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Saturday, 09/01/2012, 01:42 pm

VIDEO | Jon Jones Considered Paying UFC 151 Fighters Until Public Backlash | UFC NEWS

On the lastest edition of ESPN’s “MMA Live” Espn correspondent Franklin McNeal gave up some insider information about UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

“Jon Jones felt so bad about the card being cancelled, he was willing to pay the fighters on that card their fee’s”, said McNeal. “But after all the attackes on him by the other fighters he chose not to do that.”

To check out the video and what else Franklin had to say about the champions intentions surrounding the UFC 151 cancellation head on over to page 2.


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132 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones Considered Paying UFC 151 Fighters Until Public Backlash | UFC NEWS”

  1. scotty says:

    Bull****! We all know damn well he was NOT going to pay all the other fighters.. He is just saying that now to make himself look good and hopefully win back some fans.. And using “fighters backlash” as an excuse not to pay them..

  2. Bjj BB says:

    So scotty were you there? No? Then STFU PUSSY!! Theres more to jones then the mistakes he’s made but your just a bitter prick who cant get over a young guy beat your favorite fighter! Go see how he really is b4 he was champ in his interviews! Its funny how guys like you look up to sonnen! STUPID!

    • brandon says:

      @bjj bb, where you there to confirm that he did say he would pay them back, no, then you need to shut the f up. if jones is as great as he, and the few dumbass fans, think he is he wouldnt have pussed out of fighting chael. thats a fact.

      • mmafanboy says:

        I keep current on all MMA news and I didnt hear a thing about Jones considering paying all the other fighters until a couple days later. Jones, your a bitch for not fighting Sonnen on short notice. Lost what little respect I had for you.

    • life is meh says:

      He easily could have still paid the ones who didnt attack him. Yet he didnt for some strange reason…

      • yo says:

        if you listened then you would have heard that all the backlash, not just because of the backlash of the fighters who trashed him. Why pay anyone anything when he’s just being bashed and going to continue to be bashed for something that wasn’t his fault. His thoughts are about keeping his belt, not about working into a championship fight or having a shot at a belt. None of these people talking would have done anything for him if he lost the belt by some fluke but everyone expects him to carry them so they can make money. Get real, what champ has taken a title fight on short notice?

        • life is meh says:

          I did listen. Just because people were mad doesn’t mean he couldn’t have made it up to the fighters who didn’t attack him dipshit. It certainly would have lessened the public backlash dont ya think?

        • Jon Jones says:

          Shogun Rua took a championship fight with me on short notice you dummy. LOL

        • Shogun Rua says:

          And I tapped in less than 3 rounds to Jon “Bones” Jones, the UFC LHW Champion. He kicked my ass pretty badly. I’m glad they gave me Forrest after that—easy win.

    • scotty says:

      Were you there? No! Did u personally sit down right after and talk with jones? No, so u can STFU! How am i bitter cause im calling as i see it? The guy didnt say this last week when it all went down.. He waited a week after he watched himself become one of the most hated MMA fighter by fans, media and fighters.. Now he wants to win back some fans by some BS, that he was going to pay the fighters? What about the guys that didnt “bash” him?

      PS. Im not a sonnen fan, sorry!

  3. Bjj BB says:

    Jbj only talks shit to thoes who talk shit 1st, drives drunk then does not give sonnen a tittle shot, who he thinks does not deserve a tittle shot. So cause of that the man has no heart and wouldent pay the fighters on the under card? Thats bullshit!! Its funny how dana never paid them anyway but john wanted to, and no1 is pointing the finger at dana for being the fighters boss! John is no1’s boss you dumb fucks!!

    • Shut up says:

      A yo, bjj BB. U don’t know shit about jbj. Just cuz u saw interviews of him doesn’t make him a saint. Jbj pussied out. Period. Real fighters fight. Just scrap!!! Jbj is a fighter, but he pussied out. It is what it is.

