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Saturday, 01/26/2013, 11:51 am

VIDEO | Jon Jones Could Move To Heavyweight As Early As This Year | UFC NEWS

During yesterday’s UFC on FOX 6 fan Q&A UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, said he is preparing to make the possible move to heavyweight in 2014 or possibly later this year.


4 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones Could Move To Heavyweight As Early As This Year | UFC NEWS”

  1. ThatGUY says:

    All these people who honestly dislike and unfortunately HATE Jon Jones. Watch this interview. Come on. My opinion on the guy as a fighter and a human being are separate. I respect him as a dominant fighter but sometimes I feel like he says the wrong stuff without thinking his words through first. Watch how he handled himself with the open critics at this interview. Very well handled and my respect level has just gone back up a bit for Jon Jones.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      Jones is 25 and at the top of the mma world. He has barely begun to learn how to handle to money and ego that goes along with it. I would challenge anybody to do better. Not only is he a physical beast in the fight game, he is a good human being. Not perfect, but who is beside ME!! Lol. He beats everybody down and few will challenge him for awhile. It’s not easy being a high level human being when you spend your day learning how to hurt people. It is NOT a high level endeavor, it is a low level endeavor. Would Jesus be an MMA fighter?

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