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Thursday, 04/19/2012, 07:37 am

Video | Jon Jones KO's Sparring Partner With One Punch

By Jamie McAllister:
Jon Jones knocks out his sparring partner.

The footage comes from the filming of show ‘The Proving Grounds’ which is a series produced by D-House Entertainment set in and around Jackson’s New Mexico facility.


106 Responses to “Video | Jon Jones KO's Sparring Partner With One Punch”

  1. Tom A says:

    Dude is pretending or has a glass chin !

    • Dw says:

      You sound like of Jon punched you in the face you wouldn’t go down..Bitch you would be on fucking life support If he punched you

      • Jim says:

        I doubt it, at least not with that punch. If genuine, it was more likely testament to the guy simply getting caught than it was to Jones’ punching power.

        But hey, keep swinging from Jones’ nuts.

        • danielrchargers says:

          Dredlocks ran into that punch. no doubt that was lagit. but im sure over half of the UFC’s roster would KO Mr. Ganja like Jon did.

        • JCVD says:

          Jim mate, they are just trying to scare Reshad it was a defiant fake ass punch, he is going to get his ass kicked badly, the dick all ready thinks he is better then GSP and Anderson Silva what a joke :)

    • LOL says:

      The guy wasn’t even protecting himself..

  2. rondo says:

    that must be an imposter….JBJ don’t have standup KO

    • Dw says:

      Your whole fucking jaw would be shattered if he punched you. Don’t tAlk about guys not having ko power You fucking moron.

      • bertram says:

        dude are you in love with jon? lol you shit a brick on anybody saying anything bad. looked to me like the guy had a weak chin, and yes and jones cracked me i would probably do the same, but hes 220, im 170. that guy looks a little bigger than 170. chill out though dude, defending jon jones on a blog isnt going to make your life any better

        • Why, Hawaiian... says:

          you in hate with Jones??? hating on someone isn’t making your life better, brah. All tough housing boy. brahh…

      • Jim says:

        Wow, you really are a Jones nuthugger.. are you his sister or something?

  3. *FAKE* says:

    obviously fake…come on. really. all of a sudden he can KO someone with a jab? not buying it.

    • Wheeler says:

      Didn’t anderson silva knock someone out with a jab?

    • chris says:

      That wasn’t a jab.

    • what a bunch of haters says:

      I was boxer and in sparring at a high level you can knock someone out easily like this if you notice this the guy is not unconscious. He is awake, he just got caught the shock is enough to put you down. Bernard Hopkins told Rashad Evans the same thing in a You tube clip. If you catch guy out the blue this happens often especially if you tap him were the jaw meet the chin. But I know some hater is now going to tell me I am on JJ’s nuts and Bernard Hopkins doesn’t know shit about striking.

      • chris says:

        Some one who knows what their talking about on here, shocking.

        • what a bunch of haters says:

          yeah LOL……. the crazy thing is you are finally aloud to spar and you have been training for like 6 months ya get in the ring with a really good sparring partner the adrenaline kicks in and ya can’t remember how you ended up on the ground. Or why something on your face is bleeding. I ain’t saying he could do this to like a top tier fighter but you know it is something I saw often a long time ago when I was sparring so no it is not fake.

      • Jonesy says:

        You are on JJ’s nuts and Bernard Hopkins doesn’t know shit about striking.


  4. tim says:

    im not impressed by ur proformance

  5. Kermit da Dogg says:

    why you gonna put a hippie in there with jon jones? LOL

  6. ziggy says:


  7. Jb says:

    Just like machida, he hurts someone and doesn’t check on opponent. Learn something from Brian Stann, please have this bitch knocked down a peg.

    • effyocouch says:

      He was checking on the guy. You can put the blame on Greg Jackson for telling him he needs to finish the round.

    • chris says:

      Lol didn’t watch the video did you?

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Please peel the hateer shades off so you can see the vid clearly.

      • Jb says:

        Kneeing next to him in time out is not Checking on him you uneducated trolls. God dam BJ ban some of these idiots god. And if you think that’s a jab you also probably have a stupid remark here as well.

        • chris says:

          What else was he going to do? Drive him to the ER. It’s a sparring partner, he is there to get punched in the face and he gets paid for it. Just because you don’t like Jon Jones doesn’t mean you can turn an everyday occurrence in a gym into something it’s not. Back under the bridge Jb.

  8. Joe Angel Hernandez says:

    Not impressed. Cannot wait for Rishad to break Jones ego down. Shall be a great night:-)

    • JP says:

      Why does everyone hate on Jon jones? He has beaten top guys to win the belt and is still very humble in interviews. People take his confidence as arrogance but there is a huge difference. Jj shows great respect to all his opponents, unlike rashad who has said he wants to beat Jon more than he wants to win the title. Nice friend he is huh?

  9. Wheeler says:

    apparently short right hand is the new left hook….