    • zk says:

      first of all its the fact that hes saying “I would have done this if you guys were not so mean to mean to me” which shouldn’t matter in the first place. Also im sick of all this bullshit saying chael does not deserve a title shot, no fucking shit sherlock, Its just the fact that chael stepped up on 8 day notice to save a card from being cancelled when nobody else would. Honestly chael would have had time to cut weight and train for like 2 days… So yea dana and joe silva fucked up on that card but jbj could have saved it and whooped chaels ass and we could be watching a ufc this weekend… its not jbj fault that he was the only draw on the card but it is his fault that he cancelled the fight because he is to much of a bitch to fight chael on short notice

    • B-rad says:

      Whether Sonnen deserved a title shot or not was not the question.. The man that did deserve the shot was unable to go, and the show is suppose to go on.. Bottom line is, if the man that signs your checks says he neeeds this done, then you get it done. Yes there is some blame to give to UFC big wigs for putting together a weak card, but the fact is there would have been a UFC event last night If Bones was a professional and showed up to a much easier fight

  4. JP says:

    Wow, just when you think JBJ couldn’t be a bigger dbag, he proves wrong. He’s such a child.. Instead of blaming JBJ, throw MMA fans that criticize him under the bus and use them as an excuse to why you decided to not give the fighters their money they lost. Your idiocy has no boundaries and you clearly think people will by it. You’re not a champion, you’re a fool and narcissist arrogant bastard.

  5. Nick says:

    Um I’ll call bullshit.

    • ricky says:

      LMFAO. thats what i am saying! does he really expect people to believe that shit. i would have gave a homeless bum $300 but i didnt… its sad that there are people so stupid to believe this.. At least the couple people above! if he had offered to pay the fighters immediately after declining this fight this would have already been dying down and i know i would have had respect for the guy still

      • Noel says:

        Agree ^, if jbj said at the time when he was told ‘it’s chael or it’s cancelled’ OK it’s cancelled i’l pay the undercard, then he would’ve probably come out with alot less backlash and he could have pointed the finger more that the UFC fckd up relying on 1 fight 2 sell a ppv but he bottled it!

  6. Jimmy Mitsuko says:

    My mother use to say the same kind of crap, “If you had been good then I would have taken you to the park.” Yeah okay, just like she never intended to take me to the park, Jones never intended to pay back those fighters on the card. It is a complete cop-out.

  7. One of the biggest excuses I’ve ever heard.

  8. big tone says:

    so he was gonna… but didnt. somebody needs to tell him he is still not helping his image

  9. Bjj BB says:

    All of you who put my name in yo comments can eat a fat dick!! I dont need to be there to know he said it when theres an artical about him saying it you dumb fucks! Sum1 had to confirm it right? I dont give a fuck about chael stepping up to fight and save a card, cause it goes wayyyyyy beyond that! Like hmmmmmm, how many people is in the lhw class? And you telling me only chael was avalible? Thats bullshit #1, and dana making the under card so weak is bullshit #2. Fuck chael and who ever thinks jbj is wrong, hes a champ and only should fight the best, not the one with the biggest mouth. And next time put you real screen name on instead of putting up a cover name u fucking P-ussY!!

    • Rjshadley says:

      Did you really just say that because someone wrote it that it must be true lol….Because I just saw 3 articles today that Eddie Murphy is died and guess what he’s not……If you are basing things on what you read on the internet you may want to reconsider your research sources.

    • ASDF says:

      ^^ This dude here, sounds like an immature, childish, spoiled, selfish, did I mention childish, prick. Bet it’s Jony bones Jones himself. … who… didn’t use his real name. Go figure…

    • The bjj BB dude says:

      makes sense, but haters gonna hate. So idiot above read that Eddie Murphy died. But it was false. So ALL WRITTEN NEWS on the internet, newspapers, and magazines are false??? Is that your conclusion? Hey Slim Shadey, where do you get your info from, personal experience??? You’re retarded.

      Then you got ASDF next calling people immature but writes the immature shit he writes. Here’s something immature: ASDF stands for Always Sucking Dick Faggot. How’s that for immature! You’re retarded also.

