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Friday, 03/09/2012, 11:03 am

Video | Judo Gene LeBell: Rousey Breaking Jaws In Sparring / Would Eat Bruce Lee For Lunch

Judo Great, Martial Arts Legend, friend to Bruce Lee and the first ever American Mixed Martial Artist.

Gene LeBell is all of these things and he has also coached two generations of Rousey Judo champions.

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54 Responses to “Video | Judo Gene LeBell: Rousey Breaking Jaws In Sparring / Would Eat Bruce Lee For Lunch”

  1. Steven says:

    Eat Bruce Lee for lunch?? clearly the age is getting to him

    • Ly-er says:

      I think he’s still upset they consider ‘Bruce Lee the Godfather of MMA’ & not him! No matter what big respect on his Judo Legacy, but he will still be forever infamous for the ‘pink-gi’ in the marial arts world! Atleast he has that! LOL

      • lol .. no says:

        this rousey hype is getting stupid.. ppl actually think she can beat up guys in her weight class.. it is so stupid.. shes beating up little girls and now ppl think shes amazing..

        bruce lee would blind her with his speed alone.. plus if bruce were 20 today.. he would flourish with all the knowledge and advanced training we have today..

        this is just stupid.. rousey isnt beating up any guys .. gene is just a bitter old dickhead trying to ride his new meal ticket.. hes so desperate he has to disrespect a legend.. fuck him

    • danriverapv says:

      haha. seriously.

    • Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

      Eat his cock maybe!

    • damjan says:

      Hahaha, I was going to say the same thing.

    • Kev says:

      You are totally right Gene Lebell much like Joe lewis secretly hate Bruce Lee because of jealousy. Anyone that takes Gene Lebells word literal word for wird is a moron. Its all showmanship like in WWE what he says is fake and exaggerated to make people fantasize. BRUCE LEE would kill rhona maybe he would hold back because she is a girl, but if it were serious rhona wouldbt even hit Bruce lee. GENE can say whatever he wants about bruce now he cant answer back and kick his arse.. GENE Lebell has nothing but a choke that he plays on to be famous off the back of bruce… Also the bullshit withbsteven seagal… LOL when gene was confronted he did everything he could to avoid the question. He is a bullshitter with no class. A bitter old man… I understand his sjowmanship so i fibd it funny….. But its really pissibg me off that the retards take his words literally….. And even bother to make posts with the headline Rhonda would have bruce for breakfast lol. If Bruce was in his prime and entered MMA train MMA AND FOUGHT GSP wouldnt exist , he would easily destroy everone in his weight class.. In a street fight id put him against anyone… In an organised sport weight and size makes a huge difference..

  2. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:


  3. Mick says:

    this guys awesome

  4. JOSH says:

    Come on now.. This dude is talking crazy.


    OLD AND FULL OF SHITTT, she lucky she can finish dont mind bruce lee….1 dimensional all da way

    • how can you call her one dimensional just because she catches everyone in an arm bar in the first round? She hasnt had to do anything else, would we call someone he knocks people out with a right hook in the first round one dimensional?

      • Killer B says:

        I agree, I wouldn’t call her one dimensional at all. She just has extraordinary skills when it comes to Arm Bars. Would you call Cris Leben one dimensional because he is always knocking people out? But wait, I just watched Leben choke out Akiyama in a Triangle late in the 3rd round with 45 seconds left. Not one dimensional, but you do stick with what your are best at.

    • Kev says:

      Exactly it makes my blood boil there are retards that take his word literally. He is a bullshitter and he was hyping rhonda up in an interview before a fight. He looked straight down the camera pulled a stupid snarley face snd said the words “rhonda would eat bruce lee for breakfast” what frigging idiot would believe thst and not understand it was bullshit showmanship hype!!! Its these morons in the world i think that makes the world such a horrible place

  6. Gotta love Gene says:

    Awesome guy, how can you not like the old man who choked out Steven Seagal…LOL His opinion of Rousey is based on his association with her, of course he’ll say what he said, but it’s just like any proud teacher of their student, especially regarding a hypathetical question.

  7. Beaner says:

    Eat bruce lee for lunch my ass!!! He obviously hasn’t seen how fast and powerful Bruce Lees kicks are. She wouldn’t even know what hot her. If you think Silva vs belfort was a swift fast kick you have no idea what he do.

    • dj says:

      He was friends with Bruce, trained with him… he has seen his kicks. We never have, we have only heard stories, but if the stories are even half true, bruce would kill her. He is just an old fart tooting his horn now.

