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Friday, 03/16/2012, 02:47 pm

VIDEO | Jon Jones Out To Defend Honor Of Team Jackson Against Evans

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon “Bones” Jones discusses what it means to beat Rashad Evans at UFC 145.

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45 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones Out To Defend Honor Of Team Jackson Against Evans”

  1. Diaz says:

    Jones is really scared from this fight, Rashad is inside his head, he will be KO from the first round as he try to jump into the game.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I can’t stand Jon Jones because he is so friggen cocky and in love with himself but I’m a realist and Rashad won’t last 2 rounds. Jones is going to lay down some serious hurt on Rashad. Rashad will have no choice but to drop to 185 after this fight unless Jones anounces he is going up to HW.

  2. Ruben says:

    Isn’t this the clown that made huge turmoil within the camp after he turned on Rashad? I remember the gym was divided after he did that. There were people who were on Rashads side and others on Jones, so it makes no sense for him to talk about honor of the team when he was the one who started all of the turmoil, all for his self gain…Jones is so fucking self centered and he tries to turn the tables on other people to try to make himself look like the good guy. It won’t be long till we see him start talking about himself in the third person, maybe by then people will realize how fucking arrogant he is

    • Ruben says:

      And to all you fucking gay faggots who try to justify his arrogance by saying he’s young and has been destroying everyone, go suck a big chlamydia infected dick. Thats not an excuse, he’s arrogant by nature, there’s been plenty of humble young champs, if not humble at least they are not full of themselves like Jones

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        well said Rueben and right on money. jones is an arragant prick. I can’t wait until someone actually pays him back for his CHEAP ass strikes to side of his opponents knees. Oh I know they are supposly legal but anyway you spin it they are CHEAP ass shots meant to destroy his oponents knees. Jon Jones has toothpicks for legs why the hell doesn’t someone crush the side of his knees give him some of his own damn medicine. Only andersen Silva nd Jon Jones use that cheap ass. i know street fighters that have more respoect for their opponenst an ddon’t try and smash their knees. scumbags mother fu’ckers is what jones and Silva re for doing that crap. every fight both of them try and blow out their opponenst knees yet noone else stoops to their level of being scumbag cheap shot artists. I pray someone smashes those toothpickks Jones calls his legs. my wrists are bigger than Jones thighs. I use to think Rashad was a cocky arragant bastard but Jones is the worst ever and i can’t wait for someone to smash his face in. I hope its Overeem someday, 82″ reach against Jones 84″ reach. Jones has already said he thinks he can beat all HWt’s so let him move up Dana

        • Ruben says:

          Absolutely, those side kicks to the knee cap should be illegal, i know they are frowned down upon by a lot of guys just because of the damage they can do. A lot of guys already have injured knees and then you see guys purposely throwing a kick that the only intention it has is to cripple a guy.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Jones reminds me of Sonnen in alot of ways. both unaturally in love with themselves and stoop to any level to get a win. Sonnen by STEROID ABUSE and JOnes by smashing the side of his opponents knees. I can’t wait to see both of them get beat

        • Bovice Warren says:

          Uh fitch, if you knew anything about MMA you would know why they dont Leg kick him… Look back at the shogun fight and see what happened when shogun leg kicked him. I love all this Hate on Bones… Because he’s new and he destroyed your heroes. Just accept he is good, and not anymore cocky then Chael Sonnen is…

        • Rey Rey says:

          Dude Warren can u get off of Jones sac already, u’re weighing him down he might come in 2 heavy during weigh-ins

        • jbeamazing says:

          sonnens cockiness is obviously a act and it works everybody is talking about him do you think for real he thinks he is a gangster from Portland lol you could be retarded
          bones on the other hand has a im better then everyone attitude that is like a spoiled ritch kid that wants pee wee hermens bike and is pissed he wont sale it

  3. Cody says:

    Couldnt have said it better Ruben fuck his fake ass

  4. Donnybrook says:

    LOL… The hate runs deep with some of you fools, it’s almost like Jon beat your dogs and burned your houses down or something… quite entertaining actually. Fact of the matter is Bones is going to destroy Rashad and remain the LHW Champ for as long as he wants… just think you guys will have years of hating to look forward too. 😉

  5. Ruben says:

    jon homo jones

  6. Stainezblud says:

    People dont seem to see that Evans and Jones are both great fighter both of them have only one loss…(one real loss for evans) but people are looking past it too much i personally think jones will win, but rashad has definatly got the tools to beat him if used right and if is gameplan is thought through, jones had risen to the top quickly but he has managed to keep his spot against Rampage and Machida two Legit fighters but Jones is smart he can shut people down and derail the from thier gameplan but enough rambling on. cant wait till the fight :)

  7. one says:


  8. Meximelt says:

    People dont realize there are way better fight gyms then Jacksons in Albuquerque ones that actually build there fighters not take already famous ones and take credit….YOU AINT SHIT IF YOU CANT BUILD YOUR FIGHTER FROM GROUND UP!

