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Wednesday, 01/30/2013, 10:28 am

VIDEO | Kimbo Slice Clinches Another Boxing Win, Keeps Unbeaten Streak Alive

Youtube sensation and former UFC heavyweight brings his record to 7-0 as a pro boxer with this latest victory.


21 Responses to “VIDEO | Kimbo Slice Clinches Another Boxing Win, Keeps Unbeaten Streak Alive”

  1. WAYNE DOZER says:

    he was out of breath in first round.hes gonna get knocked out bye a real boxer

  2. MMACRAVER says:

    Zombie Prophet provides me the content I crave.

  3. Stev says:

    Liver kill shot. Rock your whole body’s nervous system.

    • Fighter Fix says:

      Noooo joke. Hurts worse then a groin shot. Also, that was the sloppiest amateur show I’ve ever seen… but damn they hit hard.

      • Thom says:

        I wouldnt say its worse than a groin shot but it definitely freezes you up. Anyway, some of Kimbo’s fights have been extremely shady, he’s a mediocre boxer at best. Plus he’s like 40.

  4. maximus81 says:

    Yeah that was horrible boxing..he is still intriguing to watch tho.. even if he flips burgers for a living..

  5. Rhy says:

    I like the doubleleg takedown…

    • Rhy says:

      Also, the obviously thrown fight… he throws a big left hook, pauses… Kimbo pushes him, he then throws a big right hook, followed by a long pause, and a weak shot from Kimbo that makes the fat white guy look like he shat his pants…

      • ryu says:

        he got hit in the liver… it takes a second for the pain to kick in and shock your body into shutting down

        • Bartholomew P. Skibbenheims III says:

          The guy was winging way too hard trying to KO him, and almost did more than once, for me to really feel like there was anything shady.

  6. SalWasHere_ says:

    Looked like he took a dive

  7. zyrtexx says:

    Bar Rutten would be proud ^^

  8. Mayuri says:

    Comments here are lame. You guys just turned into instant sport analyst like you have been in that sport. Wow! Feeling great huh? Sheesh! If you can’t say anything good about the player’s performance, better know the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  9. Masataka Takayanagi says:

    Jeez! Some of you guys just turned into an instant sports analyst. Wow! like you have been in that same ring, fighting. If you can’t say anything good at the player’s performance you should learn the word RESPECT.

  10. T.J. says:

    Tilyard is a kickboxer first and foremost remember.

  11. J says:

    Wow, Kimbo has improved. His whole movement has changed, not to mention using a wider variety of punches. Will he ever be that good a boxer? I doubt it, but he sure has improved since his last fight.

  12. dave says:

    wow people here are stupid///this was clearly a dive n a fix…if he had imbo on skates he would have ko him,,,and if kimbo had him hurt a small body jab would not have hurt this fat price…idiots

  13. joe says:

    ok u guys saying that was a dive have no fight experience. that was a clean liver punch. u should not b allowed to comment such stupid things, unless u have experience. u should have to list ur credentials b4 being allowed to comment such unintelligent things. eat mud, big rig

  14. B-rad says:

    To quote Sir Charles Barkley “That was turrible”

  15. kingwaa says:

    shane is a boxer who knows what he is doing. he has almost a year off boxing and 15/20kg heavier then his normal fighting weight. he also only had 4 weeks to prepare for this fight.
    kimbo was dropped twice and the counts should of been put on by the ref.
    also anyone who knows anything about boxing knows that a liver shot is painful when landed correctly, so to say he took a dive you are a goose.
    id like to see a rematch but with shane more time to prep, kimbo will be snooring.

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