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Tuesday, 01/14/2014, 12:48 pm

Video | Mayhem Threatens To Punch Steven Hawking Out Of Wheelchair

In his latest interview Mayhem Miller discusses a return to action, apologies and more.


0 Responses to “Video | Mayhem Threatens To Punch Steven Hawking Out Of Wheelchair”

  1. lamehem failure says:

    Crackheads smoke crack…

    Poor guy you can see the drug use on his face. As far as an MMA career this chap can’t win a fight against any decent fighters. Maybe in the local circuits not any reputable pro leagues. Pretty sad considering he could have been great.

  2. name says:

    It was a funny joke, just relax and let him live.

  3. disqus_63gIGAaIhA says:

    Haha i would love to see him fight Nick, not that he deserves it or anything, but Miller would get a fucken beating, and Nick would get a easy pay day.

  4. Guest says:

    Hawking is the only guy he can defeat, maybe..

  5. HEAVYD2117 says:

    Hawking would whoop that can in the first round. War Hawking!!

  6. David says:

    Game Over Mayhem…

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