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Monday, 04/16/2012, 11:31 am

VIDEO | Jones & Evans Go Head To Head In FUEL TV's Counterpunch (Part 2)

The war of words continues in Part 2 of “Counterpunch: Jones vs Evans” with UFC Ultimate Insider host Jon Anik. Were they really friends to begin with? Who’s the rightful UFC light heavyweight champ? Will Bones really skip to Suga’s lou? You be the judge.

Rashad Evans: There’s a part of me that will always go for Jon. Every single fight that he has been in, I have always rooted for Jon. Always rooted for him… I want him to win. I just say what I say about him being fake, because Jon is not the person he says he is, or tries to pretend that he is to be. He’s setting himself up for a fall that I don’t think he can take right now.

Jon Jones: I do feel as if it was Rashad’s image, and it kind-of got thrown at me. It’s like a “You know I’m not the baddest guy, Jon’s a bad guy too” type of thing…

Jon Jones: …And then you’ve got a guy like me, I treat people with the utmost amount respect, and that’s a big part of who I am. As an athlete, yeah, I have a chip on my shoulder. There’s 2 completely different people. Jon Jones is a great person. I say that about myself, but Bones Jones, he’s a little high on himself. And I should be, cause that’s why I compete on the level I compete at, and I train and beliveve that way.

Jon Jones: I have no sympathies for Rashad whatsoever. I remember you leaving Greg Jackson’s and said that “I need a team that focuses on me. I need something based around me”. And now you created the Blackzilians. I say it all the time. There’s no I in team, there’s no I in Jackson’s, but there’s I in Blackzilians. So I really look at you as fake. I look at you as arrogant. I look at you as selfish. I look at you as self-centered. And I think your biggest thing is to try and reflect it off me, and make it seem like I’m everything you’re feeling inside your heart… The proof is in your lifestyle Rashad. You’re loyal to no one but yourself.

Rashad Evans: That’s the funny thing about it, and that’s the part that you’re immature and young. I would never have fought you. In a million years I would never have fought you. I was going to fight at 185. I would only do ‘dream match ups’. I was only going to help you become a champion —

Jon Jones: That’s not true.

Rashad Evans:
I would never ever have fought you!

Jon Jones: That’s not true Rashad.

Rashad Evans:
….When you got offered that title shot, and I told you to take it, Jon, I knew you were going to win. I wanted you to win, and I would never, ever, ever have fought you.

Jon Jones: That’s when it really got started. That’s when you said “Okay, it’s official. Jon kinda called me out.”

Rashad Evans:
Truth to the matter is, you did want to fight me, and now we’re fighting, that’s the bottom line.

Jon Jones: Why would I want to fight you, when I’m the champ? You, want to fight me.


28 Responses to “VIDEO | Jones & Evans Go Head To Head In FUEL TV's Counterpunch (Part 2)”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Damn, Rashad is bitter as hell! I can’t help but think it’s gonna work against him next weekend.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Yep, I don’t know how Rashad is going to keep his cool going into this fight. Fighting with a lot of emotion can be good and bad but in this case against a guy like Jones it wont be good. I think Rashad is going to have to have a good gameplan and in order to follow a gameplan he’s got to keep his cool the whole fight.

  2. James Toth says:

    Jon Jones is in love with himself, I can’t stand him, I wish Reshad would win, but he won’t. Bones will KO or submit him and fuel his massive ego even more.

    • Team buffalo says:

      It’s not gonna happen homie. War Rashad!!!!

    • Reality says:

      Possibly TKO but I don’t see KO (from what we’ver seen so far) … I’m going for Rashad though. He has a chance and I think people are counting him out. In that situation I think Jones went about things the wrong way and acts oblivious to what he did. I like Jones, but prefer Rashad over him in this particular situation. Looks like Jones got the best of that conversation though with those last words. We shall see what happens…

  3. Nando says:

    Jones got him at the end oooooohhh

  4. dynomania says:

    The only thing I don’t like about Jon is that he doesn’t own his cockiness. He keeps saying he’s not cocky, but that “Bones” is cocky. Come on man, pick something and stick to it. You can be a cocky fighter and a good guy all at the same time. Just maintain what you say in the media. And stop trying to use big words. Looking foolish sometimes. He’s young & still growing up. He wasn’t ready for the spotlight.