  8. dr.dr. says:

    eat bruce lee lol this guy is funny …

  9. King Chris says:

    Gene is a great guy and is just having fun with the interview. He is answering loosely for entertainment. In reality, he has been around and practiced more arts than anybody on here. Why are people making fun of him for his comments? Lighten up guys.

    • BJ S says:

      +10 Gene is a class act. I train under one of his blackbelts and had the honor of meeting him in person. This is “The Godfather of Grappling” people! Show some respect for a true legend of the sport!

  10. Nick says:

    He’s clearly crazy on the Bruce Lee thing. He had some good insight though.

  11. Steven Segal says:

    Yes he choked me out and made me shit my pants.. You can see Joe Rogan talk about it on YouTube..

  12. Killer B says:

    Has anyone ever seen Bruce Lee fight for real? We all think he is the greatest thing to happen to Martial Arts because of the legends, stories and movies we all grew up listening to and watching. But hey, JCVD is one bad ass in movies. Don’t know how bad he is in real life. Personally, I think Bruce is highly over rated. My opinion only all you heroes, don’t beat me up… I personally think he was extremely fast but his kicks were equally sloppy !!! He also had very little grappling or submission skills. Oh wait, he did that one weak ass arm bar in the opening scene of Enter the Dragon. Oh wait again, that was just a movie too….

    • lol .. no says:

      go kill yourself.. bruce trained in every combat skill.. he even studied and read about them in his free time.. he had his own fucking library filled with combat knowledge.. wrestling.. boxing.. fencing.. etc.. he studied and trained everything..

      you are a moron..

  13. jew jitsu says:

    All I know is tate has rouseys back
    That’s should be just embarrassing
    I mean come on guys tate had her back
    You really think she can beat even a decent guy ??
    No way !

  14. dante040 says:

    she may break a jaw in sparring, but during jer fight she complete.novice in striking and part in it

  15. jew jitsu says:

    Cyborg would have rousey in all kinds of trouble
    1st round tko

  16. Dick Diaz says:

    did anyone find this guy a bit corny on the i am bruce lee documentary where he was like ” you won’t like me when i’m mad because when i’m mad, i’ll choke you” wtf old people are wack!

  17. T-Dub says:

    I love Rousey as much as anyone, but she wouldn’t even see the punch that knocked her out from Bruce. Gene, bro, we know you’re a little old and bitter, but come on…

  18. jonsey says:

    most people dont know that gene was teh guy who taught bruce lee arm bars and grappling…bruce had no trainig in the jits or judo arts but from gene…they were actually frienddss and trained togethr….bruce was amazing fr his time,,,but he would not be a champ todays times,,,,he would be good at his weight 135 but he would not be champ..he armbaRS needed woprk if u saw pics in magazines and thats the vtruth…….but bruce was amazing for his time ..he was far far far ahead his time and the best for his time period and he was the god father of mma….he deserves all the credit..but his puches were not the heardest or fastest of all time at 135

    • Dillinger says:

      Good God you’re a moron. Most MMA fighters we watch today were born when Bruce Lee passed, so from the get-go your argument is retarded. And fancying the idea that maybe Bruce Lee was born 30-40 years later then he actually did, wouldn’t all the skill he had be transferred on? Wouldn’t modern Vale-Tudo organizations just make him BETTER? What are the logistics of this argument. As for his punches not being the hardest or the fastest for a 135.. Uhhh.. Ever heard of the one inch punch? Ever hear that the director of Bruce Lee’s movies sometimes had to slow down the film reel just so you can SEE his strikes? Of course not. And why only armbars? Why not triangles? or rear-naked chokes? There are more submissions then the armbar.

  19. jonsey says:

    and gene was more a king of mma cuz he actually fought in mma matches in the 60s and 70s bruce lee did not

  20. Me says:

    Yeah now everybody can take Bruce that he is dead… Talk about people that are still alive and let’s see how you do!!!!

  21. BJ S says:

    All you MMA babies kill me! Do you know who this guy is? He is a legend for our sport and even in his old age would probably handle most of you like small children and spank you till you tapped. “Judo” Gene is a great man and has done wonders for our sport. For god’s sake he is responsible for Gokor!

    • jonesy says:

      i know these guys are stuppid…gene waS THE firsty guy to actually have mma matches back in the day,,,he fought a boxer vs his judo…and also he wrestled a bear

  22. MARV3L0US says:

    lol did you say kung fu comier.. im pretty sure bruce lee trained jeet kune do and chinease boxing not kung fu lmao.

  23. Xaninho says:

    Poor old geezer has Alzheimer….

