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Tuesday, 09/13/2011, 02:30 pm

VIDEO: Kurt Angle says Lesnar's Best Athlete over 250lbs

“I have a lot of respect for Brock. I think that in any fight he’s in he has a chance. You don’t realize how strong and how athletic Brock Lesnar is until you get in that ring with him. I’ve sparred with him in real wrestling. I’m not going to tell you who won, I’ll say I was very happy with the outcome. But I’m a much more experienced wrestler. Brock Lesnar is the best athlete over 250 that I’ve ever seen in my life. He benches over 600 pounds, I’ve seen him squat over 1,000 pounds. This guy is an animal, so you can’t say that he has no chance. He always has a chance and, you know what, he can take a punch. Of course, he’s gotten knocked down and he’s got knocked out, but he can take a punch. The guy’s an animal, so he has a shot every time he goes out there and I wish him the best.”


30 Responses to “VIDEO: Kurt Angle says Lesnar's Best Athlete over 250lbs”

  1. Adam Hughston says:

    Brock take a punch? I believe ole’ Kurty here hasn’t watched his past two fights.

  2. jason N says:

    Kurt is a cool dude

  3. Taylor says:

    did he just say brock lesner can take a punch? lol no he can NOT take a punch. if Cain can do that to him. all Overeem has to do is barely touch him. Cains stand up is novice at best when comparing the two. sorry but brocks getting knocked out.

    • ry says:

      cain hits harder than overeem for sure. hopefully reem doesn’t disapoint against brock by letting brock lay on top of him like mir did. get the job done, get the shot at cain or cigano an then we can all see what i allready know. all the riods in the world wont have helped overeem become the fighter he’d need to be to beat either of them.

      • Beau says:

        Took reem nearly 8 years to put that weight on so im guessing that No he is not on roids. and the sheer power reem has also makes me 99% positive he hits harder than cain can ever hope too hit.

        • Taylor says:


        • Josh says:

          Actually Overeem gained that weight from Feb of 2007 to June of 2007. Overeem was out struck and got his ribs broke by Werdum and Werdum isn’t really known for his striking. Carwin is known to be heavy handed and he couldn’t finish Lesnar but Cain made him look ridiculous. It’s not as if you reinforce what you’ve said with facts in the first place so this comment was pretty much a waste lol

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        Cain hits harder than the reem? Really now that’s a pretty dumb thing to say actually your whole comment is just plain stupid…

  4. Taylor says:

    if he reacts by curling up in a ball,that means he cant take a punch. now Shane Carwin,he can take a punch,roy nelson? he can take a punch. but brock lesner can not. overeem is gonna hit him harder than hes ever been hit and theres no way hes walking through that.

  5. pete selleck says:

    i watched both of his past 2 fights. in one, i watched him take a BARAGE of punches, to come back and win via submission. In his most recent fight, he was TKO’d, which means the ref stopped. If Brock couldn’t take a punch, both of those would have been KO losses.

  6. Jason Tugade says:

    im with pete, Carwins and Cains punches with will KO anyone…He took a LOT from Carwin and it was full power..he even tired him self out..Brock can take punches..Overeem will be taken down and knocked out..He got knocked out by chuck Liddell.

  7. Daniel says:

    Am I missing something? Everyone keeps says “Brock’s last two fights he couldn’t..”, did I miss something or did he take all of Carwin’s punches and then choke him out? Because that’s what I saw.

    And yes I know he got knocked out by Cain, but getting knocked out once now means you can’t take a punch? seems silly to me…

  8. james says:

    cain didnt knock lesnar out, the ref stopped the fight, lesnar got back up fairly quickly after the ref stopped the fight…. but i agree with everyone else saying he needs to learn how to properly take a punch, you cant just turtle and pray they will tire themselves out, if he can fix that one flaw i think he can have a chance at cementing himself as ufc champion until he retires; but it sucks coming into the mma game this late in his career… just think if he started mma right out of college… he wouldnt be having these problems.

  9. D'el Taylor says:

    I think Angle needs to step into the cage! He would dominate!

  10. Guido says:

    For all the people who laughed at me on here, Kurt owned Brock and thats the truth. He is sugar coating it al.

  11. dave says:

    Well Kurt angle has hit the hgh a little too hard Brock has a chin that everytime he gets hit in it he falls down the only reason carwin didn’t beat him was he got gassed so carwin beat himself overreem is gonna kick his ass that dude is nothing nice Brock is a big joke as far as mma goes if couture wouldn’t have taken a dive then Brock would never have been champ and the only reason he did take that payoff to lay down was the ufc was gonna lose their ass because they signed Brock,everybody just needs to wake up and realize Brock is just a circus side show people see big guy like Brock and automatically assume he is unstoppable which carwin started to prove and velasquez did prove.

  12. Daniel says:

    I don’t think Kurt owned Brock, LOOK at the size difference. I think when Angle said he was “happy with the outcome” he was really saying, I rolled with him and kept up considering the size difference. I think Brock would be too big for Angle just to toss around.

  13. e says:

    brock is def one of those that impressed me. i know he has a big size advantage and all, but most likely every HW can hang with big nigz, they are BEASTS. his limited amount of time spent training in mma really shows that he also can hang with the TOP HW’s out there. i hope he continues his efforts and i wanna see him utilize more styles of mma.

  14. Kalirudeboy says:

    Man Kurt Angle looks guys forgetting he was an Olympian wrestler? Brock can take a punch like a kid getting beat up for his lunch money, you may not be knocked out, but you are crying for your momma. He verbally tapped to Cain before the ref stepped in, watch it back.
    That being said, Brock definitely has a chance vs Overeem. Anything can happen, they are two big dudes, both hit hard, and Overeem could get KO’d just as easily as Brock can, Now AO is somebody who can really not take a good punch…knocked out, what? 9 times? Enough said, we will see when they square off in the cage.

  15. Eric says:

    I see Overrem landing a Head Kick to Lesnar

  16. Kalirudeboy says:

    I could very well see Brock land a ham fist to Overeems head and nighty-night x10. If he can send Heath Herring flying across the ring, and if Overeem is that scared of Werdums ground game that he got outstruck, it could be bad for him, but I don’t dislike Overeem, I just want to see him prove himself. I do have a little dislike for Brock and Overeem because they have a lot of super fans that can’t take a realistic look at their skills and downfalls, they put on those rosy glasses and that is all they see.
    I am just saying, don’t be surprised either way, it should be a great fight as both should be properly motivated for this one, they both have something to prove.

  17. BigHurt says:

    lol @ Alister Overeem beating Brock….Lets see other then Vitor Belfort, who has “the dream” beat? Now iv’e seen him fight some top ranked fighters like…Chuck Liddell in he’s prime cough(dream knocked out in the 1st round)cough…Maruicio Rua cough(dream knocked out in the 1st round)cough 2 different times…Antonio Nog cough(dream knocked out in the 2nd round)cough

    In Brock’s only 7 fight’s…He’s beat far better talent then “The Dream” has ever….Please bring up Werdum so i can make fun of this ufc washout fighter :)

  18. Ruch says:

    I like how Kurt basically says Brocks strong but I’m stronger lol way to talk yaself up.

  19. Ninjaman says:

    Unfortunatly for Brock he is not in the weightroom but rather he is in the octogon. No doubt Brock is a living, breathing viking but he still cant train a dragon!!

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