Friday, 02/22/2013, 09:32 am

VIDEO | King Mo Got Knocked Out Last Night | MMA NEWS

The highly popular, “King Mo” Lawal, entered the Bellator light-heavyweight tournament as a heavy favorite and was knocked out during last nights semi-final round.


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  1. Bob says:

    And thats how the cookie crumbles

  2. korean jesus says:

    he was on point with that backfist. nice.

  3. Ainokea says:

    Looks like with all that pro wrestling training, King Mo hasn’t been working on his chin

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Another overrated fighting getting beat out by a lesser known guy; beautiful spinning backfist though…

  5. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Looked like King Mo fainted and the other guy caught him. What a gentleman.

  6. Nando says:

    Lol glass chin ass nigga

  7. jojoismyname08 says:

    i guess that is what you get for training in pro wrestling, you compromise your real fighting skills!

  8. Pezz says:

    that was a slow-mo fall… “King Slo-Mo” haha.. Funny how it seemed like Newton went to catch him so he doesn’t fall too hard.

  9. Secludedly says:

    Well, that was a beautifully hidden spinning backfist. That’s how they should all be done, Snook it right in after the counter. Mo sucks anyway, he’s a fucking steroid freak. Looks like a lot of pro wrestling time just opened up for him.

  10. kingtooslow says:

    and this guy thinks he could take rampage, lmfao

  11. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Beautiful! Queen Mo got KTFO! Funny that Bellator still has his last Strikeforce fight against Mousasi as a win.

    That fight got overturned to a NC or a loss because he got caught for using steroids after that fight. It’s certainly not registered as a W lamers.

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