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Tuesday, 11/12/2013, 08:38 am

VIDEO | Matt Mitrione Flips Our After Losing NAGA Grappling Match

Who likes to lose?

No one likes to lose, but we can add Matt Mitrione to the list of people who just flat out lose their cool when defeated in competition. In the video UFC the UFC heavyweight fighter is seen getting really ticked off about a match that didn’t go his way at a recent NAGA event.

Better watch out Matt, the UFC is now suspending fighters for unsportsmanlike conduct!


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Matt Mitrione Flips Our After Losing NAGA Grappling Match”

  1. Jimbocakes says:

    I guess I failed to miss the part where he “flips out”???

  2. aaron says:

    I’m with Jim. He didn’t flip out.

  3. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    He only had something to say about his opponent’s inactivity. That’s not flipping out.
    Also I thought fighters while fighting under the UFC banner couldn’t compete in any other fight competitions?

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