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Tuesday, 01/01/2013, 12:02 pm

VIDEO | Michael Bisping says Vitor Belfort has upper body of a lion but chicken legs, Anderson Silva next | UFC NEWS

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping discusses his upcoming bout with Vitor Belfort.


10 Responses to “VIDEO | Michael Bisping says Vitor Belfort has upper body of a lion but chicken legs, Anderson Silva next | UFC NEWS”

  1. adrian says:

    i have no idea what bisping is talking about, chicken legs. sounds like a bunch of bs hype just to stay relevant.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Bispings such a douche,Vitor is gonna send him home n a body bag

  3. KZJ! says:

    I just like that Renato Sobral is in the background making it look like Bisping’s head is a heavy bag.

  4. UFC=WWE says:

    If Bisping thinks he gets a title shot for winning he must have lost his ever loving mind as everyone knows Dana will give the next title fight to who ever fails the next drug test or loses his last fights but talk a good game!

  5. BABYLINO says:

    Vitor gave a Jones a fight, and Bisping thinks he’ll win, easily. This guy is overhype, has fought Miller, Stan, and Shonen (hardly qaulity fighters). Guy needs to shut up and start focusing on Vitor instead of making stupid jokes. Vitor has a wicked right, and we all know what happens when the right fist lands on Bisping…..its sleepy time for the Count.

  6. Strobe says:

    @Adrian….That was a very stupid comment of you…Not calling you stupid but Bisping is very relevant in the sport buddy. Check the middleweight listings. I believe Bisping is ranked way above vitor yes?

  7. Crunk Bandicoot says:

    the mic is just a prop. the audio is recorded with the camera haha

  8. magoo says:

    all u so called new fans of bisping can open ur eyes again and realize what a douche he is! I hope Vitor knocks ur disrespectful block off!

  9. Dave says:

    I don’t care much for Bisping but he is a badass, and now that I looked again Vitor does have disproportionately small legs, also I kind of enjoy the pre-fight trash talk, unless it’s one of the drug addict brothers then I just want those 2 to shut the heck up…

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