      Mr. Jon Jones is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He demolishes his opponents. He is so bad ass that he even demolishes fighters that he LOSES to !!! Crashed his $200K Bentley. He drove drunk and got busted and punished. People hate him. People love him. Youngest UFC champion ever. Comes from a very athletic family. Holds a Nike Endorsement contract. Turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen.

      But you know what, JON JONES IS THE UFC LHW CHAMPION. So stick that up your asses, haters.

      • Majestyk says:

        @The bjj BB dude…Not sure what is worse…your reading comprehension, or your ability to present an argument. Rjshadley’s point in mentioning the false reported of Eddie Murphy’s death was not to suggest that “all written news” is false His point was that SOME reports are false, and we must rely on our life experience, and understanding of human nature to determine whether or not to give creedence to a particular story. I’m giving this story ZERO creedence, because JBJ is full of shit with his “I was going to do it, BUT…” story. You didn’t need to be in the room to know whether or not he ever had those intentions …..Just some common sense.

        • Your idiot says:

          Tell the world: what part of Slim Shadey’s statetment made you think he means “some?” He doesn’t say either way. And what “life experience” have you had with Jones to make you think that Jones is “full of shit?” Do you know him personally or have you only read about him and/or seen him on the internet/TV… and made your judgement? And have you ever been wrong in your impressions about someone after you got to know him/her?
          In your entire life, every judgement you’ve made about a person has been correct? If not, and since you’ve never met Jones personally, is there a possibility you may be wrong? No? Yes?

          Be a man and address these questions. Try again to show the world how intelligent you are. You failed the first time. But of course, you’re used to failing.

          I noticed you didn’t address my third paragraph, because all what’s said there is undeniable fact. Thanks for confirming this.

        • ASDF says:

          Are you on crack? Seriously. I knew a guy from highschool, that I bumped into. He ended up doing hard drugs, and was seriously fucked up. You need help.

        • Go comeback Always Sucking Dick Faggot says:

          U the man !!!

        • You need help says:

          with comebacks.. you suck at this game…among other things…

        • Majestyk says:

          I didn’t address your 3rd paragraph because it was a jumble of irrelevant and off-topic points. The topic is using our experience and common sense to tell if someone is lying. If you could take JBJ’s sack off your face, maybe you could see the truth: He is a selfish, dishonorable man who insulted our intelligence with his disengenuous (that means bullshit, dumbass) offering of “I was going to, BUT…”

        • I say again, Majestyk says:

          answer the questions if you can. If you can’t, then that’s fine. If you ignore it, then that’s fine. But be a man and answer the questions! Intimidating as those questions are, they are legit questions.

          BTW, “common sense” to people in one area of the country is not “common sense” to people in another part. Do you know what I talking ’bout?


        • Majestyk You Faggot says:

          Because you call out Jones and you call out me, but you have nothing reasonable or intelligent to say. You back down like the faggot you really are, and you know it. You give nothing rational but you expect people to respect what you say. You’re a faggot, Majestyk. You’re a coward. You belong with old people who think they know what young people think–and you have no clue. Move along to another website, faggot. And don’t address anything I said, because I know you feel insulted but can’t put what you’re feeling into words, you turd.

          Jon Jones is the UFC LHW Champion.

  10. Sasquatch says:

    Yeah right!… who does he think’s going to believe that BS. Jon would be better off not saying anything.

  11. ThinkAboutit says:

    What about the fighters on the card that didn’t talk shit…he should pay them still then right?

  12. Me says:

    Jones just blamed Henderson for the cancellation off this card and called him an old man…
    So let me get this straight Jones rejects a fight, The event gets cancelled and now its Dan Hendersons fault? Jones needs to learn how to shut his mouth.

    • jwise says:

      IKR and then he has the stones to send him a tweet saying I hope you heal fast and it would have been an honor to fight you. Hendo tried to keep fighting Dana flew him to Vegas to see his Dr and his Dr said no way can you fight.

  13. Lou C Fir says:

    How Christian of him, it’s like when Jesus was going to martyr him self until he heard the Romans bashing him and decided not too.

