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Wednesday, 06/27/2012, 09:14 am

VIDEO | Kevin James UFC movie 'Here Comes The Boom' (Trailer) | UFC NEWS

Longtime UFC fan Kevin James has a movie coming out about the UFC and his take on cage fighting.


40 Responses to “VIDEO | Kevin James UFC movie 'Here Comes The Boom' (Trailer) | UFC NEWS”

  1. Azusa says:

    Awesome! Kevin James is the man! Why is Mayhem Miller in this movie? LOL. Only thing it is lacking is legit UFC fighters

  2. rondo says:

    Kevin James is hillarious,gonna go to this for sure…Iknow its a little cheesy!

  3. Xaninho says:

    I gotta watch this one!

  4. m says:

    awesome. dude looks like he got in shape for this role

  5. cali says:

    Rich Franklin finally has a movie made about him ?

  6. Derpedy Derp says:

    Shit looks dumb.  Another unrealistic MMA movie that people will cream over.  I had high hopes for this since KJ is a "hardcore" fan, but the several shots in the preview showing how shoddy Amatuer MMA is is excessive.  The cans that KJ fights being some freak show, snarling and growling "bad asses"..  Soszynski jumping across the octagon for a superman punch..  Would it really be too hard to model the movie after someones actual experience?  Or at least come up with a story that's interesting?  We all know what's going to happen.  His fat ass will get in shape, learn how to fight, work his way up to the top, get the money to save the school, get the girl.. save the day hooray.  All while throwing in sitcom level jokes, and being overly dramatic about anything that's remotely serious.  Guarantee not one of his opponents will be humble or respectful.  They will all be shit eating "stone cold killers."  At least the plot in Warrior was decent.. It made some sense, and if they did it over a longer period of time it would have been realistic, but even then, their execution was ridiculous.  Example, the commentators were unrealistic in every way.  Even bush league commentators don't say the dumb shit that they were saying, and of all people, Bryan Callen.  What a disappointment, the guy actually watches some MMA, and is friends with Joe Rogan.. You would think he would be the type of person to say that it didn't make sense, but no.
    This movie is just another fucking romantic comedy where the "unlikely" protagonist comes to the rescue.  The biggest joke in this movie will be the way that MMA is displayed. 

    • Grumpycunt says:

      So you won’t be going to see it then?

    • Gumpycunt says:

      So you won’t be going then?

    • gurantee Kevin James would Kick the Shit out of DERP, i bet this movie willl be good says:

      Your a Faggot You wrote all that based on a little intro to a movie no one has heard of, plus who really cares nobody read all your shit ass comment, and it has Bas Rutten in it so it WILL be good. Faggot.

      • Derpedy Derp says:

        Nah, Kevin James is too busy playing the role of a weak man to step to me, my friend. See King of Queens, Hitch, Paul Blart, etc.
        Kidding aside, I wrote all that based on an “Intro” ? It’s a trailer… for the movie.. It is the used car salesman, (stay with me), trying to sell us the car (the movie.) In both situations we are the consumer, and this is their one and only best pitch. “Plus who really cares nobody read all your shit ass comment” Well, apparently you care, and apparently you read my comment as well.. so… there’s that.
        Bas Rutten is in it, so it will be good? That’s all you need and you’re sold? I guess that’s one thing to look forward to in this movie, a reference about livers from Bas.

        • Not You says:

          How about you write the most amazing MMA related movie script an cast all legit fighters? The you write an enthralling screen play and film it so perfectly that it jumps to life and really pulls the viewer into the experience? Then teach all the super legit fighters how to be A level actors to give your movie substance. The inform us all of this MMA epic when it is finished post production so we can all gather in awe of your genius.

        • Derpedy Derp says:

          Well if I did it in that order, the movie probably wouldn’t work. If I was hiring fighters to act, then I would want to teach them beforehand. But I wouldn’t hire fighters to act, because they are fighters, not actors. Even a fighter on screen “acting” as a fighter, is still using dialogue that isn’t his own and portraying a character that he isn’t. The value with consulting with fighters is to get a real first hand opinion on whether or not something is bull shit. Like Soszynski’s air jordan superman punch.

    • Not Disagreeing with you about some of the stuff in Warrior, but Still, i really liked that movie, one of my Favorites.

      • Derpedy Derp says:

        Well to be honest I did enjoy Warrior, and I appreciated the scale of the movie.. they didn’t half ass it as far as budget goes. And the story on paper was great, just wish they would have made it more realistic. Why not spend 5-10 minutes going into the mind of a fighter while he’s preparing to walk out? Him going through his MP3 player, trying to find that one song to get his mind right, narrating his thoughts to show how he keeps calm, and then the climax of walking out and performing. Instead it was, a guy going out to the cage, gorilla fucking someone and then immediately running out and not caring about anything.. tf is with that lol..

    • gouldx87 says:

      Yeah and im sure everyone in the world expects every boxing match to look like a rocky movie too right?

    • John Michael says:

      Thank you for the review, Captain Obvious.

  7. Derpedy Derp says:

    Shit looks dumb. Another unrealistic MMA movie that people will cream over. I had high hopes for this since KJ is a “hardcore” fan, but the several shots in the preview showing how shoddy Amatuer MMA is is excessive. The cans that KJ fights being some freak show, snarling and growling “bad asses”.. Soszynski jumping across the octagon for a superman punch.. Would it really be too hard to model the movie after someones actual experience? Or at least come up with a story that’s interesting? We all know what’s going to happen. His fat ass will get in shape, learn how to fight, work his way up to the top, get the money to save the school, get the girl.. save the day hooray. All while throwing in sitcom level jokes, and being overly dramatic about anything that’s remotely serious. Guarantee not one of his opponents will be humble or respectful. They will all be shit eating “stone cold killers.” At least the plot in Warrior was decent.. It made some sense, and if they did it over a longer period of time it would have been realistic, but even then, their execution was ridiculous. Example, the commentators were unrealistic in every way. Even bush league commentators don’t say the dumb shit that they were saying, and of all people, Bryan Callen. What a disappointment, the guy actually watches some MMA, and is friends with Joe Rogan.. You would think he would be the type of person to say that it didn’t make sense, but no.

    This movie is just another fucking romantic comedy where the “unlikely” protagonist comes to the rescue. The biggest joke in this movie will be the way that MMA is displayed.

  8. B-rad says:

    an unfortunite portrayal of MMA

  9. jbeamazing says:

    Im pretty sure kevin james can beat Mayhem Miller

  10. Wayne says:

    I have a feeling this movie won’t be showing in my hometown. Even if this is a comedy they have never shown any MMA inspired movie here. Never Back Down or Warrior… I guess its because this stupid hicktown i’m from loves boxing and not mma. eh screw it just head to the big city next door and watch it before i hit the titty bar.

    • Gabi says:

      Hahaha. I had to reread it before I posted my original comment. Lol. What town do you live in that is so small? Also it’s a Kevin James film so I’m pretty sure it will be everywhere because he is very well liked for his comedies. At first I was like wtf, what makes your hometown so important that it should be in all movies that involve combat sports? Lol. I had a tirade all written up. But I checked your post to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and I sae that I was way off. And totally misread the post Lol. But really how many screens are in your local theather and how many theathers all together? And what’s the population? Or is it that it’s just a religious town and they try to control everything by having members of the church everywhere so they control a lot of things, i.e. Mormons.

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