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Monday, 07/16/2012, 01:52 am

Video | Luke Rockhold Post-Fight Interview | Strikeforce News

Following an action-packed defense of his Strikeforce Middleweight Championship belt, Luke Rockhold talks to Heidi Androl and SHOWTIME Sports minutes after his win over Tim Kennedy.

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4 Responses to “Video | Luke Rockhold Post-Fight Interview | Strikeforce News”

  1. undisputed says:

    Extremely boring fight! This guy got more attention from badmouthing Anderson Silva’s fight than for his own fight! LOL Pathetic, and he thinks he stands a chance against the spider? He’ll get crushed in 20secs… He looks more like a welterweight IMO.

  2. YeahRightMan says:

    What are you talking about welterweight? The guy is a big middleweight. 6 foot 3! Clearly he’s a natural light heavy who cuts a lot of weight to get to middle. Stop sucking Silvas privates and make comments based on fact.

    • undisputed says:

      Butthurt Sonnen fan are we??? LOL

    • undisputed says:

      If he is a LHW then he sure lacks the power. He is a striker with like 2 TKOs on his record, clearly not strong or clinical enough for the UFC MW division, he may get away with it in Strikefarce but not in the big leagues! Take luke’s salty balls out of ur mouth and stuff it up ur @ss hahahaha!

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