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Monday, 01/14/2013, 05:14 am

VIDEO | Josh Barnett Says He Serves No Master | MMA NEWS

Will Barnett go to the UFC? He answers those questions and discusses his most recent victory last Saturday.


3 Responses to “VIDEO | Josh Barnett Says He Serves No Master | MMA NEWS”

  1. Larry says:

    lies, slave to the needle

  2. Jim says:

    Josh is a will make an outstanding asset to the UFC heavyweight division. However I don’t feel that he will be a number one or two contender at this point in time. His best fight days are in the past. Plus he has been through some really big wars. Here at Tenbears Martial Arts Academy in Dayton Ohio believe in our fighters longevity an do not support any performance enhancing drugs. martial arts in dayton ohio

  3. Chaz says:

    Based on his post-fight/exit interview, he’s obviously auditioning for professional wrestling. Not much use for him in WWE, but could see Impact making a run for him, esp with King Mo already over there.

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