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Tuesday, 09/27/2011, 03:24 pm

VIDEO: Michael Bisping Can't Keep His Hands Off Swedish Reporter


35 Responses to “VIDEO: Michael Bisping Can't Keep His Hands Off Swedish Reporter”

  1. Nick says:

    He’s trying to be like Ramapage………’s not working. He’s a swacker.

  2. EffLay&PrayFighters says:

    He just solidified himself as a DOUCHE…& the Swede is a pu$$y for letting a guy like B!tchping punk him in front of a camera! LOL

  3. TheDEEN88 says:

    LOL poor lil guy hahahah

  4. David K says:

    What a prick, I hope Miller kills him

  5. drew says:

    not gonna lie, but bisping is really a piece of shit

  6. Johnboy says:

    U yanks are a bunch ov losers who don’t get the English way of haveing a laugh, bisping wa jokeing around with the guy an he took it as a laugh, u don’t get our sence of humor which is ok cos we don’t get your bull shit over reacting an shouting loud an high giveing every 2min plus wat is it wiv u guys an thanking the lord come on are u really that dumb that u belive there’s an gis who lives in the sky an controles everything that happy stupid thick yankie doodles give it a rest

    • Robsta says:

      Lol. English, Motherf****r! Do you speak it?

    • Creature says:

      Call us all stupid, when your dumbass cant even type a simple reply that makes any sense.. i seriously hope you dont speak like that in person lol i also feel bad for whoever your grammar teacher was.

    • bob says:

      apparently you lost the ability to speak english when you lost the war

      • reesio10 says:


        exactly what war are you referring to that we (The English) lost?

        Im not a massive Bisping fan even though I am English, but johnboy is right people dont always our humour esepcially sercasm.

    • warrior says:

      Hey Johnboy, lets hangout this weekend so I can smack you around for laughs

    • BX81 says:

      LOL! You were raised to let another grown ass man smack you in the face? I don’t know anybody like that from any country. If you smack a man in his face you better be prepaired to get racked in the mouth.

    • jammo says:

      Johnboy that has to be the worst written comeback i have ever heard, but i agree Bisping gets allot of flack because the US doesn’t understand our humour.

      The reporter knows the sense of humour cos he’s European, and if it was his type of humour he could give it back to Bisping and he’d laugh, it’s how we do it, it’s not bullying trust me.

      He’d be speaking German if it wasn’t for the USA, hahahaha, ok homie!

    • Ian Mearns says:

      UK= walking vagina’s

  7. Phil says:

    ok i dunno how this happened, but for some reason after watching this video, i kinda like bisping a little. A LITTLE.

  8. Johnboy is a queer says:

    Johnboy suck my dick u british piece of shit. You`re just a fkn idiot who would blow any fkn scumbag for free. Next time you speak, try not to have your head up ur ass u moron.

  9. Jack says:

    Bis is a garbage fighter. And a bigger douche bag. The reporter is 120lbs and bis is acting like a bully. Ey mike remember getting linked by hendo in the ring? No you don’t cause you went night night. Go back home to your whore of a wife;) miller please slap the accent out of this guy

  10. james says:

    Bisping is only ‘having a laugh’ as the english put it.. dudes need to lighten up.

  11. adrian says:

    this is why no one likes Bisping. hes a true bitch

  12. bjnutthugger says:

    lol why dont you guys stfu.. he is just joking with the guy and having a good time. I have met bisping before and he is a really nice and humble dude

  13. Creature says:

    I dont mind the video, but i wouldnt be the type to laugh at that kind of joking.. im not a big fan of bisping, i think hes an ignorant ass but i could be wrong.. Though he woulda been a bit more humble to people after Hendo almost killed him, hopefully miller makes him tap

  14. Jack says:

    He’s nice and humble when he “thinks” he should be. He has a shit UFC career and watch the first time he was on TUF and this season. He’s a limey pussey who would be speaking German if it wasn’t for USA lol if your gonna be an icon, live like one.

  15. Hope miller chokes this fknassholeprick out!

  16. The_Gooch1 says:

    Not a fan of Bisping but I thought he was just having a good time with the small fella. He was a little aggressive but he fights for a living so thats no surprise.

  17. Geoffree says:

    Keyboard Warriors, racist two bit dummys. It’s called a sense of humor GET 1

  18. stranebrain says:

    It is a dope jacket….

  19. jones says:

    jack said all there is tosay

  20. sickofitall says:

    Garbage fighter? Shit UFC career? Someone JEALOUS? ha ha ha

  21. steven horgan says:


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