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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 11:00 am

Video | Nate Diaz Says His Brother Nick Will Likely Stay Retired

“Triathlon season is starting so he’s just training, getting in shape for that. [He’s] concentrating on being in shape, being healthy, helping me out and coaching me for my fights. Right now, I don’t think [we’ll ever see him back]. He’s just big on, like I said, just being healthy and staying in shape and not worrying about [fighting] and thinking about it. I think he’s retired. He hasn’t been into this whole fighting thing for some time, you know? Since everything that goes on with the funny wins and losses — for not just him — for me and for people on our team. I think he’s just relaxed right now and he’s pretty set on his retirement. I kind of agree with him, you know? It’s hard to say, especially when it’s somebody like my brother,” Nate explained.

“I’m not going to tell him to go fight somebody. I think he’s doing the right thing, you know? Whatever. He made enough money to just chill back, sit back and relax, you know? People don’t understand, Nick never had nothing. He came from not much, so… He complained a lot about not making much money because there’s so many people making more money than him that he works 10 times harder than, so. But they definitely paid him enough money to not have to do anything. He don’t need to fight.”

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18 Responses to “Video | Nate Diaz Says His Brother Nick Will Likely Stay Retired”

  1. Nick says:

    He sounds blazed. Whatever. Good interview.

  2. Anthony1994 says:

    I really hope he’s wrong anyway

  3. slacker says:

    Yeah, hopefully he is wrong. In another way, good for Nick if he can walk away from it and feel at peace about it.. But I doubt it. He loves to fight. It’s too early to make a serious guess now. Like people have said, for him it’s not about the money, for good or bad. Fighting is what he knows.

  4. Hightimes99 says:

    Nate is a good dude, I like the Diaz brothers bc there loyal

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    oh well, what’evs.

  6. Sweet game plan says:

    The dude’s Legit….He put a stop to the winning streak in a bad fighter in Cowboy…

  7. Dave says:

    It’s negotiation strategy he’s trying to make some money while avoiding total humiliation with GSP

  8. Black Jew says:

    I really think Nate is gonna be better than Nick ever was.

  9. slacker says:

    Anyways, the guy was all set to re – match Condit, so once again, you can never take anything he says seriously.

  10. K2 says:

    The Diaz bros fight by not liking their opponent. That’s where they get their drive. That’s where all the smack talking in the ring comes in. It’s the state of mind they fight in and try to pull the other fighter into the brawl with them. So it might be a little difficult for him to get into the mental part of his game if he’s fighting a friend or the likes.

  11. BigBossMalaka says:

    If hes retired then why try to fight the NSAC suspension?
    Its obvious hes going to fight again

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