  14. realist says:


    “Go Get some Fans Jon”

    Nice try Bones/Jackson you guys aren’t truth worthy or reliable of belief.

  15. yo says:

    Funny stuff all this talk about he a fighter so he should have just taken the fight. He could have saved the card, he afraid of chael. Are you folks seriously this delusional? Then you got fighters trying lay blame on a man instead of looking at the situation. As far as the announcement goes ESPN got mad amounts of people who make sure that facts are used so get ya mind right on that. Not once have I seen anything broadcast over their channels disputed as not being true. Everybody just being little b**** crybabies. Fact of the matter is that the organization holds sole fault for setting up an event where something like this could even happen. Fighters and their corner are solely responsible for making sure that they manage their careers not the lives of other fighters. Champions need to especially be mindful. Does anyone know of any other Champion who took a short notice fight? I don’t. He’s a Champ with the belt whose concern is keeping the belt, not some fighter working his way up the rankings. Everybody takes a fight on short notice with nothing to lose but how many champs take a fight on short notice with the belt on the line? The day I see a champ do that is the day I can understand the condemning of JBJ.

    • but if you are the champion and also supposedly being one of the best p4p fighters you should never back down… especially after jbj stated “ill fight anyone anytime that the UFC puts in front of me” he sung an entirely different tune…not too mention he called chael a coward then backed out of a fight with him after training for 10 weeks for hendo you should be more than prepared to fight…so im sorry jones lost all of my respect he deserves to have his title stripped and put in the back of the line and work his way back up

    • You sir,are a moron says:

      I can think of a champ who took a short notice fight…..shogun when he fought jones….dumbass .

      • c note says:

        Boooyah can’t believe I forgot about that!

      • You, ma'am, are an IDIOT says:

        Six weeks vs 8 days ?!?! Six weeks is short notice to you???? And if you say yes, well….look at the result: SHOGUN WAS BEATEN SO BAD THAT HE TAPPED !!!!!! And in your opinion, THAT’S GOOD????

        Dude, you’re so stupid that you made a point for Jones. Shogun took the Jones fight on six weeks notice and got demolished. Why would Jones take the Sonnen fight on 8 days notice and risk the belt and possibly losing it to an undeserving no stand up big mouth??? To lose the belt to a better fighter is acceptable. To lose the belt to a fighter with less talent and skills because you were ill-prepared is UNACCEPTABLE. If Jones had lost, all you haters would’ve had a field day saying shit like “ohh, Jones is so arrogant to take a fight on 8 days notice….see what happens…” and shit like that.

        Jon Jones is the UFC LHW Champion. (i just put this thought in your mind….and you hate Jones…but I made you think it)

    • ricky says:

      you are the one that is delusional… yea i am sure he fucking did say it… but after he got his ass fucking chewed out by millions of fans and im sure nike told him to say it too. it doesnt mean he ever had the intentions of doing it. you believe everything you hear or read? morons

  16. The writers should really proof read their articles before making them PUBLIC so they don’t receive alot of ATTACKS!!!!

  17. SMH says:

    You guys all crack me up. I too was just as disappointed in JBJ when I heard he declined to fight Chael, but clearly that was due to how the media and primarily Dana White spun it. First of all Dana is their employer so he is first and foremost responsible for maintaining the schedule and paying the fighters, PERIOD, end of discussion. All the backlash that occurred was primarily from younger fighters and fat slobs like MOST (not all) of you here who the closest you’ve been to a gym or actual MMA fight is sitting at your local Hooters watching a free UFC card while stuffing your worthless faces with chicken wings and beer. After watching several interviews of actual seasoned fighters, Pat Miletich in particular, there are several factors most, including myself, didn’t consider. 1st there’s almost a 4 inch height difference between Chael and Hendo… big factor! 2nd, one is right handed and the other is a lefty…. huge factor!!. 3rd, Hendo is a knockout artist while Chael is a takedown practitioner…. do i really need to emphasize that? And finally, JBJ is the CHAMPION with a newly secured 7 figure Nike deal and EVERYTHING to lose. Of course Chael took the fight, he’d be an idiot not to. If JBJ wins, he beat an out of shape Chael who bumped up a weight class, big deal. If he loses, he lost to that same out of shape person that didn’t deserve the shot to begin with and that he should’ve had a COMPLETELY different training camp to prep for anyway. Smart business decision JBJ, way to secure your future. Keep on hating from your couches and behind your screens you ignorant sloppy f&%$s, I’m sure it’s making big a difference. smh

