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Tuesday, 10/09/2012, 08:25 am

VIDEO | "Mayhem" Miller Lives Up Name: Strange Outburst Full Of Racial Insults, Runs Off Set Of The MMA Hour | MMA NEWS


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61 Responses to “VIDEO | "Mayhem" Miller Lives Up Name: Strange Outburst Full Of Racial Insults, Runs Off Set Of The MMA Hour | MMA NEWS”

  1. life is meh says:

    *Head in hand*

    • danielrchargers says:

      Dude i have Mayhems back on this.

      Ariels a clown that tricks fighters into saying things they dont mean. Mayhem just came on here to say HEY WATCH MY MOVIE!
      Mayhem was having fun with this the whole time.
      No one in the MMA community that truly knows what this stooge Ariel does, do not like him!
      Ariel is a faggot who follows people all day on the internet as his own job. you call that hard work?

    • Mike b says:

      U know what?This is not even funny at all.mayhem seems like a good dude.he needs a lot of help soon before he does something to harm himself or other people.get better mayhem.

    • Ian Smith says:

      Is everyone here really too dense to see he’s in character? The only thing he’s guilty of is bad acting and even worse promoting. Geez!

      • Tommygunzz says:

        Are u to fuc*ing dense moron….he’s in character??LOL….the dude is mentally challenged,he has issues…in character??Gimmie a break.I feel bad for mayhem man.get ur shit together mayhem.were with u bro…

  2. TheWholeTruth says:

    Just, wow.

  3. Bob'O says:

    I guess he had to get home to watch The Abyss on VHS, LMAO! About the only funny thing he said.

    Seriously though, Obviously Jason is mentally ill. Either that or he’s on something.

    The guy had it together on Bully Beatdown, seemed level headed. He’s always been weird, but this is ridiculous. ~Bob’O

  4. WEZ4REAL says:

    Looks like he’s on meth or something else that makes someone act like a complete mess. Poor bloke, hope he really knows wtf he’s doing and not mentally ill!

  5. Zack says:

    Is he on bath salts? Wtf was that


    Bi-polar is a bitch yo. Mixed with whatever drugs he’s on and boom. I have a sad feeling we may see him dead sometime soon. Get your shit together Jason, please.

  7. Eric The Bestia says:

    I wanted to believe he was just acting, but Ariel’s reaction cleared the situation. What the fuck is wrong with u Jason Miller? Take a break man. U messing yourself up.

  8. MMApersonalJESUS says:

    Mayhem is a loser. Soon he will be where he belongs, selling magazines.

    • Not You says:

      But then he’ll be stealing your job man. And you don’t even have any skills to fall back on.

    • Mike b says:

      Mayhem accomplished a lot more than u did and ever will….so who’s the fu*king loser????

      • T.DADDY says:

        Ur an even bigger loser for defending mayhems crackhead ass… He never won a fight against a big name opponent… He is known cuz of MTV and nothing else.. any real mma fan can care or less about his bum ass

        • Mike b says:

          Another fuc*ing idiot.this is not about mma dickface.its about common decency.go’s to show what type a person u are..LOL!ur just another roach bro,that’s all u are.and a bitch also cause ur always talking tough shit on the Internet,and a lot of ur comments don’t make much sense ether.from ur past comments it’s obvious that ur one of those punks that think they know everything about the sport but don’t know shit.its easy to talk shit about fighters when ur looking in from the outside isn’t it ho….cause u know u would never be man enough to fight and put it all on the line like these guys do.ur just an ingnorant pus*y with no mma knowledge at all.ive read ur shit before bro,ur so ingnorant it’s not even funny,alright T Faggy….so have a good day u lame.LOl….

        • Mike b says:

          I’m sure u never trained a day in ur life bro….come down to Renzo Gracie acadamy in west haven boys and I will make u cry ho…ROTFL…at u.

        • Pkq says:

          Mayhem didn’t always fight like this, he used to put on exciting fights an not fight like a dumb ass. I will personally always have some respect for mayhem but he seriously needs some help with whatever is going on with him

  9. ya herd says:

    he says he likes nick diaz because he comes to fight, he FIGHTS and dosent hump your leg and sit ontop of u… well jason miller thats all you were trying to do against bisping u loser bisping fucked up your head ahahahahah… what a attention seeker, clown, retard, and most of all what a waste of talent if i had half the talent he had i wouldnt waste is just because things never went your way in the ufc,

  10. Truth says:

    Anything for ATTENTION. What’s this guys name again?? Irrelevant to MMA

  11. 123 says:

    Normaly He Knows When To Stop.. I Think He Just Went Over The Top & Embarressed Himself Then Fucked Off.

  12. korean jesus says:

    fkn guy is spiraling downhill badly.. i feel sorry for u son.

  13. Heather says:

    I think it is a mental illness/drug combo going on..or he is off the meds entirely..people keep saying he was trying to promo a movie as a excuse..but that nude crap in a church? Come on! He embarrassed himself and all the actors etc of this Boom movie..I am surprised if they have a premiere he is even let into the place..I bet they are thing OMG what did we do?

