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Friday, 07/13/2012, 04:08 am

Video | Nate Diaz Open To Coaching The Ultimate Fighter If It Leads To Better Opportunities | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Nate Diaz comments to Siriusxm.

“I’m down for whatever’s going on. I just want to fight the best guys in the world. I want whatever is the best opportunity, the best fight. Coaching would be cool, maybe.”


25 Responses to “Video | Nate Diaz Open To Coaching The Ultimate Fighter If It Leads To Better Opportunities | UFC News”

  1. Mike b says:

    Nate is the man,he’s my favorite in LW right now.nick is a great fighter and exciting to watch but I like Nate better.after he beat down bj and started talking shit in the cage I lost respect for him.i know I can’t take things too personal in this fight game but show some fucking respect to bj he’s a legend.anyways Nate would be a good coach I think.and I can’t wait for him to fight the winner of bendo vs Frankie.respect to Nate man the future LW champ.

    • Greatest ever says:

      Nate will get smashed by ben or Frankie.

      • BXER says:

        Another hater,Nate is the next lw champ,

        • Greatest ever says:

          Hate on the fact u don’t no shit about mma Nate is a bitch that went down in weight cause he was gettin man handled at 170 and guess what he will never b champ so suck on my nuts

        • Mike b says:

          I think u don’t know shit about mma.when Nate was on tuff 5 he was a LW u dumbass…that’s his original weight class.hes always been a LW from the jump.he just moved up to test the waters but he smashed markham at ww,if u even know who he is.he got beat by rory but he’s been smashing everybody.and dong hyun Kim beat Nate cause he was humping his leg for 3 rds.besides those 3 ww fights he’s always been a LW since tuf before u start talking shit to other people just cause they have there own opinion on things back up ur tough guy talk with some facts.internet pussy boy.

        • Greatest ever says:

          Hey mike b….I’ll beat ur fucking ass u don’t no me bro don’t fucking talk shit or I’ll find u kick ur ass then fuck ur girl

        • punchkick says:

          watch out guys, we’re dealing with a badass overhere

    • CoCiO says:

      welcome to diaz land, the dude has been doing that for like 10 years now so if you lost respect for him after THAT then where the fuck have you been? lol

      • Greatest ever says:


        • Mike b says:

          Lol.i don’t give a fuck who u are bitch boy.u know u don’t sound tough right.u sound like a faggot on the Internet trying to sound tough..nuff said pussy the way if u come and try to find me I swear on everything I luv u will not make it back…

        • Iceman says:

          nate is awesome.mike b u can’t take this greatest ever guy seriously man.hes sounds like a clown.

        • Greatest ever says:

          Let’s set that up pussy

      • Mike b says:

        Welcome to Diaz land…..listen u corny motherfucker did u really read my post.bjs a legend and my favorite fighter.maybe I’m a little salty that my boy bj lost.put two and two together u dumb ass motherfucker.gotta break shit down to people.damn…lol.understand now u probably don’t.never really cared about other fighters he fought.understand now,NO then u must be that fucking stupid.

  2. Clay says:

    I think Nate has been hit/ hit himself one too many times lol. Good fighter tho

  3. allmightysandman says:

    he would be a terrible coach. “…i guess coaching would be cool…maybe…” that sounds very motivational.

    he can hang with some pretty scary dudes at 55, but if he ever pokes his head up to 170 again, he’ll get bitch slapped right back to lw like he did last time.

    the stickman uses his long arms to be very effective against guys smaller than him, but it don’t do shit to the ww’s.

    …oh yeah, and he’s a duchebag.

  4. Pancho says:

    Maybe cause all the WW’s were bigger than him? Hes just lanky at LW, I hope he takes the belt. Him and nick deserve to have them. Some of the only fighters that actually come to fight and finish fights nowadays

  5. Fuck You says:

    Nate is a bitch for fighting at his original weight class? Ben Henderson probably cuts 30lbs while Nate only cuts 15-20 so which is worse? I swear there will always be haters, if you hate them down watch their videos and don’t comment! I don’t go around watching videos of ppl I don’t like and just talk ahit all day, I guess that’s the difference between the real and the fake! Btw I think Henderson is great, nothing against him!

  6. Diaz Bros Forever says:

    you guys need to seriously STFU with the ill come fight you and fuck your girl shit, you can get locked up for half these empty threats, fucking keyboard warriors need to get a life and just enjoy this sight for what its ment to be, i never post but damn this shit is getting old i like to read peoples incite on what they think about the news posted but this back and fouth shit is getting old.

  7. steven seagull says:

    UFC needs to hire Jim Norton, not to replace anyone, just to give funny interviews and take beatings from fighters.

  8. Ben Nusbaum says:

    This site needs a moderator. Half the posts on any article are people bashing each other, not offering up real opinions. Don’t start fights over stupid crap. Let’s just talk MMA.

    Nate is a great fighter. He hasn’t fought for a title yet. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t proven himself to be a worthwhile talent. So what’s the point of bashing him one way or another?

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