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Monday, 09/10/2012, 11:41 am

VIDEO | Jon Jones: Vitor Belfort is not as versatile as I am | UFC NEWS

“Me and Vitor Belfort are from different generations of fighting. I really believe that in my short career, I’ve already fought a lot tougher opponents than he has. I feel like I’ve had more championship caliber fights than he has. I’m ready. I’m just really excited to fight Vitor Belfort, mainly because he’s a southpaw. The last time I fought a southpaw was Lyoto (Machida) and I got punched pretty good. I’m really anxious to do a better job against another dangerous southpaw and to look better than what I looked before against Lyoto.

He’s a boxer/jiu-jitsu fighter. His versatility is not as good as mine. Where he lacks versatility he does have experience and physical strength. He’s a winner, I’m a winner. He’s a dominant guy, I believe that I dominated my competition. It’s going to be a magnificent display of mixed martial arts.”

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones says his UFC 152 opponent Vitor Belfort lacks versatility, but is a proven winner. Watch UFC 152 to witness what Jones says will be a “magnificent display of martial arts.”


26 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones: Vitor Belfort is not as versatile as I am | UFC NEWS”

  1. The master says:

    You shall die jones.. You shall be horribly dominated and knocked unconcious… The end of your championship run is over!!

  2. amber trichome says:

    jbj is so full of himself. it is beyond strong self confidence and competitiveness. rashad and rampage both said it best, ‘cocky’.
    when vitor connects with jbj jaw, it’ll be game over for the kid, and another belt for the brazilians.

  3. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Least his opinion was respectful this time around. Not that I completely agree and Vitor is a beast. It’ll def. be an interesting one, hopefully Belfot can put it away early because honestly I think the longer the fight goes on the less chance he has. Could be wrong, we’ll see.

  4. Shonan says:

    Even the pre fight comments get dogged. He didn’t say anything that any other fighter would not have said. He’s not so much full of himself, but he is good. He has proven that. I could understand him not being able to have these comments if he had only fought tin cans his whole career. I feel like there is more bandwagon hating of JBJ than legitimate issues. So he isn’t as humble as some other champion. So f***in what? Different attitudes, different people. For f**KS sake people. Lets stop being so d**n sensitive about a FIGHTERS words.

    • Yeahrightman says:

      I like trash talk and cockiness as much as anyone. Bisping is arrogant as shit and he’s one of my favorite guys to hear what he has to say. But there is something about the way jones does it that is just painful to watch.

      • Shonan says:

        I’m gonna go with the fact he isn’t as skilled at trash talking as he is fighting. There isn’t enough conviction in his delivery. Chael is full of shite, but he sounds like he means all of what he says.

      • Majestyk says:

        @Yeahrightman…I agree 100%. I think what makes JBJ’s comments so irritating, is that they lack ANY originality, creativity, or wit whatsoever. It’s harder to be annoyed by Chael’s comments because his creative trash talk keeps us laughing. Bisping, also a well-spoken guy, has a more tolerable delivery than JBJ because he’s witty and comes across as genuine. JBJ’s matter-of-fact, passionless, robotic delivery doesn’t sit well with me.

    • Sugar Ponybear says:

      It’s because Jon Jones hyped himself as a humble and respectful person. He went from being a self proclaimed ‘inspiration’, to drunk driving, to being an arrogant douchy jack ass who’s way to fuckin’ full of himself. When someone like Chael talks shit, it’s expected. Long story short (cause I don’t feel like re-typing it), he’s fake. Like people and Rashad have been saying. A lot of the reasons people respected him in the first place (including myself) proved to be a fallacy. Do I respect his fighting, mostly. Do I respect his attitude, no. Do I respect who he is, no. Good fighter or not, I can’t bring myself to respect him. You can call me sensitive, but respect is a big part of this game. If the man can not represent himself to the standards he sets for himself, if a man can not properly represent his company and sponser, than he is not a respectable man. Specially when he claims to be so. UFC went out on a limb by sponsering him…and this is how he handles it…bravo, what a great champ you got there. What a fuckin’ inspiration. I applaud with a standing ovation to this douche.

  5. Jimbo says:

    @Shonan, brilliantly put !

  6. hooks all day! says:

    Vitors got a chance! its mma…and anything can happen.