  14. Broman says:

    Mayhem just being Mayhem. That’s all I see.

  15. uhoh says:

    this guy has lost the plot ! MMA’s one of those things that’s suppose to help you get your sshhh together, guess not for certain people. Pity.

  16. Olivas80 says:

    Mayhem is spun out. He’s acting like an erratic tweeker. What an idiot. And Diaz would whoop his ass.

  17. J says:

    Didnt Nick and Nate Diaz stomp him out at the end of a fight? when he interrupted….but he likes Nick Diaz lol…. someones smoking the good shit

  18. The King says:

    Do not believe a word Helwani says. He reminds me of a politician

  19. Nunya says:

    Annoying as shit but i kept watching, hoping something more stupid then his rants would happen (like bombing on Ariel, that would have been nice) Mayhem has accomplished a lot. After his loss to Bisping seems to have really messed him up. I dont think he will be fighting in the UFC anymore but i wish the best for Miller.

  20. alfie says:

    if i was ariel i wouldve just stood up said fuck this and not have even put the interview up

  21. Brett says:

    Lets not forget that he went crazy and destroyed the warmup room he was in after the loss to CB Dolloway. The guy is a total looney and he deserves nothing but to be shit on for the way hes been acting.

  22. drew says:

    honestly, i bet andy kauffman or how to spend the last name is someone thisguy watchd as a kid…this is kinda genius on a comedy level

  23. caPI says:

    h i think dana should try and help this guy !!he really needs profesional help hes gonna hurt sombody or even himself !!!hes nuts talking about shit not that makes no sence what?

  24. Ceasar says:

    Mayhem’s on so much dope it’s scary!

  25. Sugar says:

    I’ll reserve my judgment until I watch the movie if I ever get to it. Due to the fact no one knows his character or how he was supposed to be acting, you can’t really judge. The only thing apparent is he isn’t a very good actor and not as good with the one liners as he used to be. I will admit very, very awkward interview. Looks like Helwani and Mayhem were both uncomfortable. You could tell Mayhem knew he wasn’t doing too good, could explain why he walked off. Who knows, guess we’ll find out soon.

  26. BJ Penn> says:

    I feel bad for Hewani. All he wanted to do is give Mayhem the oppurtinuty to set the record straight. One thing is for sure thoug.! He would not have pulled this shit on Inside MMA to Bas Rutten!!

  27. ya herd says:

    if he beat bIsping and DC he wouldnt be in this mess, hes like a big baby when things dont go his way he cant take it like a man hes always complaining and acting like a spoiled brat tuf 14 proved that and after getting beat by DC he wrecked the dressing room, if he won those fights he would be fine hes just crying out for ATTENTION because he knows not much people would of been interested in him after getting kicked out of the ufc and how bad bisping beat him

  28. DMAC says:

    Get well Mayhem! I hope your just tooling everyone but the look in your eyes says something a different story. Maybe he’s just deep in character if so he’s doing a great job. Either way get better bro and keep stacking that cheese!

  29. themrjh says:

    I’ve watched this several times, his retirement mma hour, his Dana White tweets, and his church crime. In this video I see Jason trying to stay in character(showing his “acting” skills) and make some funny/not so funny jokes. There are some racist jokes but he’s in “character” and its “ok” for Patrick to say this. The only time he gets mad is when Ariel brings up anything else besides his movie. It was a solid 10 minutes before he gets bored and decides he wants to leave. He has to make a big deal at the end so that people talk about him and the movie. Mayhem is a smart guy and I think this was mostly planned. He probably also took some sort of drug to make it an even edgier interview. I don’t think this was the best promotion, nor do I condone such actions but whatever sells more tickets is what he is going to do.

  30. Yo says:

    Whoa.Dat was just uncomfortable to watch.Somebody call Jesus asap.

  31. Xaninho says:

    Seemed to me Miller was in-character. He did a terrible, terrible job though.

    Helwani is just pissed because he didn’t get the interview he wanted.

  32. 757 says:

    It’s obvious that Jason has some real issues to deal with. He seems like a good dude though . I hope he get’s it all worked out. Somebody said Ariel reminds them of a politician. They are right he does. Those kind of dudes bug me.Best of luck to Jason he entertained allot of people when it was going good for him I hope he can bring some peace of mind back to his life.

  33. maurice says:

    Wtf is wit every1 sayn he was just “in character.” Dude was sayn mayhems dead, and how he moved just to be in ufc, completely humiliated himself and poor ariel. mayhem needs help, plain and simple. Mayhem hust cant accept this horrible position he’s in. He had the world at his finger tips with TUF and bully beatdown, now its all gone. Im suprised mayhem didnt let it all out and start cryin right there in front of ariel. Leave the drugs alone and get ot together mayhem. Prayn for ya

  34. Dopey says:

    Miller is a f**king idiot

  35. Weave McQuilt says:

    Wow, wtf Mayhem?

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