  9. Meximelt says:

    Lol……I seen that dude round town hes got a girl or wife whatever she is and he be out fucking all kinds of girls i guess not uncommon for fighters but still think he is a lowlife cheater for that

  10. jbeamazing says:

    i agree with Rashad real can see real and he is playing a role look at the Vera fight Vera was in his head without saying much jon is a headcase and is fake but with that said who you got with money on the line lol

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Some ways that Jones could make himself likable…

    1. Know how to use the camera to your advantage. Be playful enjoy, your interviews.

    2. Stop trying to fill up time by being long winded in order to appear as an intellectual. Just say what you got to say and move on to the next question.

    3. No more talk of destiny.

    4. Stop acting perfect because people are imperfect.

    5. No more preaching because no one like it.

    6. No more talk of religion because it alienates those who don’t practice.

    7. Shut up and let the fans decide who is the best fighter of all time.

    8. Quit killing the nostalgia. What I mean by that is defeating old champs including those of Pride.

    I don’t really mean that last one but that could be a reason why people don’t like Jon Jones. I know because I don’t like Jon Jones.

    • Donnybrook says:

      At least your honest and you bring up some good points, I’m not a huge fan of Jon’s PR work but I’m a big fan of his work in the cage… I try to form my opinion on most fighters like that but some guys it’s hard to look beyond the PR BS.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I feel like he is trying to be mix between GSP and Bruce Lee every time he talks. He even quoted Bruce Lee in an interview and acted like he made it up. I get so frustrated and annoyed and I know why because he hasn’t matured. His head his getting huge from those in his camp and those around him. Eventually when he matures he could be bigger than Anderson Silva in the UFC if he matures. He is weak mentally.

  12. jonsey says:

    jones is god guy,,yourall reall jealous stupi fuks..rashad is a dumb nigger coocky shit,,,h is nt at all in jons head

  13. Larfreeze says:

    Hes a punk kid that shows no respect to his oppenent after the fight he just walks off trying to suck up all his glory. He causes Machida to passout and just lets him drop to the ground. He has to be ordered to go check on Machida.

    I am glad that Rashad ruins his moments and that they keep bring Rashad up after all his fights because it knocks his ass down a peg.

    You can see every fight and some of the video taped practices that Jackson struggles to get Jones attention. He is uncoachable and to full of himself to be a true fighter.

    Just how he acts and talks he isn’t humble he just tries to say that he is to win some of the mindless sheep and tapout shirt loving posers.

    If he does want to quote Bruce Lee he should respect all his oppenents like Bruce did and truly exhibit a humble and warrior lifestyle

    • Bovice Warren says:

      Oh and all the fighters who hit someone’s UNCONSCIOUS BODY 10 times after they are already knocked out cold… What about those guys? Dont be a bias little kid… He choked your hero out and you wanted him to have sympathy for it right away… shhh

      • Larfreeze says:

        I’m more than likely older than you cockstain. But no he didn’t choke out my hero because I am not a Machida fan. I’m a Condit fan. I got an idea how about we meet in the octogan I’ll KO you quickly and see how many punchs I can get off before the ref stops me. I will tell you one thing for sure I will check on you after its all said and done.

        If you can take your lips off of Jones butt and quit tasting his dingleberries you will see he is one of the dirtiest fighters out there. Who doesn’t do very good for himself in PR. Thats why a video surfaces of Greg Jackson trying to get jones attention and telling him to check on Machida to win some fan.

        But its whatever. We all got our own opinions

  14. Armando Alvarez says:

    JONES:Oh yea I’m going to fight for the honor of my gym! (Yet I hope most of the juicehead tapout wearing posers have forgotten that I talked crap about Rashad when he was still with the gym that I was going to take his place and get the title shot. Citing that he is old and I’m young. But I do like that Rashad showed me how to dress, tie my shoes, and that is not good to give a guy a rusty trombone)

    Cerrone is probably the one who has shown that he would defend the gyms honor by calling out Nam Phan when talked crap about the gym.