  18. ChickenBonesJones says:

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda!! The fact is that…he didn’t. It would have been a big smack to the face of the MMA world and its fans had he! But he didn’t…and now making excuses why he didn’t just makes him that much more of a Chump! As I said in previous posts….CBJ is all about the $$ now. He may not have been a year ago, but he is now. I buy every single ppv the UFC has but will not buy the ones Jones is on any longer. No Sonnen didn’t deserve it, but a Champ fights anytime, anywhere, ANYONE!!

    • SMH says:

      Ummmm you didn’t really have to say it since JBJ already said verbatim “I fight for the money”. I’m sure your $50 will be greatly missed. A champion does what he has to do to remain champion, otherwise he wouldn’t be…. the champion.

    • David Sun says:

      Who the bloody hell fights in the UFC for free?

    • But what about says:

      Georges St Pierre? Dominic Cruz? They should fight “anytime, anywhere, ANYONE!!!”

      Oh, so what you’re thinking is that there are reasons a champion doesn’t have to fight. You’re thinking injury is a good reason not to fight. Please show us dumb MMA fans the rule book that you follow in life that states this. No book? Oh, you say it’s unwritten, oh, okay….we can just change those “rules” at any time because they are unwritten. Okay.
      Thanks for the clarification.

  19. stonerman says:

    I hope Belfort kicks his ass.

  20. Nunya says:

    Jon Jones shouldn’t be offering what Dana White should bday paying anyways. Everybody talks about Jones having no heart. He kicked everybodys ass except for soon to be added to Jon’s conquered list Hendo. To offer him Chapel or Beaufort is an insult. He should’ve took that fight as well. I understand she undergrad fighters need to eat too, but when u bec home a Champ that has a lot to lode. Then u c choose wisely what your next move will be. Until your all Light Heavy Weight Champs of the world with a lot to lose. You should keep the mouth shut from idiot remarks.

  21. david says:

    damn, this guy just keeps saying stupider shit, dude just needs to stfu and try to move on without saying anything else about it. Hes fucked up his image so bad.

  22. Yo says:

    lol he wouldn’t Pay them he will just dob them in to Dana

  23. dirk digler says:

    Only fagets and sailors back up jones when he says bullshit like this. Just sayin….

  24. Shonan says:

    So much for public image. I feel you should fight anyplace anytime, but sometimes you need to really think tjinhs through when you have more to lose than the average human. Oh well. It wasn’t like he was obligated to pay any money anyways. Its the UFC. Not the JBJ. I will be glad when all this fuckery is over, and he can get back to beatinh the brakes off people again.

  25. ricky says:

    hey BJJ BB you are a fucking retard…. you just read this…. it must be true

  26. Irie nation says:

    Jon jones is a pinche puto mayate…that porch monkey wasn’t gonna pay anyone…dude karma is a bitch and one day everything will come back to bite him in his black ass

  27. mike says:

    lol haters gonna hate, i like how some are saying he is not a real champion or something to that degree…i respect all the fighters since they are doing shit I can only hope to do but let’s be honest he whipped everyone he fought AFTER he won the belt as well…how is that not a champion…then some will bitch about him not taking the Sonnen fight, Sonnen just came off a loss from Silva…why would he even deserve another championship fight right after?!?! Instead of hating on the kid for something you guys will never, ever..ever, ever, ever even come close to, respect him…TRAIN BY DAY, JOE ROGAN PODCAST BY NIGHT BITCHES!!!