    • Rah says:

      You know, I actually quite like that. The killer instinct you need to win a fight will obviously get you nowhere in real life. Apart from in a hospital, a jail or cemetery… The fact that he separates his fighting identity and his normal world identity sort of seems to make sense to me. Feel free to disagree, but in my opinion that’s a better way to succeed as a fighter and a better way to not make MMA look like a bunch of blood thirsty trailer park brawlers…
      If its genuine, I don’t know of course… But I like the idea

  5. Qd says:

    Black on black crime

  6. James Troy says:

    rashad is real in this vid. not the hyped up smack talker he is against rashad and shit. there is some genuine dislike here between both of them.

    beneath rashads “i have to force myself to hate someone to fight them” image (kinda like nick diaz) he poses is a decent guy and i respect him. jones is one of the most humble and down to earth guys in the sport. not cocky, not insulting no trash talk. a true gentlemen and role model.

    i like both these guys and this fight is veryinteresting. i hope no matter who wins they can put their shit behind them and be friends again. but atthe same time i also feel like one fight will not end it, and we may need 2 or 3 lol.

  7. pthance says:

    It always seems as though Jones is incapable of looking Rashad in the eyes till Rashad makes him look stupid. I smell fear and blood. Rashad has this one.

  8. Ghood Times says:

    Jones is the truth. God bless him, keep him strong. People are stupid and need to get real.

  9. alan D says:

    fair play to Jones, Rashad’s “you’re arrogant” crap isn’t washing anymore. i’ve never been one to buy into the usual pre-fight bullshit and i find it laughable that Rashad says he’s not the champ until jones beats him. good retort from Jones listing the people he beat to make him the champ. Rashad had nothing to say to that………….imo Rashad has had nothing to say (of any substance) from the beginning. a BS rivalry totally inside Rashad’s head, jones comes across as if he isn’t bothered at all by it which surely would be a better mindset to have of the two, no???

  10. toneloc24 says:

    Look at Jon get really uncomfortable when rashad says he’s fake and setting his self up for a fall that he isn’t ready for. It hit Jon in the heart u can see in his face he knows it the truth. Jon is really uncomfortable around rashad cause he knows that rashad knows the real Jon Jones. Jon is tryn to lie to his self and make his self believe the stuff he’s saying and u can tell rashad is really getting to him at one point I thought he was gunna start crying lol. I can’t wait for rashad to work this clown over

  11. JangoBlast says:

    Jon Jones did make some valid points about Rashad last couple of fights but Jones is wayy too cocky for his own good and if Rashad doesn’t beat him then who is there left for him to fight. Man this is going to be a hard fight for the both of them.

  12. ivannnnnnnnn says:

    jones is cocky droppin machida and walkin away like that and he also flipped rampage over after the bell buzzed smh

    • Rah says:

      True dat homeboy, he should have hugged Rampage after that takedown attempt at the buzzer and he should have done mouth to mouth on Machida and kissed him on his forehead… How dare he punch someone in the face and choke people out and not be your perfect, gentle gay lover! He must be an arrogant twat.
      Fighters are just not the same man.

  13. Q says:

    Can’t even lie rashad got owned

    • Rah says:

      Yeah he did in the last 20 seconds, but I thought I saw some very real insecurity in Jones’ eyes before that in the interview. Rashid is in his head in my opinion. Very interested to see this fight. I was 100% convinced Jon would win before I saw this. But he’s so emotionally involved now, intrigued to see how he’s gonna handle that

    • Donnybrook says:

      Yes he did, same thing is going to happen when they fight.

  14. Rah says:

    “that’s where you are immature, and you are young. I wouldn’t ever fight you”
    Good work Rashad haha. That’s like saying “I’m an adult, you’re not. TAG, YOU’RE IT, you started it, na-na-na-naaaaa”
    I see TWO immature guys, despite it being ‘cool’ to dislike Jones, I hope he will bury this guy :-)

  15. Mike McMack says:

    Rashad is just straight bitter cause Jones has everything in his career that Rashad wanted for himself. Rashad at 185 would have been a great fit too but why go through the torture of cutting all that weight when you don’t have a reason to drop down like avoiding a fight with a training partner.

  16. Dick Diaz says:

    can’t wait!

  17. ckerr says:

    jones has the nastiest ground n pound period hes a way better striker then rashad unless rashad can some how manhandle jones i see it a long night for rashad …maybe another elbow to the eye socket ie brandon vera fight

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