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Monday, 01/21/2013, 09:15 am

VIDEO | Khabib Calls Out Nate Diaz Following Vicious Stoppage Of Tavares | UFC NEWS

Undefeated UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov spoiled the fun for the Brazilian crowd when he violently KO’d Thiago Tavares at UFC on FX 7. Khabib spoke with UFC Tonight correspondent Heidi Androl after his amazing performance and made sure the UFC lightweight division knows he’s a force to be reckoned with.


9 Responses to “VIDEO | Khabib Calls Out Nate Diaz Following Vicious Stoppage Of Tavares | UFC NEWS”

  1. Todd says:

    whats up all the videos saying not available in my country now! this is my favorite site for my mma news and videos always worked before??

  2. Gio says:

    What is it with everyone calling this guy Russian. He is Chechen, from north Caucasus. Big Difference. God people can be so ignorant sometimes.

    • Mike says:

      He is ethnically from Dagestan, but he is a Russian citizen and was born in Republic of Dagestan, USSR (now Russia). He has a Russian passport, speaks Russian and has Russian birth certificate. So yes, ethnically, he is not pure Russian (then again many in Russia are not) but the same thing can be said about a Japanese person being born in USA, ethnically, he is oriental but born in USA.

  3. thebiz says:

    he will destroy diaz, kinda like rory “god of homos” macdonalds did.

  4. Andrew says:

    Wtf come on! C’ant see this video in Canada?!?!?!?!

  5. Igor says:

    Gio you are the ignorant one…first off he isn’t Chechen, he is from Dagestan and saying someone from Dagestan is not Russia is like saying someone from Texas is not America. Can you see the irony of calling other people ignorant when in really you are the retard? Open a book before you speak next time you mental midget. Mike if someone from Dagestan is not “ethnically Russian” than who is ethnically Russian….Dagestan is in southern Russia….by your definition the only “ethnic Russian” are people from 14th century Muskovy, Russia is a complex country with a complex history….you are much less dumb than Gio so I will give you break, but I recommend you look into the history of Russia further.

  6. surkhay says:

    I’m from Dagestan, and i’m telling we’re not fucking Russians,we have our own language and even had a war with Russia in 19centuary ended up loosing and become part of Russia.

  7. Must says:

    Nate Diaz fight-go guy you called!
    Habib luck in winning the next!

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