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Tuesday, 04/23/2013, 10:45 am

VIDEO | Jon Jones & Chael Sonnen Hit SportsCenter On ESPN To Hype UFC 159

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen recently took to ESPN’s SportsCenter to promote this weekend’s UFC 159 event.


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones & Chael Sonnen Hit SportsCenter On ESPN To Hype UFC 159”

  1. you know what it is says:

    I think Sonnen is playing mind games with Bones

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Right you are sir. It’s classic mind games 101. Jonesey is a 25 year old super egomaniac like most fighters are. Sonnen is doing the 2 punch combo. First rip into him putting him in a defensive mode then ease off by complementing him. Just mental wrestling 101 boys!! Jonesey is lucky he has Jackson.

    • Richard says:

      Jones knows the deal. He’s not buying into it.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Sonnen is playing Jones like a fiddle. HE KNOWS Jones is weak mentally. If he wasn’t, Jones would have accepted the fight on 8 day notice for a fight HE was training for against Hendo and Sonnen was not training!!! I can tell you Sonnen knew then that Jones is weak. Because it wasn’t that Jones was out of shape or unprepared, but was unprepared to face Sonnen. That is mental and a weak mental state.

  3. Hey BJ Buttars says:

    give back your G.E.D certificate and then go slap your Mama for naming you that! Damn! lol.

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