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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 04:02 pm

Video | Junior Dos Santos Vs Frank Mir Trailer | NickTheFace

By Lewis Mckeever:

He’s back. Youtube fan favourite Nicktheface has pumped out yet another exceptional piece of UFC propaganda, with his trailer for the upcoming heavyweight clash between Junior Dos Santos and Frank Mir.

The Pulp Fiction reference intertwined with Dos Santos’ segment was worthy of applause. If you weren’t already psyched up for UFC 146’s main attraction, I’m sure you are now.


26 Responses to “Video | Junior Dos Santos Vs Frank Mir Trailer | NickTheFace”

  1. Joseph says:

    This is just a Dos Santos UFC 146 trailer..

    • jim says:

      Agreed. Great trailer though…

    • Axeholes says:

      Nogueira actually almost beat Frank Mir, had he just kept pounding away at his head. He stunned Mir to the ground, did what I thought was going to be finishing ground and pound, and then for no logical reason Nog tries for the choke, and the rest is history.
      Had Nogueira stuck with the G & P, he very well could have won that fight.

      • Brian says:

        Because you have the credentials to critique a high-level mixed martial arts fighter. How do you know Big Nog wasn’t losing position and went for the next best thing? How do you know Frank wasn’t getting ready to do something and Big Nog transitioned to the choke. That’s right, you don’t :)

  2. jc says:

    not the biggest fan of this match up but fuck this is a sick trailer

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This guys makes better trailers than what Hollywood puts out.

  4. JuniorCIGANOOOO says:

    fucking SICK trailer
    and Frank Mir is gonna take a 10 minute NAP on the 26th

  5. ieatvag says:

    that brought tears of joy

  6. robert says:

    Have to agree with a lot of ppl I’m a mir fan but santos stand up is sick

  7. TJ says:

    Mir better take JDS to the ground with the quickness and keep him there or it’s nighty nighty time

  8. this fight sucks says:

    Why is this fight happening? Mir got molested by carwin and carwin couldn’t do a damn thing against dos santos. Styles make fights and this fight sucks. Not looking forward to this card at all now, I mean this is fighting so anything can happen, but this fight is one of those predictable fights with really only one outcome, mir getting knocked out

  9. sykoMMA says:

    Love the Pulp Fiction monologue

  10. Edger says:

    I’ve been watching nicktheface 2 on YouTube since the beginning! Hopefully he gets his chance on the big times

  11. Dick Diaz says:

    lol these constant matchup switches keeping nicktheface busy!

  12. Sr. stinson says:

    come on we all know how this fight will end, (ko, or tko) so please dana give him a real challenge thats if there is a real challenge for him, cuz i honestly believe no one can beat him right now not even jones who by the way is a real fagot for not go up to HW he is just a bully fighting smallers opponents.

  13. wishbone says:

    Frank Mir fights are always great

  14. Bjj BB says:

    I love, jds, cain, big nog, mark hunt ect, but i been watching mir from day1 and ive always been a fan, im going for mir even thow i love jds’s style of fighting.

  15. lclimber says:


  16. KIDD433 says:

    This is a bad ass trailer!Good job Nicktheface.

    Dos Santos is gona sotomize and retire MIR!

    Im honestly worried about MIRS SAFETY not kidding!

  17. Haters Hate shredders Dominate says:

    no one hurts juniors sugar daddy and gets away with it.

  18. Azusa says:

    The UFC should fire whoever they have and hire this guy! Great trailer!

  19. Ok.. says:

    This guy needs a job. It actually got me a little excited about this fight. Wow.

  20. mean170 says:

    Unless Frank Mir turns into Dominic Cruz against JDS it’s going to be a 1st Round K.O.

  21. Brend0magic says:

    Well, we know who nicktheface wants to win haha.

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