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Tuesday, 09/18/2012, 09:57 am

VIDEO | Jones vs. Belfort Hype: Is This The Best Fight Preview Ever? | UFC NEWS

UFC president Dana White just put out this pre-fight hype video through his twitter account and I must admit, I dig it.

Check it out for yourself and sound off in the comments section below.

Is this the best hype video ever created???


9 Responses to “VIDEO | Jones vs. Belfort Hype: Is This The Best Fight Preview Ever? | UFC NEWS”

  1. m says:

    SNATCH!! well done sir.

  2. sidekix says:

    That movie is sooooo awesome

  3. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. Can’t wait for the actual fight.

  4. bigfan says:

    All the best trailers are done by NickTheFace on youtube. UFC can’t hold a candle to him

    • learntoread says:

      You’d think Zuffa would be smart enough to hire the guy already.

      They must be pretty damn loyal to whomever their current trailer editor is, ’cause NickTheFace does fantastic work, every time.

  5. Neal says:

    I love Snatch, but that one sucked compared to this one:

  6. OldFitGuy says:

    Not interested in this fight at all…but the clip was awesome.

  7. yeahrightman says:

    aLol. They have left out a fair bit of the story. They already found someone but he was too scared to fight then chose someone easier. Joke of a main event, bisping stann should be the main event

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