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Thursday, 10/13/2011, 06:10 am

VIDEO: Jones vs. Machida is a dream fight says White


11 Responses to “VIDEO: Jones vs. Machida is a dream fight says White”

  1. Rusk says:

    Lol dream fight, I’m not even convinced that’s its going to be a good fight let alone a dream fight

  2. Kevin says:

    A dream fight I dont think that Machada will be able to hurt Jones; muchless win the fight every fight have been a cake walk for Jones the only reason that Shogun fight went 3 rounds is because Jones wanted it to. for incase he did have to go more rounds.

  3. JGrenke says:

    It’s often unbearable to see how naive people are, especially in regards to fighters and fights.

    . . . also, spelling.

  4. chris says:

    are you joking rusk? lyoto machida is a beast and has had a fire lit under his ass since the shogun loss. im calling machida to win by knockout/tko/analviolation

  5. Napalm Voyance Haze says:

    @Kevin-he cant hurt jones?he almost knocked out QR Jackson.

  6. Lord Cande says:

    Not Only Did Machida Almost Knocked out Rampage wich that fight he got screwed over, but he knocked out randy with a beautiful karate kid style front kick and he knocked out {Chiken **** Rashad Evans} who soposely is the only one who can beat jones…NA…READ ONE ARTICLE OF RASHAD AND SAW 3 INTERVIEWS stating Rashads RELIEF Over Dana Whites desicion on Jone Jones vs Machida, AND!!! he said before that desicion that he dosent want to “Wait” for jones to get better with his injury AND HE SOUNDED MAD RELIEFED WHAT THE F IS THAT!!! and wants to keep fighting other ppl…JONES IS READY ,RASHAD SCARED ….HE KNOWS HE CANT BEAT JONES!!! YOUR STUPID IF YOU THINK OTHER WISE!!! LOL

  7. Dream matchup..BULLSHITSKI! Dana just trying to throw someone in there that might compete w Bones! IF Machida wins.. SHOGUN will be back on top or HENDO! Dana trying to pump this up..whoopie!

  8. JGrenke says:

    Imagine the pounding your speakers would take if all these comments were audio clips. Then imagine all the caps lock comments were yelled at you.

    Then imagine how stupid you’d feel when you heard the words “bullshitski” and “whoopie!”. Then imagine trying to pronounce “RELIEFED” and “Machada”!

    And “analviolation”? . . . come on now. You’re better than that . . . one hopes.

  9. Jc says:

    This is not a dream match up, itll just be 5 rounds of backing up both will be scared to engage. dana white talks about putting on big main events for the fans what about the england card….munoz v leban wtf man that dosent even deserve to be a co main event it should b the thrid fight down. evans v jones that would be a dream matchup if jones would stop ducking him

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