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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 03:54 am

Video | Nate Diaz and Ben Henderson Break Down Each Others Game | UFC News

Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten spoke with Benson Henderson, while Ron Kruck spoke with Nate Diaz as each fighter gave their early thoughts on their upcoming title fight.

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9 Responses to “Video | Nate Diaz and Ben Henderson Break Down Each Others Game | UFC News”

  1. Damnu says:

    Super stoked about this fight! I give the edge to Diaz in striking, henders

  2. Damnu says:

    Super stoked about this fight! Finally Edgar out of the picture! Diaz standup all day but leg kicks will come fast an early. I predict a Diaz brother will finally be champion in the UFC!

  3. Magoo says:

    Even Nate says Frankie won…go figure! Nates gonna be the next champ at 55 the kid just keeps getting better should be a great tilt against Bendo.

  4. sidekix says:

    Henderson has good stand up but i just think the style diaz has is gunna cause problems, only way i see henderson winning is if he uses his power well enough early cause he will be punch drunk by the later rounds if diaz boxes his head in. An i doubt henderson wants to grapple for any extensive amount of time with diaz.

  5. jesus korean says:

    fan of both but more of a fan of nate. handle your biz nate your quest of becoming champ is within your grasp.

  6. Lino says:

    Everybody says oh Frankie won, benson CLEARLY won the first one if Frankie didn’t bitch for a rematch he would’ve fought Nate already

    • ASDF says:

      Ty. A man of some intelligence here. Sick of of hearing so many whiny bitches about Frankie doing just enough to TAKE the belt from the champ, when he CLEARLY lost the first fight. Only reason there was a second one, was mainly b/c Dana Dumb White has a big mouth and said Frankie won. What the fuck do you think is going to happen now? A re-match? That’s why he keeps his mouth shut now. Fertita’s and Joe Silva must’ve rode his balls for months on that one.

  7. fourtetshou says:

    I’ve never said this. but… WAR DIAZ!

    I’m so stoked.

  8. g00db0y says:


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