    • Ruben says:

      I used to dislike Rashad for his showboating and fighting style but I have a lot more respect for him as a person, there were interviews of him saying he wouldn’t fight Jones even if Jones was the champ. He said that many times, he also helped Jones a lot , whether jones admits it or not, Rashad had an impact on his training and preparations for some fights. If Jones thinks that turning on Rashad who was arguably team Jacksons most successful fighter and ruining the relationship between a lot of the fighters in the camp is more honorable than what Rashad is doing now then hes out of his mind, period. Theres no team for Jones, he rides solo, as a matter of fact i dont think it will be too long till he ditches Jacksons and then claim they did nothing for his career.

      • Armando Alvarez says:

        Yea I have a dislike for Rashad but I would go for him over Jones any day of the week. Jones is a disrespectful outlaw of his team. he is the type of guy who thinks his team is riding on his sucess. Rashad has stated he was like a big brother to Jones but Jones because a resentful jealous little brother and wanted it to be all about him.

      • Sheek says:

        Why do you ppl keep saying that Jones said he would fight Evans? Jones said if that’s what Dana wanted then he would go through with it. You ppl don’t realize that Evans really wanted Jon to lose to Shogun so he wouldn’t have to fight Jones. He was next in line for the title. Of course Evans was going to fight Jones. I still don’t even believe it’s real beef. The UFC is becoming more like the WWE everyday. But anyway it’s bs to say Evans wasn’t going to fight Jones. For real..He wanted that belt. It would have been better if Rashad fought Shogun,and I believe Shogun would have whooped that ass. And then have Jones beat Shogun and Rashad go down to 185. Maybe have a rematch with Bisping.

  15. Bud Dickman says:

    Is he defending the honor of Team Jackson or his own honor?

    Isn’t he the one that said he would fight his teammate or that caused alot of turmoil in that gym and polarized it and strained alot of relationship among teammates of Team Jackson. I just wonder how Greg Jackson feels about all this and how he feels about Jones about his maturity, mentality, and ability to be coached.

  16. Frankie says:

    He is so F&ckin fake! He shows no single ounce of grasping the spiritual aspects of martial arts.

    But Team Jackson has began to look very commericialized and poster boyish. Just like like TapOut brand.

    Then it seems like Jones surrounds himself with yes men. So that could be a reason why Rashad fully left, there at Blackzillians Rashad is learning and evolving his game to something that Jones and Jackson could never imagine. Looking more into it you can see that Jackson only teaches how to manage the fight

    • LOLno. says:

      Are you seriously trying to say you know what goes into a training camp? Regardless of what you think, the reality is much different. They dont go to training for a social or a get together, they train incredibly hard in prep for the upcoming.
      Shit like all the publicity and controversy is literally what sells fights, makes headlines, publicity-publicity-publicity for the UFC/fights.

      What the camera’s show and what honestly happens are 2 totally different things mate.

      Yes, rashard has left but i doubt you honestly have any idea why. Media is a bitch mate.

      • Frankie says:

        I actually do know what goes into a training camp because I am a fighter. I unlike you do get off the couch and I am working out and training in the gym 7 hours a day. I know all the aspects of being a fighter I am prepared for days that are for training, gameplanning, and just open workouts for the public. Where I train we are 100% ourselves and open about everything. One thing you probably don’t know training camps are 100% real on and off the cameras. So I have experienced the REALITY that you talk about which you haven’t other than what you see on videos like this, articles you read and TUF.

        Rashad has openly stated in interviews he left because of Jones and how Jackson was handling everything. They were shunning Rashad away and looking to take care of their current moneymaker Jones.

        Plus I ain’t your mate!

        • Sheek says:

          Dude,UFC and your experiences are different. You getting all heated for no flaming about working out 7 hours and your training which really doesn’t have anything to do with the marketing strategy of the UFC. They feed off of drama just like the WWE. The only difference is the real fighting.

  17. jbeamazing says:

    team Jackson don’t have honor there point fighters with the exception of bones and Sanchez

  18. Llyod Bonified says:

    I will fight for the honor of Jon Jones mother because last night I took her to town and trashed that hole of hers good. But I think she gave me the drip!

    He fights for no honor just to feed his ego and make his wallet fat so he can buy 6 more cars. Then end up wrecking them like Tito did his!

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