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Saturday, 09/03/2011, 07:35 am

VIDEO: Jon Jones UFC 135 Pre-Fight Interview


43 Responses to “VIDEO: Jon Jones UFC 135 Pre-Fight Interview”

  1. cole knight says:

    No need to watch this i already know hes a punk bitch go RAMPAGE!

  2. Tomx2424 says:

    Jones is a beast but I can’t stand his ass now. Dude done got a real big head lately and I’m hoping rampage lands one of them bungalows on it!

  3. TG says:

    Ya know, not liking a person has nothing to do with if they will win the fight or not. Jon Jones is clearly the better athlete and probably the better fighter. A few years ago, they bood Anderson Silva. They said his fights were boring, and he was arrogant too. Now who can stop him? By the way, if you go back and look at those fights, its clear that he wasnt the problem, his opponents were and he was just toying with them. What was he suppose to do, Let them punch him?
    Jones is the future of MMA. Hate him or love him.

  4. SPASE says:

    It’s going to be nice to see Rampage beat him up. And this video is so ridiculous; can you make it any more dramatic than it really is? Does anyone out there agree?

    • Calvin says:

      agreed whats up with the dramatic music haha and jon jones tries to talk so professional it kinda comes off as douchebag

      • henry Kobasky says:

        How is talking “so professional” coming off as “douchebag”? Jones is confident, but very low-key. He makes no assertions other than to affirm his state of preparedness and focus. His comments introspective and well spoken. He is a great representative for MMA. Judging by your choice of the word “douchebag” to describe his attitude, your vocabulary is very limited. Maybe you simply didn’t understand what he was saying.

        • Cody Schumacher says:

          See what u just said u sound like a douchebag lol

        • henry Kobasky says:

          That’s because you are an uneducated, illiterate, inarticulate, brainless failure, who, like your friend Calvin, cannot relate to, or understand any form of communication above a Junior High School level. That’s why educated, articulate fighters like Jones (or Sonnen)are not embraced by ignorant fans like yourself. Less intelligent people cannot relate to what they say, so they lash out with comments like “douchebag”? I’m sure you or some other cretin will respond to this with more put-downs. That’s to be expected…It will just prove my point.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          henry Kobasky nobody cares about your internet rants.

        • cole knight says:

          Henry how many times you have to look up those words that I leanred in junior high to know how to use them shut the fuck up you mongaloid!

        • zack says:

          ya henry you are a douche bag. you hinted to be a fan of chael sonnen. that right theres tells me everything i need to know

  5. chris says:

    haters can hate, jones is gonna run through rampage …we’ll see whos got jokes when the fights over

  6. Roy says:

    Anything can happen in MMA. How many times have we been shocked by an outcome.

  7. Mrivera says:

    Frankenstein Jackson can not keep up with the pace of Jon Jones, expect a lot of knees and clinching

  8. Calvin says:

    id really like to see machida vs jones that would be a great matchup

  9. Cody Schumacher says:

    Jones might win but I’m behind page all the way come on dude knock him out

  10. Hawaiian says:

    Fans like BJ, not only because he brings it, also that he is “pono” when he is outside the Octagon. From what I’ve seen, Jones is the same way. WHY IS RAMPAGE HELD IN THAT SAME REGARD WHEN HE IS A D BAG OUTSIDE OF THE OCTAGON?

    • Tomx2424 says:

      I guess didn’t hear about the little kid that asked jones to sign his replica belt and jones told him he wouldnt sign a replica belt because he thinks the kid should go earn a real one. That’s the worst kid of d-bag.. just sign the kids belt and give him something that he will remember forever ya big headed snob

      • Cody Schumacher says:

        Yeah don’t mention bj and Jones in the same context ur not a champion until u actually defend the thing so let’s see what happens u can literally see in Jones face in mannerisms he’s a self righteousness prick and I’ve met page and he seemed genuinely like a nice down to earth guy

        • henry Kobasky says:

          Did Jon Jones steal your girlfriend? Since when can “self righteousness” be detected in someone’s “mannerisms”? Self-righteousness has to do with MORAL superiority. Jones doesn’t convey this at all. He doesn’t even say that he is the best Light Heavy Weight ever (even though he is). Next time, use a dictionary, before you include 4-syllable words in your way-off-base comments.