  28. Bjj BB says:

    Me saying its true has the same amount of % as it being a fact, as to all you haters saying its not true. we really don’t know anything if you hear it from jbj’s mouth or have read it, we really dont know. but you guys are basing it off of your panties being ina bunch cause he never fought your retarded hero sonnen. yall are some fake fans of this sport! i only respect jones cause he is a real mma fighter, he brings it every time he fights PERIOD!! And what part of it being ‘HIS BELT” dont you lil P-ussy’s understand? I bet if he did pay all them undercard fighters you guys would still have shit to say like, oh! thats what he was sapos2 do, oh! he’s only doing it to win his fans back, oh! i bet dana made him so he had no choice. my point is if you have always hated the guy just say it! stop using his lil mistakes and his choices as a fighter to come on here and feel perfect when you know your not. just cause your famous, that does not mean he has to live by his fans or haters rules! at the end of the day all he needs to do as a champ is fight the best! and thats it! all you F-A-G-G-O-T-S talking shit on here remind me of some crazy fucked up in the head fans, believing he was perfect at 1st untill he shows you he’s just a person like us and you guys feel like he let you down, in other words you guys thought you had a relationship with him..lmmfao!! its just mma people, this aint no court room and you aint the jury! so fuck you guys and have a nice day!

  29. TheProdigyisBadong says:

    Thought he was declining the fight with Machida because its his lowest PPV? Now he is considering wasting money for other fighters?

  30. Drew says:

    @ bjj Jj or whatever ur name is your a bitch.

  31. Jonny Smith says:

    Come on guys he was obviously going to pay them..

  32. Bjj BB says:

    Drew, lmao! Stop it your scaring me! I used to make guys like you roll my blunt, then make you go fetch me s

  33. Bjj BB says:

    Some twinkies from the store you p-ussy!!

  34. bully4me says:

    Considered and did are two completely different things. I considered paying all the fighters that had their fights cancelled at 151 their pay and bonuses and all expenses! Yup , just considered it. But it does not in any way shape or form make it a reality. Bones really should get a top PR person to help him or he’s going to not have any fans left .

  35. Bjj BB says:

    Irie nation, im from hawaii! Trust me i stay blind!

  36. T.DADDY says:

    this guy is so full of BS its coming out his eyes

  37. This is just a lie for damage control. what an asshole.

  38. Dddddd says:

    As much as Jones disgusts me I’m starting to
    pitty him. There are people who are
    charitable and people who want tax
    write offs. People that are truly charitable
    donate and keep it silent so there are no
    political backlashes or embarrassments
    for the people that have no choice but to
    except. Jon your an amazing fighter
    but a terrible person and I think it’s
    important to you that you draw good
    people. Read the posts Jon and see
    who your important to. If I’m ever in
    need and you help me please don’t
    make a spectical of me and my

  39. Brad says:

    Anyone that watches MMA Live will realize McNeal is a Jon Jones groupie. Every time Jones’ is discussed, McNeal goes on about how he knows Jones personnally and proceeds to praise him. He provides onesided biased feedback. They need to replace him on MMA Live.

    • Gonzo says:

      Yea thats true thats why I refrain from watching it, yet for some odd reason my girlfriend keeps tevoing it for me even when I tell her I get annoyed with it. They need a new set of analyst for that show they all suck

      • Hey Gonnorhea.. says:

        your girlfriend “keeps tevoing it for” you, BUT ALSO she forces you to sit and watch the show???

        You’re the ultimate idiot, idiot!

        • Gonzo says:

          Never said she forces me to watch it, I yell at her to quit doing that delete it off the list and just watch fuel tv or breaking bad. I also tell her to make me a damn sandwich and she does

        • So says:

          you think the show is crap. You refrain from watching it. Your “girlfriend” (hahaha) TVOs it for you. So you watch it???? Conclusion 1: you’re a liar. Conclusion 2: your “girlfriend” is a huge dude forcing you to watch Conclusion 3: you’re a gay wimpy boy; Conclusion 4: all of the above.

        • LOL says:

          The guy is funny.

