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Tuesday, 08/07/2012, 02:29 am

Video | Melvin Guillard Wants To Knock Out His Buddy Cerrone Then Pick Him Up And Dust Him Off | UFC News

Melvin Guillard is confident he’ll knock out former training partner Donald Cerrone in what is sure to be an exciting brawl at UFC® 150.

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9 Responses to “Video | Melvin Guillard Wants To Knock Out His Buddy Cerrone Then Pick Him Up And Dust Him Off | UFC News”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Cerrone will submit Guillard round 1 or 2. Guillard has No ground game and has no defense to RNC. Easy win for Cerrone prob will a sk for another fight in amonth. Prediction Guillard doesn’t land one significant punch before being choked or knocked out

  2. Bob says:

    yawnn.. this nigger crackhead sucks.. all niggers talk tons of shit then get their ass beat.. fuck em.. he should be lucky Dana hasnt killed his contract yet.. After this fight he will go to bellatore then end his career there… damn ape

    • Come at me bro says:

      I don’t care for MG but what’s with all the nigger shit it’s must make you feel great to say that kind of shit on the web so your can get away with it you would never say that kind of shit out in public say whatever you want on here but out in the real world you would stay quite around any black person or niggers as you would have put it or get stomped out maybe even killed because you can’t progress with the rest of the world it’s 2012 grow to the fuck up you are one of the people bringing the world down do yourself a favor jump of a bridge

    • Andrew says:

      Your A disgrace to the human race! What a waste of skin you are with your primitive ideologies. Homohabillas says what?
      Lets Evolve ppl.

  3. Kenshiro says:

    I got Guillard by assasination!!

  4. McCombski says:

    Melvin is the biggest waste of talent in the ufc. He is so athletich and storng and fast if he realy worked on his sub defense and got his mind right he would have been champ a long time ago

  5. 123 says:

    wow theres some nasty people out there, no need for it

  6. JP says:

    I actually like Melvin in this fight. If he goes out there and does what he says and turns this fight into a brawl. I think he can win it . Playing a technical fight would not be smart…

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