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Wednesday, 05/23/2012, 10:35 am

VIDEO | Mir Predicts Early Submission Win Over JDS | UFC NEWS

“Obviously, I predict that I win by submission. Early first round. I have to have in his mind that there’s a certain threat of a danger, that if I can grab you and put on a submission, if you don’t tap, that might work to my advantage and he taps quick.”


34 Responses to “VIDEO | Mir Predicts Early Submission Win Over JDS | UFC NEWS”

  1. norcal santa cruz says:

    interesting back and forth between two heavy’s and a dude in the middle attempting to start smack talking
    i like both of these guys
    looks like a good fight

    • Reality says:

      Yeah, that guy was an instigator for sure! 😀 I wonder how that would have worked for Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit based on what Nick said to Ariel about instigators. 😀

    • jc says:

      who the fuck is this guy in the middle? stop trying to start shit between them. ill take jon anik (even though i hate him) over this guy anyday

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      I predict early KO by JDS. Mir can’t take a punch. Cain can take 10 times the punch Mir can and he even couldn’t take JDS’s power. good luck Mir this will be your last shot ever at the title and it only came because you are a fill in.

  2. A.James says:

    I’m not counting out Mir. The last time I did that he ran away with Big Nog’s arm.

  3. I'm going with Mir says:

    but I like JDS. Was very cool on TUF (and before that) and remains cool today. Hopefully a better fight than the JDS-Cain fight.

  4. Lol says:

    Mirs takedown sucks ass and i dont see jds trying to take him down there for i see jds ko’ing mir first round. But dont count out mirs under rated ko power and jds ground game

    • Tapitout21 says:

      Well said Mir has never shown any ability to take people down outside of a gassed Roy Nelson. Mirs chin is fading as all fighters do the more he gets hit and in recent years he’s been brutalized…JDS tags him mid first and finishes before the bell as he will be patient and not jump in Mirs guard or something stupid.

  5. DAMN! says:

    OR… Early Knockout for Cigano. 2 minutes maybe, 4 minutes tops

  6. jvd says:

    I’ve never seen JDS on the ground so Mir shouldn’t be so lax, plus Mir has a weak chin he better look out for Cigano’s one punch ko.

  7. A.James says:

    What if Cigano subs Mir?

  8. Jader says:

    this guy is a terrible interviewer.

  9. Coco says:


    That’s When pigs can fly

  10. James says:

    The guy conducting the interview is an ass.

  11. RoyceGracie says:

    Honestly , i fucking love Mir but his takedowns suck and he is so easy to rock. I dont see how Frank is gonna take JDS down , JDS’s TD defence is too good and Mir might be bigger but JDS is stronger and everyone know that Mir is never gonna win this fight , JDS by TKO .

  12. Clay says:

    The interviewer was a dick, but it was still a great interview. I think Cain would have beat Mir tho, and I think jds will win too.

  13. bj penn says:

    lol all the sudden frank mir is scary ..
    come on bro .. u ain’t ever did shit…
    tim syliva was NEVER GOOD.. thats just how it was back then..
    and big nog.. don’t get me started… everyones all one these guys’s boxing..
    these mafuckas stand right there..they’re punching bags..
    JDS is legit..mir is irelevant..

    • Lol says:

      You must be a WWE fan.

      and what is a “mafucka”? Do you pronounce that word like (MAH-FAH-KAH)?

      and how can you be “all one these guy’s boxing”? Please explain.

      “U ain’t ever did shit”… well that is showing how much you know (not much, in case you really are illiterate)

  14. bj penn says:

    only reason why big nog got caught is cuz he was tired..
    he’s not that good people..come on
    everyone knows jiu jitsu now ..even people who don’t fight..
    if u just know jiu jitsu and you didn’t wrestle ain’t holdin shit down on the ground

    • GJJ says:

      Obviously you have never once tried jiu jitsu in your whole fucking life. three quarters of the takedowns and ground control techniques in mma are jiu jitsu, you idiot. wrestlers are just better in the ufc because they are already great at controlling and mostly takedowns. combine that WITH jiu jitsu knowledge and it can be great. a straight wrestler vs straight jiu jitsu fighter , the wrestler loses 100 percent of the time

    • Lol says:

      The only reason BIg Nog got caught and submitted is because HE was tired? Or because Frank Mir was tired?
      If you answered with the former, get your eyes checked asshole.
      If you answered with the latter, you should probably put your helmet back on, go change your adult diaper and un-pause your WWE.

      Everyone knows jiu jitsu? You mean they know of it or they learned it from youtube?

      and the last sentence…. Well, there’s too much stupidity to address. I’ll just leave it at, “you’re fuckin’ dumb”.

  15. GJJ is my hero says:

    You are very informed about ground fighting. It makes me happy, thank you! I’m glad not all the posters here are ignorant! :)

  16. joegun says:

    Mir has a great chance to win…noguiera has been out of his prime before he was even in the ufc.. guys was known for fighting wars and coming out on top…and yes..Sylvia was rubbish..he got the belt from Rico rodrigues who also was never very good,even if he beat couture. Mir has the best jiu Jitsu in the division but does have a questionable chin..he’s been floored recently only by heavy hitters such as carwin and brock which would put most guys out of commission n e ways. His fight strategy is also questionable at times choosing to stand with stylers..but we have only seen one side of ciganos game and we all know what he can do with his cement block hands but Mir is a beast on the mat and the fear or getting something torn off is in his head… gonna be a great fight!! aanndd nneewww!!!

  17. joegun says:

    Meant strikers, spell check is annoying!!!

  18. r4j4 says:

    This guy has to be the worst interviewer in MMA I’ve ever seen

  19. JJ-B says:

    JDS made a slight mistake, he said when he’s in trouble he doesn’t quite retaliate.

    Mir broke Big Nogs arm when he was in a fair bit of trouble; I agree with Mir, where sometimes I does screw up and not show up in the earlier fights.

    But you can’t really say that when he literally just did that to Nog, no disrespect.

  20. Zulwali says:

    Whoever that guy is…he needs to GTFO. Stop starting some shit. Let the fighters do their talking inside the Cage. why ask question about it now when we can watch the real deal on saturday? Fox..tsh tsh tsh…

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