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Thursday, 06/21/2012, 08:51 am

VIDEO | Never Before Seen UFC 139 Footage Of Wand Silva Released | UFC NEWS

Never before seen footage of Wanderlei Silva vs Cung Le Behind the scenes of UFC 139.

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8 Responses to “VIDEO | Never Before Seen UFC 139 Footage Of Wand Silva Released | UFC NEWS”

  1. Aaron says:

    I could have done without the 3 minutes of them praying… lol but a good video none the less. I hope Wand kicks Rich’s ass.

  2. Team buffalo says:

    Good shit

  3. Bob says:

    I got a video of me and my girl having sex. Thats also never before seen. Catchy phrase =waste of time. You got me.

  4. ya herd says:

    all of his videos have some much drama to them its starting to get a bit gay now!

  5. B-rad says:

    i love watching videos like these. watching the fighters the hours before the fight. you can just see it in him man,he was ready to take care of busisness! it was awful to see him in the chris leban fight. the wand of pride will go down as one of the most aggresive and dangerous fighters ever!

  6. dogfart says:

    swear to got hes drinking a bottle of his own piss @ 1:45

  7. Franco James says:

    WTF is he saying doode talks like hes got a mouth full of marshmellows. i applaud his translators and subtitle writers becuz if it was me i would write whatever.

    Wand: “I like him as a fighter just like I like knitting and basket weaving”

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