        • Cody Schumacher says:

          Look up the definition of self righteousness basically means smug and in my humble personal opinion that’s how he acts so quit playing English teacher and its just a saying ur not a true champ until u defend it y do people take shit so literally round damn

        • Hawaiian says:

          And, being “pono” has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a UFC champion.

          Have you ever heard “to be a champion, you have to beat a champion?” Contradicts “you’re not a champion until you defend your title.” You’re a champion when you win a championship competition, period. Only ONE PERSON can hold any particular belt at once. Jones is the current champion. Rampage is a former champion. That is reality.

  11. Xaninho says:

    “I beat Shogun” You beat Shogun after knee surgery and wearing a spare tire around his waist! Try to beat Shogun in good shape you cocky asshat!

    Rampage please knock him out! AAh-Wooooooooooo!

  12. Jon Jones says:

    I gotta say, that Jon Jones is one badass dude.

  13. Night-Wind says:

    Shogun was ok, he already said that so no need to talk about knee surgeries or what so ever.

    • Xaninho says:

      You did watch that fight right? So you could clearly see Shogun wasn’t in shape at all. Sure his knee was probably ok, but his conditioning wasn’t. Shogun was in much better shape in his fight against Griffin and we all saw what he did to him.

      I’m not saying Jones is a chump, cause the boy clearly got skills. But he hasn’t proved himself against top notch competition (in shape) yet.

  14. I want to see Rampage win this, but it’ll be difficult. Jones’s hgt n reach is outrageous. If page uses his TDD and keeps it standing theres a big chance of victory! Just get one good punch on that chin would make my night..knock this punkass fool out Rampage.

    • BJPennrules says:

      Unfortunately Jones will take Rampage down as we all know then wrestle him for 5 rounds..maybe try to throw some elbows…Jones is not idiot enought to stand with Rampage for any amount of time…he will be knocked out if he tried.

  15. joshy says:

    some of you are so dumb. Its like you want him to go out there and say there is no way i can win a fight. I am just so lucky that i have won any fights to this point. Get over it. Your fantasy boy BJ is one of the most cockiest pricks in the sport and when he loses comes up with about 1000 excuses. Tito Ortiz jr. is what i call him. ok bye.

  16. rebel213 says:

    fuck jon jones !!!! nuf said………

  17. James Wolfe says:

    Jones is nothing but a class act and I have to say some of you people on here should really listen to what he has said and done, you don’t make any sense. This guy is low key, respectful of other fighters; he is not some kind of trash talker…He is confident and he should be. This is not a bad thing.

    Jones is the present and the future and he has proven how good he is and he will only get better. Stay calm, stay focused, and continue to improve. I am looking forward to watching this fighter for a long time. As for the haters, read a few books, educate yourselves a little. You come across as a bunch of uninformed idiots.

    • Cody Schumacher says:

      How come every time someone on this site disagrees with someone the person needs to read and get educated were talking about people fighting in a fucking cage not bio chemistry Jones isn’t bad for mma like saying Tyson was for boxing and its not a fluke he rubs alot of fans the wrong way he’s a good fighter but I don’t care what anyone says impressions u get over the tv he seems smug I don’t know him personally but imo he comes off as that guy in school that would say whatever he thinks people wanna here

    • Henry Kobasky says:

      The reason that Jones is on the receiving end of so much anger, is due to the sad reality that most MMA fans are not educated. His professional, well spoken, low key comments are mistakenly seen as “arrogant” by these cretins. Many fans are drawn to athletes that thet feel are “like them”. Rampage is popular, in part, because he appeals to the lowest common denominator: Wearing a big chain and howling at the ceiling. Now that’s something the average fan can ralate to! Listening to Jones articulate his thoughts makes many people feel uncomfortable, because it brings to light the fact that Jones is a lot more educated and refined than they are. That threatens them, so they attack him. Like him or not, they better get used to him……He’s going to be on top for a long time.

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