    He screwed BJ also, besides the fan.

  55. diazdealer says:

    yo dude!! where are you? don’t be scared hommie!

  56. txmike81 says:

    I hope Diaz gets cut and never has a chance to fight in the UFC again. He is a disrespectful coward. He is easily one of the most over rated fighters ever in MMA. Diaz has never beat a top 10 fighter and probably never will, and dont waste your time trying to say well he just beat Daley because Daley is nowhere near top 10.

    Diaz never had a shot at winning against GSP. The only reason you would believe he had a shot is either your a GSP hater or you buy into hype way too easy. He wouldnt stand a chance against Koschek, Penn, Shields, and several other top 170 fighters. All of those names GSP has not only beaten but also dominated. He didnt uphold his part of his job so he lost his opportunity and if he worked for me he would loose his job and never fight in the UFC again.

  57. wrldmkr says:

    LOL@ all these idiots who think the pressers are a waste of time. MMA is a sport, notta backyard ball. Its part of the job, HTF do u think MMA is getting on FOX to attract millions more fans?! From doing gah damn pressers for massive media outlets like fox sports & yahoo sports!

  58. Ben says:

    Wow I am shocked!! So I guess B.J might be fighting Jon Fitch now.

  59. Alex says:

    I understand that Dana had to make an example of nick for not showing up for 2 press conferences. If I had an orginasation I wouldnt have my fighter disrespect me and the contract. When that is said this couldnt be worse! was so much looking forward to these two matchups. Bj vs Condit and GSP vs Diaz. Think I speak for every fan when I say that this card is now ruined with main and the co-main event made less interesting

  60. Night-Wind says:

    Alex, don’t know that i can agree with you. Carlos VS. GSP can’t be that bad and we doesn’t really know who is against BJ. I know that Dana doesn’t want to make Fitch VS. BJ 2.

  61. Monet says:

    I totally lost all respect for Nick. What he did was really unprofessional. He would of been fired if he was working for any big company.

  62. sQrLLZ says:

    Congrats on being the first MMA fighter to abandon the 2 most sought after belts back to back. Not a record I’d want, But its yours forever. Ugh, Glad I never publicly defended you. Disgusting

  63. Jimmy the french Canadian says:

    I think this dumb ass is scared… Or maybe by these behaviors he want to show more ppls how dumb he is…. i am so disapointed…. yeah, suuuuuuure not able to make it to the press meeting… condit wont sale as much as dumb ass for sure…. every body want to see is ass wipped… anyway adios hommie… go back to small leages where you belong.

  64. Anthony says:

    I cant believe some people are actually trying to defend diaz.
    He doesn’t deserve to fight for the belt and get paid a shit ton of money if he acts like this, he doesn’t even deserve a job with the UFC, send his ass back to SF so he can keep beating up cans

  65. ThaGreenBandit says:

    What in the actual fuck?!

  66. Lyndon Jones says:

    Mother fucker !!!!!!! hhhaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  67. Xaninho says:

    Bullshit. I can understand a press conference is not the thing you want to be doing when you could also be in the gym preparing for the biggest fight in your life…..But that is not what Nick Diaz is doing, he wasn’t training cause he left Cesar Gracie’s house through the backdoor and went MIA.

    GSP doesn’t like the press conferences either, but he’s there to let the people know what’s going on and promote the fight so people will watch and both fighters get paid a well-deserved check.

    Diaz could have agoraphobia or something, but that’s no excuse either cause he should have told Dana White that before signing the contract and promising to show up.

  68. Jason says:

    WOW! Nick has serious problems. HE’S SCARED, bottom line. He cannot take the pressure. Now that the fight has been given away he posts that he wants to fight GSP and he dosent know why the UFC is doing this to him? He ran out of this trainers back door and ran away. COWARD!! Dana needs to cut him and make an example of him.

  69. Duane says:

    Cut this clown. I was a huge Nick fan, always stuck up for him when fools bash him but gotta let this fighter go…haha sounds funny. But yeah, get real man, your entire “Im mad at everyone” is OLD.. At least i can see him beat more cans in Bellator or in Japan. Give him the axe ASAP, this is the main reason why Dana didn’t have him back in the org. for the longest time and he still hasn’t changed…. Rich idiot

  70. Deviljaz says:

    He looks and sounds like he is stoned out of his mind (again)

  71. T.DADDY says:

    Blah blah blah u fukkd up and now ur cryin about it..LMAO!

    Damn junkie dont u have a life?? i see u sat a ur computer allday again raping this Junike is the biggest B.ITCH ON THIS SITE!

  72. ThaGreenBandit says:

    This sh!t really fukked my head up. I like Nick as a fighter, but WTF??!! This damn fool blew his shot at the belt, might be kicked out of the UFC, let his teammates and coach down, etc… Can’t deny that whatever the punishment ends up being, he brought it on himself. Hope he can come back and dig himself outta this pile of sh!t he chose to dive into

  73. sgt thai clone says:

    the reason why you have no money now is because when you had the chance you blew could have called Dana and explained why, but Really , you behavior was foolish at least

  74. Jason says:

    This is Karo Perisyan all over again. Karo suffered from major anxiety. Pulled out of fights and screwed the UFC. Dana cut him until he got help. Nick has the same thing and needs help. Its either anxiety or hes just a social misfit! UFC needs to cut him.

  75. Not a Nate or nick Diaz fan says:

    U had ur chance, u blew it big time. Love Dana White more for doing what he did by taking u out of UFC. They don’t need guys like u. JMO

  76. eddieangelo says:

    I’d love to see video responses from nate,shields, Melendez, Cesar Gracie. How do u just not show up!? And after not showing up, get the opportunity to fight BJ. What if he doesn’t wanna show for that one?! TUF shouldof been Mayhem vs Diaz instead of Bisping, make Diaz gain some weight at catch weight. But even after sayin that, Diaz would’ve been a shitty coach :”yeah yeah just smoke weed, team” either way I was a faan of Diaz, but I’m a bigger fan of BJ. I hope this isn’t an upset for BJ, I really would love to see BJ grab the WW belt again.

  77. Mauricio Méndez says:

    Dude, I want to give some advice on how to defeat Nick Diaz, it’s important ’cause nobody seems to notice two great weakneses he has and so he keeps winning his fights. I really dislike him and I don’t want him to win over BJ the same way, but I don’t want to post this here, I want to make sure BJ reads what I have to say discretely. Seriously! If he didn’t have those 2 weakneses he’d be like bones Jones (as a fighter). You may not agree at first, but I too am a life time MMA fighter (only stuck in the 3rd world, for now).

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