  40. Greg Jackson says:

    Hey Bones Jones, why don’t you write on Twitter you were going to pay the fighters until their backlash, in order to get some fans.

  41. DMAC says:

    They hardly make shit per fight so this isn’t far fetched. Glad he didn’t end up paying though, let those scrubs talk that shit in twitter like some punks..

  42. Brend0magic says:

    “Jonny Bones Jones losing more fans with every decision he makes.” #newnikeadd

  43. triplehookKO says:

    Unfortunately for Jon Jones there are a couple great fighters out there who are up and coming and WILL beat Jones so his decision to not pay the fighters was about $$$$$$$ money mooney mooney.

  44. Jodiggz says:

    You Fucking dumbasses. The card was cancelled because Hendo has a rickety ass knee, And the rest of the card was shit, so there was no fight to bump up to main event. The best they could come up with was SONNEN?!?! Give me a fucking break. A MW who just came off a knockout/TKO loss? Yeah, that makes sense. But as for this comment about about paying the fighters fees, I’m calling bullshit. And him calling Dana about telling Sonnen to stop harassing him on twitter, Thats some bitchmade shit.

  45. KIDD433 says:

    This guy is started to not try to hide the fact that he is a piece of shit

  46. KIDD433 says:

    “Starting”not started.Excuse the shit out of me.grammar queen

  47. OldDog says:

    Bones was ready to fight Hendo wasn’t, if Hendo didn’t offer to pay, why should Bones?

  48. Bjj BB says:

    Hate all you want guys! JbJ will beat every fighter you guys root for including your favorite fighters!! No matter how much you claim to hate him for his mistakes, as in driving drunk, not fighting sonnen cause that was not a mistake that was a good choice. At the end of the day jbj and his fans will win cause he is not loosing!!!! So i understand y every1 is soooo mad, you guys are like that lil snotty nose kid in the candy store screaming his head off cause he cant get his way and get any candy, think of jones as the candy in the candy store, you want to get it but you cant. In other words you want him to lose but it aint gonna happen! Leaving you all with a bitter taste in your mouth to swallow! While his fans just sit back and enjoy every sweet victory he gets!! Buuuwaaaaaahahahahahahaha!! Theres no way you guys will ever win so F-UCK ALL OF U!!


    Bjj BB.You are one in denial piece of shit.You just can’t get off Jones dick.

  50. Bjj BB says:

    Lmao!! Its funny how people dont ever respond to my post with any education about mma or what were talking about! Good come back by saying the Played out “on his dick” or “piece of shit” all you F-ucking F-aggots aint real fans of this sport, just started watching it a few years ago and now got the nerve to come on here and talk shit! Id meet up with any of you and beat the shit out of you key board gangsters!!

    • ASDF says:

      No one likes you here. Why don’t you just go away. You obviously have nothing better to do than to troll. You probably have no friends to play with you, so you come here to get attention. Sorry to hear, but this site doesn’t need people like you.

    • Irie nation says:

      That’s real logical to call everybody keyboard gangsters then to end you say “I’d beat the shit out of you” hmm you probably are a 12 year old kid with freckles and glasses who gets a joy by trying to sound like a hardass…you do this because since you wear glasses and have freckles people pick on you at school…so you use as a way to vent your everyday troubles of being a loser…stop saying you’ll kick people’s ass…you’re never going to meet anyone on here….before you lie again and say some bs like “oh I’m an amatuer fighter whos training bjj…etc…” just stfu and don’t reply…as a matter fact just keep jackin it to a picture of Jon’s bone

  51. Sam says:

    Your a retard and that my retarded friend is
    why you draw other retards into your debates
    You should watch the special Olympics not

  52. Bjj BB says:

    @ sam, you just proved my point! F-ucking stupid as a box of rocks! So you respond with nothing? And this my retarted commenty who cant read nor comprehend is why the stuff i say has everything to do with the post and not just a bunch of 3rd grade cut downs, the special olypics would be a step up for guys like you!

  53. DBKlein69 says:

    Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

    …….i have Philippians 4:13 tatted on my chest. i never said anything about chapter 2 verse 3.

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