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Monday, 10/24/2011, 09:21 pm

VIDEO: Melvin Guillard Loses Cool in Dana's UFC 137 Vlog (part 1)


34 Responses to “VIDEO: Melvin Guillard Loses Cool in Dana's UFC 137 Vlog (part 1)”

  1. MrGrooveSD says:

    I’ve alway liked watching Melvin, this just shows he is passionate about this sport and he is learning more and more. Nam Phan and Leonard Garcia was a great fight.

  2. fif son says:

    melvin cryin like a lil bitch, cue video of bj as tuff season coach

  3. P R O D I G Y says:

    HAHAH i was literally abt to post this in the community section. you mad melvin!? haha

  4. Creature says:

    If Melvin would just chill out on his always getting way too overconfident with everyone.. he could be a top 5 guy and stay there for a while, hes got the skill, physique, and passion for it. good thing hes still decently young, he has a lot of time to cover up the small holes in his game.

  5. chon209 says:

    im not a fighter but i hear them say time and time again that the skill is just part of it but its mostly the mental state you have so thats why melvin would always be an under achiever thats something you cant easily fix as he has proven

  6. rayed says:

    Dude anderson looks huge! Wonder what he walks around at?

    That lozan win was sick!

  7. Dante says:

    shouldnt have slept on Joe…sucka! :)

  8. bizzle says:

    I love it whenever a fighter brings Melvin back to reality.. First it was Stevenson now Lauzon, he must have bad luck with the “joes” lol

  9. qwerty says:

    Haha. Melvin is such a dumbass. He brought it on himself. Waste of talent. He will never be champ.

  10. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Melvin, you’ll come back stronger man .[-

  11. Never been a fan of Melvin bc he doesn’t STFU! Kid got skills on sub defense!

  12. says:

    thats anderson at 220

  13. bizzle says:

    He needs to work on his striking defense, he was rocked first by Stevenson and Lauzon before being submitted, he gets so cocky and starts acting like he is the spider in there..

  14. Taylor says:

    Who cares if Melvin was crying? Obviously this fight meant a lot to him, and hopefully he comes back stronger. You gotta respect the passion he has. I think if he learned better BJJ he would be a top contender for sure. Dude has the fastest hands in the UFC.

  15. Xaninho says:

    Guillard went into that fight way too overconfident! He was smiling and shit, not concentrating on what was ahead of him at all. Underestimating Lauzon’s skills.

    Guillard needs to work on that primarily….he has the skills, but his mentality is still in the way.

  16. BiggoTrav says:

    Well DUH, we all watch people exercise while personally training gay New York!!! Did you think you were special or something?!?!?

  17. JB Spencer says:

    If u look at melvins fights befor training wit jackson and after ud see his sudmision def (and abiliy to shut down good bjj, takedown def…) along wit his attitude, has progesses by leaps n bounds. His problem is hes not the besr at takin punches n mor importantly, attirude wise he went in ther lik the old pre jackson camp melvin, WAY too arogent cocky n overconfident.

    However, i think down the road i retrospct this loss will hv bn good for him

  18. El Charlie says:

    Say what you say about him almost every fighter is the same after a loss. Its a tough thing to stomach. Melvin by far is one of the most talented fighters at lightweight. With a little more work on the ground he might be unstoppable. All he needs to do is defend the submission. Easier said than done when your playing that chess match with Lauzon, but nothing inconceivable. Melvin will learn from this and come back stronger. Hope he’s back in action soon.

  19. Jack says:

    By Melvin, go cry. Maybe talking shit came back to kick u in the ass.

  20. Stin says:

    Lol! There is nothing better in this world than watching a cocky prick get wrfpwnd in such a dramatic manner. That JLau did it makes it all the sweeter.

    Whilst I admire Guillards athleticism, I hate his attitude and I’m so happy when he gets beat.

  21. Justa Thought says:

    Yes, Melvin is passionate, but this shows a lack of maturity. I only say it because I’ve been there. When you are way too confident you can forget even the most basic skills, like defending yourself. Melvin has the tools and the talent if he would add a little humilty, keep his mind open and his mouth closed, he could go far.

  22. JB Spencer says:

    Still say jacksons camp has uped his ground/sub def game alot, yeah it can still use some work but u know damn well lauzon wdnt of taped him out that easily if guilard didnt run in ther all overconfident n get rocked. That left hand he ran into is what ended that fight. And im not takin anythng away from ‘j lo’ (he needs to drop that name) hes one a my faves, definatly on my top 10.

    Id lk to see melvin fight the loser of hendo v guida, winer fights winer of loazon v pettis. (possible rematch)

  23. Johnny says:

    Anderson was talking shit about chael and jose aldo said what a son of a bitch hahaha

  24. Digs says:

    as soon as i saw melvin walking down the aisle and jumping around…hi- fiving everyone….i knew he wasn’t focused. and it showed.

    another long climb to the top of the LW division for Guillard, Jim Miller, and Gray Maynard.

  25. Jmad says:

    that explains a lot

  26. Keenan says:

    looks like its back to sniffing for old melvin, if you know what i mean

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