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Wednesday, 08/01/2012, 02:23 am

Video | Josh Koscheck Hopes AKA 'Burns To The Ground' | UFC News

Josh Koscheck talks to Jon Fitch about how it is like to train at Dethrone for his first fight away from AKA. He also reveals that he hopes AKA burns to the ground with one person in it.


18 Responses to “Video | Josh Koscheck Hopes AKA 'Burns To The Ground' | UFC News”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Koscheck did himself good by getting away from Fitch and AKA

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Damn I have never liked Fitch because he is so damn boring and he exploits a horrible rule taht needs to be changed (STALLING) Boy Fitch either didn’t have his make up on or it was real early in morning cause that boy aint getten any better looking with age. Those monkey ears are definataly still growing. Fitch needs to move over to Koschecks gym and learn something other than lay n pray.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    Yeah Kos is dead on with Jav. i dont even know him, but from the few clips i have seem about Javier, i can tell that he is a selfish prick. Sure was a kickboxing champ, but he is suckling off the tit of these new, more disciplined fighters.
    Cain should get away from him too.
    Fitch can stay.

  4. brah you see Fitch says:

    in a different light in this video, under normal circumstances, with his kid and wife, and you see that he’s just like everybody else in this world. A man trying to provide for his family–that’s it. I can respect that. Plus he’s a loyal friend to Kos, which is cool too.

  5. WHERE HAS THE COMMUNITY BUTTON GONE SMH??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Zulwali says:

    sounds like AKA coach sounds like he’s a douche. alot of people may not like Josh but i think he’s cool. Not because he’s a fighter or because of other shit. Just cause at the end of the day, i can relate to some of the stuff he’s done. Not being appreaciated by those who you cared for is just shit really. i wish Josh Koscheck with the best of luck. hopefully he can pull it together and come back stronger.

  7. A.James says:

    That’s cool the Kos and Fitch remain close. That’s loyalty at its finest.

  8. Xaninho says:

    Cockshag is really mad lol.

    Fitch is probably a nice guy outside the cage, but that doesn’t change the fact he ruins fightcards with his boring LnP style.

    My neighbour works at an office and he is a really nice guy, but I still don’t want to see him doing his deskjob on PPV. Which is equally as exciting as seeing Fitch fight.

  9. McCombski says:

    Kos said it right he has been the same dude his whole life if you watch him on tuf he is the same guy he is now. Keeping it real thats why i respect him. I hate fake people like JBJ !!!

  10. Eric says:

    i’ve trained at aka for a few years before, and even then, the person that does everything there is Bob Cook! Cook is also the man responsible for bringing together all the fighters that fight under AKA. The main guy that is training the pro fighters. The guy that goes to every fight, even his amateur guys as well.

    Bob should start his own gym without Javier. Javier is the just a owner of the name, and the guy that goes on TV holding pads. I swear, every time i was in the gym, it was another fighter, or Bob holding pads or doing instruction. When cameras came around, is when you see Javier actually do something.

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