  7. Keith says:

    Say this a lot but I think Jones is just another unemployed wrestler who picked up some striking skills. That and his huge reach. If his reach is taken away from him he will be beaten. I seriously think once he loses in convincing fashion i.e. a submission or gruesome knockout he will be cut. After the UFC 151 debacle and his disconnect with the fans, I think he will get a pink slip. He’s not a true heel like Tito Ortiz. He’s not a fan favorite like Griffin. He’s not even a tweener like Silva. He has no personality, I think fans don’t like him period. And if he loses and gets cut it will be long time before he comes back to the UFC.

    • JP says:

      Right? put him in the weightclass he really should be in.. with his superlong length and he’s average. He’s just a douchebag taking advantage of the weight class.

      • Shonan says:

        Why not pit ALL of the UFC fighters in the class the belong in? Its all about cutting down to where you feel you are most effective. So he wrecks a few heads at 205. Why move up? Tito, Chuck, none of those guys moved up. The one I can recall without the aid of reference is Alistair Overeem. He was lanky at lhw, then went to beating up peoples kids a heavyweight. Oh well.

  8. Johnny Ringo says:

    He looks like he is either trying to copy Kimbo Slice and grow that beard or hes becoming omish?

  9. Shadleigh says:

    Once Jones goes up to heavyweight he will get a dose of reality. He will not just be walking through and dismantling people with such ease like he is now. His reach is one of the main reasons he is so successful. There are heavyweights who have like 80 & 81 inch reaches, which is close to JBJ. There’s Struve who has the same as Jones I believe. Then on top of longer reaches the heavyweights aren’t gonna get tossed around by Jones like the light heavies. I can’t wait for someone like Overeem, JDS or Cain to shut Jones fu*king mouth!!!

  10. sidekix says:

    So much hate on Jones…

  11. Bjj BB says:

    Its funny how every fighter talks about how they match up with there next opponent, some talk shit and others might slap some funny shit in there (sonnen) but none of them are called the things jbj is called. Why is that? It was not disrespectful at all to vitor, so it all comes down to him hitting a tree and not taking a fight, lets get over that and get it str8! Just cause your champ, that does not mean you have to be perfect, ima huge bj penn fan and im not a fan of sonnen but if they drive drunk and turned down a fight i really wouldent care at all cause i dont know of them in a personal way, i only know them for fighting and thats it, so let them choose for them selves about what is best for them and stop your F-UCKING CRYING ALREADY!!

    • Majestyk says:

      @ bjj BB…. I thought you were banned from this site. What are you doing back? It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t have a problem with people who drive drunk. You state that the reason is that you “don’t know them in a personal way” (I think you meant to say “don’t know them personally”). Maybe it would become personal if a drunk drive ran over your sister or mother, you mindless clown.

  12. Allen Patingan says:


    Whatever you say chump! Still not buying that PPV no matter how hard you sell it..


  13. Kingron84 says:

    Jones does realize whether win or lose Belfort has fought Prime versions of Randy, Tito, henderson, Sakruaba, Silva, Silva, Overeem twice right?

  14. Deebolt says:

    This is what Vitor should do, rush JBJ and don’t stop punching, don’t let him think, don’t let him breathe don’t even let him run away just beat the shit out of him. JBJ is susceptible to pressure I can see it in him, hes a chicken at heart and if someone roughs him up early on he will come out worse for wear.

  15. MMAGUY says:

    JBJ may be right about Vitor’s versatility, but then again Vitor is about knocking guys out. He was also a true champ that didn’t turn away fights, not a pick and choose champ. Shame that JBJ can fight Vitor (who is a worth opponent, but was afraid to fight Soonen who would have been a worthy opponent as well). Neither is in the top 5 or 10 in the LWD but they both go in to fight, & have fought for tittles. Guess Jones is a fair weather champ!

  16. Xaninho says:

    He’s confusing versatility with having freakishly long mutant limbs.

    Dude looks like a character for the Avengers sequel.

  17. Bjj BB says:

    @ majestyk! Im sorry but did jbj bang any1? No stupid! Theres a difference from it happening and you saying it could of happened dumbass!! And i never got band from this site, and btw stop using my screen name you f-ucking faggot! God your stupid to say anything about any1 getting banged when jbj hit a f-ucking dumbass!

  18. Machida>JBJ says:

    After JBJ loses, kick him out of the ufc.

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