  10. cool arrow says:

    All white guys with dreads should suffer a similar fate.

  11. Crusher says:

    Yep that just proves it Jon Jones is best in world he knocked out a guy who is known to have the greatest chin in New mexico.


  13. hellmsDeep says:

    it looked like a strong hook instead of a jab n if u watch his first pro fight he knocked a guy out with the first punch-> via cross

  14. real says:

    Wow,all these haters.were u impressed when he raped machida,and shogun? Made them 2 look like amateurs.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Don’t bother. All that hate has them blinded to the facts. Whether you like the guy or not, he is one helluva fighter who has the potential to be the greatest. Haters are gonna hate.

  15. Pijan says:

    Looked like a clean shot straight to the chin, sometimes shit like that just happens. Makes this Evans fight a little more intriguing, I still wouldn’t count Rashad out though.

  16. ZC says:

    Anderson didn’t KO anyone with a jab lol.. Forest threw that fight. Watch it again.

    • Nn says:

      Wow, you are one of a kind ignorant asshole

    • f$%ktardsRus says:

      “Forrest threw that fight” sorry folks. Looks like some of the “stock” escaped the shelves. Back to the store, our special, little guy. And don’t forget to wear your helmet and bib so you don’t hurt yourself or make a mess. Here’s a gram cracker and a golden banana sticker for being such a good boy!

  17. Arctic says:

    looks like a 125lbs homeless guy lol

  18. Ronnin says:

    A lot of hate for Jon. I dont like him either, but I really cant put my finger on why… Fuck Jones! hope Rashad gets the upset.

  19. Kingsforge says:

    Too many people hating on Jones for stupid reasons. The guy’s a fighter, he fights and he fights well. I don’t really care what fighters are like outside the cage (Unless they chat non-stop pure shit like Sonnen)

    Jones has talent and he’s made some tough guys look like rookies, give him the credit he’s due and stop whining about him being cocky or some shit. He’s achieved more than you, so go do something noteworthy before you hate on a dude because he’s good at what he does.

  20. Josh says:

    That was “with a short LEFT hand.” not “with a short right hand.”

  21. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Seriously, that guy sucks on fighting.
    I’ve been doing kickboxing for 4 years now, and I’ve never seen such horrible defense like that. Who knows, I could’ve knocked that guy out cold too. Lol

  22. Kenny Powers says:

    Why the fuck would you put a video out of a sparring partner getting knocked out. At least MMA fighters get paid for the fight if they get knocked out, this guy isn’t getting shit, just an embarrassing video.

  23. Trey says:

    All yawl stupid asses that are saying jones don’t have punching power first off he knock all of your heads off I’m pretty sure that smash and trash your favorite fighter at any weight class anderson silva included so stop with that shit and I bet all his think he hits hard

  24. Calli says:

    Anderson silva dropped Forrest w that same punch. Dude ran right into it. Those of u who say dudes faking? Jones is 200+ lbs and knows how to punch and didn’t help guy w the dreads ran right into it w his face

  25. Dan says:

    Alot of you guys are saying you’re unimpressed by this. Keep in mind that Jon Jones is wearing traditional boxing gloves, which are much heavier than MMA gloves. Thus he has alot more momentum and power when he punches. He wouldn’t have knocked out a UFC fighter, but a punch like that would’ve definitely rocked most opponents

    • OJ says:

      Awww, bless! U know nuin. The traditional boxing gloves absorb more force. The bigger the gloves, the more force is absorbed. But keep chatting like u know somefink

      • BowtieAssassin says:

        Same to you, go take a punch from an MMA glove and a 12 oz. boxing glove and tell us which hurts more, surprisingly the boxing glove is far more jarring, MMA glove hurts were it connects, boxing gloves rattle your whole skull and are far more painful, try it.

  26. KC says:

    The guy just got clipped, not particularly impressive or unimpressive really.

  27. Not You says:

    Let’s see, JJ, the current UFC LHW champ, probably weighing around 220-230, turned his shoulders into a jab and a no name middleweight coming forward and knocked him out? Please, tell how JJ is the hardest puncher in all of MMA. By this logic Cerrone would decapitate everyone here with a head kick.

  28. So many fans, so few actual fighters on this page. Lame.

  29. TheThrashKing says:

    DW sucks cock and eats cum for breakfast, I know this cause jon jones admitted it in the prefightpresser a few days ago. JJ has practically 0 KO power, if you watch the video closely you’ll see that retard with the dreads walked into that punch, and ANYBODY can get ko’d running into a punch like that.

  30. J boogie says:

    Let’s not forget..the guy he punched looks like he’s about 125, Im sure if they guy was at least 50 more pounds it would just be a jab.

  31. Popp24 says:

    All the hate for Bones is really annoying at this point. People need to get a life and stop wasting their energy on one dude they don’t even know.

  32. TranceAngel says:

    I’m getting sick and tired of all this Jon Jones crap. Like seriously. He’s a human being people. Not a demi-god.