  24. Coffee409 says:

    Hahaha, that old man is crazy as shit!

  25. Come On Guys... says:

    You are obviously all kids and know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about how light-hearted Judo Gene is. He loves bruce and isnt taking any jabs at him. He has joked that way many times with stories and anecdotes about bruce while bruce was alive. I am amazed by how many took that seriously. This generation is full of idiots…

    • Kev says:

      Wow somebody on this planet that is not a conplete retard,, gene lebell is a bit of a sjowman but also a bit of a bitter prick… I understand like yourself it is all show driven nonsense, like WWE what he says is not fact and is often complete bullshit exaggerated.. And i took no offense cause i understood what he was doing when he said it.. But i am offended by the retards that believe it lol.. He is jealous of bruce. He even dropped the word midget in their directing at bruce.. But gene has said far too much, the stories (lies) about bruce and seagal are a step too far. Claiming he choked out seagal and seagal shit himself… That is demeaning… And beyond showmanship.. When confronted by ufc interview… Gene lebell done everything he could to avoid the question and would dare to admit it…. He even said avoided the question byvsaying we will let the ppl question and think what they think, avoiding a direct answr….. Because thats ehat libell does he makes ppl fantasize with bullshit stories….. But his stories are sick lies… He is jealous of bruce being callled father of mma. And jealous seagals recognition for teachkng anderson silva… Bitter old man

  26. banks says:

    Not idiots jus ppl who dont know things unless they are headlines or on mtv or southpark



  28. stupid randa should have a challenge of grappling or boxing against real men not old timers like gene or the guys she trains with
    so she can get her arm broken or knock the f up so she can stop talking shiiiiii!!!ttt!!!!

  29. Devilock says:

    Looking at the comments in this thread, I’d say that it indicates “mission accomplished” for Judo Gene Lebell.

  30. Big Show says:

    I´m sorry Gene but you are getting to old and nuts

  31. Kev says:

    He has slagged of bruce lee with lies and seagal. But lets look at facts. I have seen lebell fight the boxer. He clearly had trouble but managed to end the fight. And then stood on the fighter while he was unconscious on the floor… ( shows the honesty and respectfulness of the man) he also added lies claiming the boxer wore brass knuckles…. All lies to cover up how he got best up but managed to choke an untrain boxer out.. Lol he ever had trouble judo throeinh a untrained grappling boxer… Look at chael sonnen vs silva. The one that trash talks is inadequet… Sonnen and lebell belong in WWE like fake pussy brock lesnar….

    And more facts,,, all the best fighters in the world trained with and took lessons off Bruce lee. If bruce was not right up there would the waste their time….. Bruce lee was the real deal anyone that says theres no proof on record is a moron thst hates bruce lee,, simple… Because the best fighters around the world at the time all respectef bruce and took lesdons from him… Go figure… These ppl saw bruce in action first hand….

    And seagal. Ssme storie the greatest mma fighter of all time andersin silva is taking lessons from seagal. And has listen to him and done as he said every fight since.. Go figure….

    Also why dont you listen to other gene lebell less outrages comments he said in a more honest humble tone… “steven seagal is an incredible martial artists i got nothing but respect fir the guy”.
    About BRUCE LEE , ” He was incredible martial artist , i love him. He kicked me once and it was lucky he had size six sjoes and not size 14 like myself. Or i wouldve ended up in china.. He kick incredibally hard and was increfibally strong for his size.”

    Joe lewis another hater of bruce… Even admitted again in a humble tone ” Bruce could kick the crap out of a 300lb bag him and bob wall made him, to make fun of bruce. Because the first time he kicked it he fell over, and the garage roof collasped, But bruce was such a fast learner, (wuth a humble almost unwantly admitting this) withing a few months the garage was fixed and bruce asked me to come round and watch. And he was able to move and
    kick the crap out of this 300lb bag”. (this was said with a whole lot of respect, joe dropped his hateful ego for most of this interview)… Would trained mma heavyweight fighters cant kick the crap out of a 300lb bag today…….. Bruce was 5″7-5″8 and was sble to do this in a short period of a few months… He was dedicated, driven, and above all else one of the greatest minds and gifted spirits ever too live… As ppl put it. Bruce was always one step ahead.

    If bruce was alive today rhonda would be training with bruce lol not gene lebell… Bruce would have been worshipped by all the mma fighters and he probably couldve trained them and offered them insight to turn Mma fights even better.. Much like what seagal has done for silva… But i believe bruce couldve done it for the whole of mma ufc.. Things would be alot different…

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