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Tuesday, 06/19/2012, 12:54 pm

VIDEO | MMA Ref Knocks Out Cornerman On Local Circuit | MMA NEWS

Check out this referee knock out a fighter’s cornerman after a bit of a disagreement about the end of the match.

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62 Responses to “VIDEO | MMA Ref Knocks Out Cornerman On Local Circuit | MMA NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    That was a nice lead left hook..

  2. Yeas says:

    Stupidity all around. But major props for the winning fighter. He ran in and separated the ref, protecting him from the rest of the corner.

  3. Justen says:

    Holy crap. I donno if that was called for or not. Couldn’t really tell what was goin on.

  4. all says:

    you step into an octagon you never know what might transpire haha.

  5. Clay says:

    That was unreal. The dude deserved it. He looked like he was talkin mad shit

  6. Will says:

    Way to keep the fights professional :

  7. Toolman says:

    2 things.
    1. Good stoppage, cornermen had no right to argue that call. So, well desserved KO.
    2. I forgot what # 2 was, but what a clean hook.

  8. Gus Johnson says:

    Sometimes these things happen in MMA!

  9. Ted says:

    It looked like the corner man was walking away and the ref pursued him. The ref seems to be the most at fault here.

  10. Deep_Sea_Moose says:

    protect yourself at all times

  11. Jb says:

    Ref sucker punched him as he was moving away. Another pussey for ya, looking for a clean shot when the dudes not even ready

    • 11bangbang says:

      They tied up briefly beforehand. No excuse for getting sucker punched when your looking straight at someone. Kid was weak and bit off more than he could chew. Obviously talked mad shit got his bitch card pulled and then tried to run out of the ring. Also leaving his fighter that was just kicked in the face 10 steps behind him while he tucked tail. Refs take a lot of shit at these local shows

      • Jb says:

        He’s a god dam ref and you don’t know what was said do you? And look at the fucking video; dude was turning away

        • 11bangbang says:

          Agreed you shouldn’t have to worry about a ref blitzing you in your chin but that doesn’t give you free range to say whatever you want either. No I don’t know what was said but I’m sure it wasn’t ” hey Jim how are the wife and kids? See you at the golf course tomorrow!”

        • Jb says:

          No but dude refs in the UFC have been cornered by the other guys group and held it together. Either way the refs a pussey

      • Red1bu112 says:

        he got his bitch card pulled!! hahahahaha

  12. shamefule says:

    This is why you don’t shove someone unless you really want to fight them. Still, it shouldn’t have been that easy to provoke the ref. The winning fighter ended up looking pretty classy, especially compared to everyone else involved.

  13. Not You says:

    Not called for at all. That ref should be jailed and never receive a license from any commission again.

  14. MMACRAVER says:

    Clearly a sucker punch.

    What difference does it make that the cornerman was talking shit you dumb fucking slugs?

    If you are a professional (and the fucking REFEREE) you don’t take a swing like that just because of words.

    • lolziez says:

      lol like the way everyone is complaining about professionalism. that shit wasnt the UFC, people. would have done the same thing if some fuckface stepped and pushed me, id pull his bitch card as well

  15. B-rad says:

    it wasnt a sucker punch the dude pushed him like twice and was in his face..nice lead hook

    • MMACRAVER says:

      Who pushed who? I saw the Ref place his hands on the cornerman first.

      He waved his arms free too make the REF let go.. Then as he was backing up he got sucker punched in the face.

      That’s literally what happened…

  16. ASER says:

    Crisp Hook!!!! But dude was not trying to fight!!

  17. Xaninho says:

    The ref did a good job, but shouldn’t have decked the cornerman. It was just a bit of back and forth shoving…..We don’t know what the cornerman said to him, but he should have kept it professional.

  18. cj says:

    Hahaha! That was awesome!

  19. Jesse S. says:

    1. People seem to forget that the majority of combat sport refs were actually athletes themselves before they started reffing so be careful who u want to scrap with.
    2. It doesn’t matter who started it, that ref should be fired and it looks like he will be too.

  20. Eric says:

    The Ref isn’t to blame. He was doing his job and some dumbass wanted to act tough because his fighter lost. This video is from months ago the dude was making threats and acted hostile.and most accounts from people who were actually in attendance agree that the Ref did what anyone would have in that situation. Rewatch the video the Ref was outsized, it’s not like he was trying to bully the guy

  21. Robby says:

    This is about 2-3 years old. This happened in Knoxville, TN, my hometown. I wasn’t there but this was right after they legalized MMA in Tennessee. Not a good thing to happen right after the law was passed. It’s stupid on both parties.

