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Wednesday, 01/09/2013, 10:23 am

VIDEO | Nate Marquardt OK With Fighting His Friend GSP Once Back In The UFC | UFC NEWS

Honestly man, any one of those welterweights on that [UFC 158] card – that card is stacked – any one of those six. Actually any one of those three that win. That’s who I want to fight.

Obviously I’d rather not fight Georges. He’s my friend and training partner for a long time now. But, like I said before, I’m not in a position to turn down a fight. I’d rather not fight him, but I’m not gonna turn down any fights.


4 Responses to “VIDEO | Nate Marquardt OK With Fighting His Friend GSP Once Back In The UFC | UFC NEWS”

  1. MMAToronto says:

    Both Marquardt and Maia could prove to be a handful for GSP, and even a rejuvenated Fitch.

    Let’s see how Marquardt does back in the UFC at 170, he may end up not living up to the hype anyhow.

  2. Cesar says:

    yea i figured hardy would win but the fight was close, but swick lost it. I would say i told you so but thats gay. You’re a rlaley cool and nice dude and dont brag when you win. Dont let the haters get you done man.

  3. Ladyt says:

    i gonna go with randy by ud,i don’t rally care about the swick/hardy fight,cause who ever it is my boy gsp, gonna whoop they asses,lol,but I’m picking swick by tko 1 or 2 rd.I gonna go with kang by ud,cause bpiisng is an ass and gonna get his mouth shut again.

  4. Zack says:

    Maybe Nate and gsp can hit the steroids together before the fights.

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