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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 09:02 am

VIDEO | Jones vs. Sonnen Hype Preview | UFC NEWS

Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen was announced just yesterday for not only an April 17 showdown but also as opposing coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter” season 17.

This hype video came out almost two weeks before the bout was announced, check it out:


9 Responses to “VIDEO | Jones vs. Sonnen Hype Preview | UFC NEWS”

  1. filharmonic says:

    I’m rootin for Chael! He can be a lil obnoxious, but really, he seems like a kool kat.

  2. K2 says:

    WTF? NOW the LHW Chump wants to fight Phael? What a fucking joke. I hope nobody buys the card so that JbJ doesn’t make the millions he thought he wasn’t gonna make on the first fight.

  3. Steven Diahy says:

    Can’t believe that he got to coach the show and is going to fight for the title just by talking smack. smh

  4. HOISIN SAUCE says:

    Looks like I have a chance for a tittle shot since Chael “The Mouth” Sonnen used his dick sucking lips to squeeze into a tittle shot. I wonder how many times Chael had to suck off Dana to make this fight happen? UFC is a joke now. Let’s get Pride FC back where you gotta earn your way up for your own pride.

  5. drew says:

    this fight is gonna be sick anybody who thinks he doesnt deserve get over yourself and ur opinion ur not chael ur not gon na fight the champion so in reality all this bitching whining complaining hating is not important enjoy the sport thts that

  6. Rich says:

    Wow still so dissapointed with the UFC and Dana White giving this scrub a chance! Zuffa has the money make Jones and Silva go at it and pay them what boxers are getting. Or there is so many other fighters that you could put up against Jones and draw big numbers….oh wait next will see Dana White creating a royal rumble in the UFC.

  7. spliffielefthook says:

    What happened to Dan Henderson? Everyone forgot about him? Chael needs to prove himself first in the LHW division, fight some guys there. It’s all about the money isn’t Dana

  8. JustAFan says:

    All of you that are complaining about Sonnen getting a shot need to STFU! There have been plenty of fights made, title fights even, that made no sense what so ever. Its a fucking fight. Who the hell cares who deserves this, and who deserves that. If you havent learned by now, the UFC cares about what fans want, and what makes the most MONEY. Plenty of fans want to see Jones kill Sonnen, and plenty of fans want to see Sonnen do the same. Im not a Sonnen fans whatsoever, but the dude can scrap. He knows how to sell a fight, and he knows exactly what the UFC wants. Thats why hes a top5 draw. Sonnen isnt as polarizing as Lesnar was, but the fact is, many of you bought ppvs to see Lesnar lose, just like many of tou will buy the Sonnen v Jones ppv just to see Sonnen lose. GET OVER IT. And for those of you who keep saying ” bring back Pride” or ” i miss the pride days”, you obviously have forgotten about all the ridiculous fights they put on that made no sense. You must be forgetting about all the Fedor fights where they threw him in with some no name giant. Or Cro Cop fighting a fucking professional wrestler with a damn mask. ITS A FIGHT. QUIT WHINING

  9. Seedy says:


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