  33. jokikimbo says:

    Whats so special???? We sleep dirty hippies all the time in the 808, wheres are title

  34. duncan says:

    mass times acceleration* equals force. read a book. you come in on someone while they punch it makes it that much harder. i think jones is probably watching buster douglas vs mike tyson right now. add some leg kicks to that and a guillotine* choke for the win and i bet you thats how their fight goes. hopefully thats what rashad was guessing for jones’ gameplan so he can knock jones out though. and yeah i train too, whats good! lol

  35. Mike says:

    ok first of all why the fuck isnt his partner wearing any headgear? I guess protection doesn’t mean shit to Jones sparring partners and they are all just expendable.. Second the dude looks like 175 pounds..

    • sebastopol says:

      I agree, it´s terribly irresponsible that the sparring partner of a world champion isn´t wearing any headgear. Independent on jones power, he clearly is on another level than his sparring partners (or at least that one), just as almost any fighter in the ufc. If you´re gonna spar with a ufc fighter, you have to take proper precautions. I think it´s irrensponsible from Greg Jackson to allow that.

  36. Ninja says:

    Thats hilarous, ” No Jon get back up and finish the round, just ignore jessie over there’

  37. danieljonesfan says:

    Greg Jackson the team player, shows his humanity once more

  38. ian mearns says:

    That guy looks like a random homeless person they grabbed off the street “hey bro you look hungry want to make a couple dollars?

  39. Mmafighter91 says:

    So sick of all you dumbasses voicing biased and utterly retarded opinions ko someone isn’t all about power you can hit someone less hard and still ko them if you hit in the right spots so I’d dare any of you faggots talkin shit to soar him!!

  40. Knowledgeable says:

    Justice is not a sparring partner. That day was his first day in the gym in ages and he is in the buck fifty pound club. Greg threw him in with Jones to boost Jones’ confidence. Condit had just put it on Jones and Greg was asking Los to let Jon get in some knee teeps and Carlos looked at Greg as if to say “I’m not going to allow my sparring partner to potentially give me a career ending knee injury” Of course this was when Los was coming off of a loss. Ill bet now that he’s champ Greg isn’t offering his knees up rerouting. Greg was laughing. Kind of sad really.

  41. Gomay says:

    Hey why didn’t Jackson say “Hey Jon go over there and check on him and get some fans”? LOLL

  42. A.James says:

    Jones isn’t knocking out Evans. Come on now.

  43. John M says:

    In my opinion this looked stage as though to scare Rashad. Plus Rashad is too quick for Jones.

  44. Knowledgeable says:

    This happened in 2009 before Jones fought Vladimir. Its not a hoax. Justice was fed to Jones. He had no business sparring at all much less with Jones.

  45. Alex says:

    So many people just got that urge to see Jon Jones getting ko’ed. I have the same urge. I have a hard time figuring out why. Maybe its just because I feel that if he had the same reach as the other guys that he fought, then he would have lost the fight. I really think thats the reason why people hate on jon jones. And also because he humilated a lot of fan favourites and we feel like he wouldnt have been able to if he didnt have that reach.

    And the last thing why people hate Jon Jones is because he is a douche to listen to. He tries to be the good guy who respects everyone. Also he wants to be very filosofical and his eyes and all his face just changes to try and look like the way he sounds. I think everyone just feels Jon Jones is fake in all regards. His personality and his talent. His talent because he got such a huge advantage over everyone else when it comes ot range. Even amongst heavyweights he got the longest reach

  46. Knowledgeable says:

    *correction it was March 2010. Here is a link to a video that was shot the same day. It has a sparring session between Jones and Condit just before Jones “spars” dreadlocks.

    • Kazeshini says:

      It’s a documentary they aren’t gonna show all the footage, and it was condits part they ain’t gonna show bad footage of him.. Fucking nubs it’s not like they are gonna show him get beat on… Im not hating on condit he is my favorite fighter in the ww division, only wish that gsp didn’t get hurt wanted to see condit fight him…

  47. MMA fan says:

    SEE! Jones does have KO power. I cannot wait until Jones does that to Rashad Evans on Saturday. It’s going to be great. Jon Jones is a champion 2012.

  48. Nick says:

    The truth is, even if you don’t have KO power you can make up with it by technique. That’s what Jon did. He caught the dude when he was coming in. On another note from where I’ve trained if a dude gets KO’d you don’t tell them to continue and fight around him. Make sure he’s ok. I know Jon is your star, but he’s still a person and looked concerned for the dude. Greg should of made sure the guy was ok before they continued. Or at least until he walked out of the cage.

  49. grant says:

    If you look closely it looks like jones has soap on his gloves and we know hippes are no match for soap! Dirty move jon jones.

  50. says:

    hahah so funny…and jackson telling him dont stop u need finish round…

  51. K says:

    JONES’ FANS… U MAD? :))

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