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Friday, 05/11/2012, 07:53 am

VIDEO | Nate Diaz Thinks Gilbert Melendez Is The Best

“I’ve been training with Gilbert and Jake (Shields) for years. They’ve shown me a lot. These are guys I look up to. Me and Gil been battling it out in here for years. There’s no one better than him. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s the best 155′er on the planet and I think he deserves to be right there in the UFC holding the UFC belt. He’s the man.”


30 Responses to “VIDEO | Nate Diaz Thinks Gilbert Melendez Is The Best”

  1. Rory MacDonald says:

    don’t make me go down to lightweight punk

  2. BRobs says:

    The more I watch Nate Diaz, the more respect I gain for him. BEAST of a fighter, look forward to him take on the winner of Bendo vs. Edgar II

  3. dynomania says:

    milendez is not the best. I’d bet on BJ, Nate, Bendo, Edgar, and maybe Maynard, Cerrone, Guillard or Pettis. I have not been impressed with Gilbert at all. He has Jake Shields status. Nick was wrong about Jake and Nate is wrong about Gil.

  4. Brend0magic says:

    Nate is really humble outside of the cage, at least when it comes to himself.

  5. Mi9ke says:

    Rory McDonald will slap all these guys out easy.

  6. BreseeKid says:

    Rory Macdonald please drop to lightweight and fuck this lame ass fool up again! Toss’em around like a rag bitch doll, like the first time you handled his ass.

  7. slacker says:

    Melendez the best LW? That’s funny. There is at least 5 guys who would kick his ass in the UFC.

  8. Donnybrook says:

    If Nate keeps sucking Gil off publicly like this saying he’s the best LW in the world and he has the belt to prove it he’s going to fuck his chances up at getting a shot… do you really think the UFC brass really want their Champ saying the Champ of another organization is the best… I think not.

    • slacker says:

      The Diaz brothers are very loyal; I will give them that. Maybe Nate figures they would never fight. IMO, this is the end of the line for Nate. I give him no chance against Edgar or Henderson.

    • Duhh says:

      What other organization? UFC owns strikeforce….

      • Donnybrook says:

        Duhh… Zuffa owns that organization (SF), and they also own the UFC but they are separate organizations. I guess you missed the point I was trying to make so I’ll explain it again… the UFC will NOT want their LW Champ saying the Strikeforce LW Champ is better then himself so IMO they’re less likely to give him a title shot… get it now.

  9. Jkilla says:

    Gil couldn’t barely beat masvidal and I think masvidal son that one

  10. Jkilla says:

    Gil barely beat masvidal and I think masvidal won that one!!!!!!!

  11. E says:

    all you ho’s talking for another fighter, calm your ass down.

  12. Fuck You says:

    I guess when you hate someone you’ll use an old loss just to diss a fighter! MacDonald will never make 155 with all those steroids, and just because he slammed Diaz 3 times doesn’t mean shit! Anyone 15lbs heavier(all muscle) can do that to anyone else so I don’t see the big deal! If you dOnt finish fights I don’t think you can even talk!

  13. T.Daddy says:

    This guy wud get his ass kicked in the ufc

  14. Blake says:

    Y won’t ths video fuckin work

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