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Monday, 03/04/2013, 11:16 am

VIDEO| NFL Superstar Puts $300k Wager Out On Bisping vs. Belcher | UFC NEWS

The wagering between Alan Belcher and Michael Bisping just got real!

Will the count accept?


16 Responses to “VIDEO| NFL Superstar Puts $300k Wager Out On Bisping vs. Belcher | UFC NEWS”

  1. LowMilage says:

    So utterly pointless…

    • mark says:

      I feel sorry for gilberry, because he is just throwing away $300k. As much as I love Alan Belcher, there is no way he will knock out Bisping, not even in 10 rounds

  2. 123 says:

    id laugh if michael bisping accepted & knocked alan belcher out

  3. magoo says:

    Lmao c’mon count put up or shut up! Bispang all talk no action. Not only will you have to get a JC tatt it’ll cost u 300Gs. Allan is gonna tap ur ass and the best part is it’ll be three in a row….. Be careful u may get ur pink slip in more then one way….. Lol

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

      I promise you Bisping could lose 20 times in a row by KO and he wouldn’t even be in danger of being cut. Bisping is by far without any shadow doubt the most overrated fighter in history of MMA. Example he’s the only fighter in world that after learning how to hip escape and wall walk became known by his (IDIOT) fans as a “GREAT WRESTLER” How is it a pillow handed slapper backpeddler is considered by his fans and Rogan (biggest fan) as a world class striker?) I mean come on people if Bisping got put in the cage with a TRUE world class striker they would be picking his teeth out of seats in the 5th row. Too bad the UFC won’t jsut grant himhis rematch with Vitor or hendo so we can see him get KO’s again

  4. Sean says:

    Hope Bisping wins. These guys are lame

  5. dumbass says:

    Alan is one of the most overrated fighters and Bisping will smash him, probly not a KO but it will be bad.

  6. GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

    Bisping is one hell of a backpeddler and he can run away with the best of them as he did in Hamill fight but no way Bisping can hold Belcher down. You think Bisping fans would figure it out by now that their boy is nothing but a backpeddling pillow slapping point fighter who all the judges know the UFC and Dana want him to win. Alot of judges are intimidated by Dana and thereforce any fight thats close will go to Bisping knowing they don’t want to upset the most powerful man in all MMA. I hope Belcher goes out there and chases Bisping down until he KO’s his overrated boring a’ss. I just hope someday the UFC grants Hamill a rematch for that travesty RIPPOFF decision after Hamill had destroyed Bisping.

  7. Not You says:

    Because Alan Belcher LOOKED ON FIRE IN HIS LAST FI…. Oh, that’s right, he didn’t. He stopped some half attempted leg locks and now everyone want that Belcher dick.

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