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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 12:34 pm

Video| Nate Diaz: F#@$ the belt. I'm trying to beat the #1 guy in the world | UFC News

Immediately upon Ben Henderson retaining the UFC Lightweight title on a rematch with Frankie Edgar at UFC 150 Sat, the media and fans alike moved on to Bendo’s next title defense opposite Nate Diaz.  The highly anticipated bout is a first ever UFC title shot for the number one contender and highly touted, Nate Diaz.  The clip below shows both fighters talking to Inside MMA about the other’s game.

Ben Henderson:

“First things first is his [Nate Diaz] reach but before his reach is the attitude the Diaz Brothers bring.  They get fighters very worked up emotionally – they just want to throw their game right out the window and just got out there loosy goosy just wanting to throwdown.  First and foremost I gotta keep my emotional state on check.  Skill wise he brings very crisp boxing and knockout kind of power in his submission game.  His submission game is gonna be like one of those Jake Shields methodical take your time.  He’s one of those submission artissa that has KO power.  You make a mistake he’s gonna take your neck and you are gonna go to sleep or you gotta tap.”

Nate Diaz:

Personally I think Frankie won.  If you asked me who I wanted to win I’d rather fight Ben Henderson not I’m not saying that I wanted Frankie to lose.  It kind of almost worked out for me now I’m fighting Ben and I don’t have to fight Frankie.

I train with guys just like that, athletic guys, strong guys, that are good. It’s definitely gonna be a good, hard fight.  Now it’s time to fight for a title and I’m gonna do what I could to win that belt for my team. F#@$ the belt. I’m trying to beat the #1 guy in the world and that’s him right now.

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23 Responses to “Video| Nate Diaz: F#@$ the belt. I'm trying to beat the #1 guy in the world | UFC News”

  1. Dylan Taylor says:

    Hell yes, this will be good. Diaz by second round sub.

  2. Drew says:

    War Nate Diaz!

  3. mahs says:

    2wo of my favorite LW’s.

    considering how good Bendo’s submission defense and escapes are, it will be tough for Diaz to lock in a submission victory.

    if Bendo doesnt keep pace with Nate he’ll lose the title by decision.

  4. Retardpeopleoftheworld says:

    lol yea, ok buddy. And all people who say war are retards.

  5. maurice says:

    it has taken a long time, but im so glad everyone’s finally aboard the nate train. i knew the min i saw him on tuf 5 being coached by jens opposite of bj, that diaz was the best on the show and the next big thing. i think benson will come into this fight as the UNDERDOG, and rightfully so. just one question ppl.

    IS NATE DIAZ THE BEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME FROM THE TUF SERIES? he hasnt won a belt yet like forrest and rashad, but his skills on the feet and on the ground far exceeds theres.

    • jesus korean says:

      i think he is the best fighter from the TUF series. i find it amazing to see his growth as a fighter and his path to the top of his division. the dude got sick skillz. if he wins the fight with bendo, i would be just as stoked as nate seeing him accomplish his mission.

      my second fav LW FIGHTER. BJ PENN #1.

    • 808 says:

      I wasn’t on board the Nate Diaz train until his demolishing of Takanori Gomi. Not saying Gomi was the ultimate test, but something just clicked for him that fight. He’s reached the point in his career where everything just makes sense.

      • jesus korean says:

        he definitely turned it up after the rory fight. before he went up to ww, his fight with marcus davis was very impressive too. i was a fan when i saw him flexin and throwing the double middle fingers while after he had slapped that nasty triangle onto kurt pelegrino. i love the diaz bros attitudes. they dont give a fuck and come to scrap all the time.

        most of his losses come from decisions by strong wrestlers. nate’s been putting on some muscle and i hope he’s been working his tdd and wrestling. if ben cant finish nate, then his best chances is to grind out a decision win. im confident nate can school ben on the ground. nate gotta watch out for those kicks, especially leg kicks. cerrone was landing them on nate but he just shrugged them off. i bet they hurt, but i dont think he wants to be eating leg kicks al day by ben. cant wait for this one!

  6. A.James says:

    Bendo is going to have to bring that same ferociousness he that he brought to Jim Miller.

  7. stephen riddle says:

    Hes going to call him a bitch lmao and sub henderson after he hits him 200 fucking times lmao again! Go diaz.

  8. Pancho says:

    Hell yeah Nate! Get that belt, he deserves it man.

  9. Jessa says:

    oh..geez! he’s so skinny!

  10. bdizz says:

    Love Diaz brothers… like it was stated above they fucking scrap every fucking time.

  11. JG says:

    I like where Nate’s head is at haha

  12. Garner says:

    I think diaz’s fightstyle will overpower bendo’s style.

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