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Wednesday, 05/29/2013, 10:27 am

VIDEO | Mike Tyson Teaches Johny Hendricks How To Box

Mike Tyson has been making appearances around the MMA world as of late and now we have video of him giving some tips to UFC welterweight number one contender Johny Hendricks.



20 Responses to “VIDEO | Mike Tyson Teaches Johny Hendricks How To Box”

  1. Sean says:

    Please fire whoever put that music to this video.

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (thank god) says:

      please someone (FORCE) GSP to quit DODGING Hendricks. EVERYONE knows GSP is cared to fight Hendricks he proved that when he refused to fight him the first time and now he is doing it again.

      GSP needs to retire he has lost his will to fight Georges SAFE-Pierre

      • Steven Thurman says:

        Although I like your name, I think this is incredibly stupid. Unless youre being sarcastic, GSP already said the fight against Silva wont happen because he is For sure fighting Hendricks next, and he had more to worry about with Condit than he did with Hendricks.

        • GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

          GSP has not agreed to fight Hendricks

          he is dodging Hendricks ( A G A I N )

          GSP is waiting to see what happens between his boy ROIDY macdonald and Ellenberger, If ROIDY wins GSP will except the Hendricks fight then get injured as usual and ROIDY will fight Hendricks

        • Steven Thurman says:

          GSP doesnt get injured and drop out of fights often enough for it to be “The Usual”, people said thats what he was doing with Diaz, and then they fought, and Diaz was dominated the whole fight. He literally has nothing but a left hand to be scared of, which is easily avoidable with Johnny’s striking with the quick little jab of his. GSP is an elite striker, not power wise, but control wise, and wouldnt have much a problem against the striking of Hendricks. He said his two choices are between Silva and Hendricks, and pointed out it will most likely be Hendricks. We’ve seen him fight great wrestlers and dominate still, his TD is great and he is one of the best at getting back up. What does he have to be afraid of?

  2. RogerThat says:

    Are you serious with this music? Whoever added this music should be used as a heavy bag by Tyson. Unwatchable with sound.

  3. Sec says:

    Hey, the video’s gone already and it’s something I really wanted to see. Can’t find it anymore either on YouTube. Damn it!

  4. Sec says:

    Someone who watched it already needs to dig the video out of their cache and re-upload it. If you’re using Chrome just do

    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache

    Or just do…


    Just click “Size” and the biggest files are usually hidden video files. Check each large cache file with VLC Player or MPC-HC till you find it, then just rename it and add extension .mp4 or .flv

  5. Ze Russian says:

    whaaaaaat its already gone?!?!?! dafuuuqqq never even saw it…. dis some baby back BULLSHIT!

  6. gvd says:

    For fucks sake. Is this because of Zuffa again? How in the hell can I follow MMA when all the cool vids get taken down by them.

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