Saturday, 12/15/2012, 12:15 pm

VIDEO | King Mo Gets Dropped By Mayweather In Practice | MMA NEWS

Bellator light-heavyweight fighter, King Mo Lawal, allowed cameras into his recent boxing training session. Working on his defense, the former Strikeforce champion was caught with a body shot that sent him to the canvas.

Training Mo is none other than famed boxing coach Jeff Mayweather.


4 Responses to “VIDEO | King Mo Gets Dropped By Mayweather In Practice | MMA NEWS”

  1. getserious says:

    that’s what you get for fecking around….

  2. DDD says:

    Imagine what his son could do!

    • davebitch says:

      lol..its not his son foool..learn something about boxing ..its his nephew.. floyd sr is floyds dad..even a ufc fan should know this cuz bj trained with floyd for his fitch beat down….anyways king mo looks good with that family a bunch of loud mouth cocky spoooks,,,they make me sick

  3. dante080 says:

    Ironic who Floyd bad mouths mma yet it seems his uncle and trainer works with a lot of them. He was recently on TUF as Roy nelsons striking coach

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