  22. Tom says:

    Watched the video a few times and went from thinking ‘good guy got ko for runnin his mouth to pushin him’ to realizing that the ref actually pursued him and grabbed his arm preventing him from walking away than easily ko him for trying to push the ref away from him. Obviously the refs at fault and far from proffessional.

  23. Jordan says:

    Guy had it coming he shoved the ref (Considered assault) and got hit with a beautiful left hook. Lets just say he was “intelligently defending himself” 😉

  24. Kingsforge says:

    Ignoring the refs knockout, the guy who won landed some seriously nice hits.

  25. stonerman says:

    That was the best left hook ever.

  26. drw says:

    corner man was jabbing the ref with his finger the ref grabbed his hand the corner man pulled his hand away and pushed the ref and the ref landed a clean one. Good stuff XD

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  27. joones says:

    i love it…typical mma fan..talking real hard getting in your face…he got what he deserved…dont get in someone face unless u ready to fight…if your gonna tucl tail then stay the fuk out the face….there was no reason get mad at the ref////hahhah that was not at all a cheap shot…all you pussy that say it a cheap shit have nooo fighting ability…a cheaop shot is from behind or not seen..punching fast so u cant block it is skill morons..totally deserved that

  28. Herb Dean says:

    That was a nice left hook. Nice loud smack sound too. But that other dude definitley did not expect it.

  29. joones says:

    INteresting internets… What the fuczz?

  30. joones says:

    Seriously… wtf…

  31. Lol says:

    How common is it to be a a crooked reff in MMA.

  32. U talk shit back it up says:

    That’s what he gets. Let the ref do his job. Good stoppage for losing fighter. Ref should have ground and pounded him to teach him a lesson lol

  33. Mike cannon jr. says:

    I’m gonna watch it again… But it seemed to me like the ref… Put hands on the dude… Lol… Dude squared up… Dude fell down…. Stone cold knocked the fuck out!!!!!. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha… That was some funny shit… Every little bitch … Jumpin bad should get his chin checked..I really think it should be a law… His bitch ass got KTFO!!!.. what was he thinking?… Getting into a ring… He shoulda been getn into … A kitchen… To make me a. Sammich… Bitch… Ahahahahahahahaa

  34. Mike cannon jr. says:

    I watched it again… Was even funnier the second time…. Ahahahahahahahahahahaaha … Seems like he was gonna hit the ref… So the ref… Defended himself…uless theirs betr footage from a dif. Angle… Looks good to be…. Betr ko… Than the one the dude was bitching about…. He got in the ring… Mad…. That ain’t how u get KTFO…. this is….. Ahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha

  35. Zack says:

    That’s why you don’t put your hands on someone if you aren’t prepared to fight.

  36. t says:

    well at least that proves this ref can fight

  37. youeffsee says:

    should you really be fighting if you aren’t even in good enough shape to take off your shirt?

  38. Gary Butch says:

    One of the “Wickedest” left-hands I’ve ever seen! This guy has martial arts skill!

  39. NiggerDick says:

    That nigga got knocked the fuck out!!! Bahaha

  40. doesn'tmatter says:

    Everybody here is cheering for the ref ? nice MMA fans u are.. The ref should be an example the worst ref ever. Ur a professional u do that shit u don’t deserve to ever watch a MMA fight again. It’s perfectly normal to act emotional as a cornerman the ref should calm the man down not fight him. I hope he gets fired and become a garbageman.

  41. the Natural says:

    Wow what a piece of shit this isnt outside the cage ur not tough this refs really a jerk off ur in a cage of professionals this guy maybe had some words but he didn’t raise his hands too him ur supposed to be a professional act like it.even the cornerman walked away of course he’s upset his fighter just lost. But he still not in a fight. What a sucker punch bitch this ref shld have gotten stomped and fired. For being a bitch.

    • frankin nog says:

      That ref is Casey Oxendine and he is a very good mma coach and well respected in Tenn., N Carolina, and Virgina. He is better known for his ground game but as you can see his stand up is good as well. That card was BS and just thrown together Casey didnt know he was ref until he showed up to the show. Then there was all kinds of crap going on through out the show and yea Casey felt threatened so he def himself i have met and trained with him. He is very smart and kind very level headed he is not just some punk. To let you know what kinda show these promoters were runin the thing wasnt even sancioned so it brought a negative light on mma in Tenn And Casey went to many hearings to get it legal in Tenn. Casey is a class act and should not be missunderstood over this vid. He felt threatened and he reacted.

  42. Jujitsu Player says:

    Apparently the UFC are signing him, he gets the title shot after Lombard….

  43. Jeremy says:

    I agree with the natural they should have stopmed his bitch ass! if i was the fighter i would have fucked his ass up!!

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