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Monday, 09/17/2012, 02:20 pm

VIDEO | Jon Jones Appears As Ring Girl In Speedo In This Invicta Promo | UFC NEWS

Invicta’s “Karate Hottie” has made a promo video for Invicta’s “got talent” competition and most notable in the video is UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones appearing as a ring “man”.

Here’s the description straight from her Youtube Account:



I Need your vote! Vote “Contestant 3#” at

Featuring myself “Michelle Waterson”, UFC fighters Jonny “Bones” Jones, John Dodson Kyle Noke, Travis Browne, Coach Greg Jackson and Jules Kedzie. This is my submission to the Invicta’s Got Talent video promo contest. Vote for this video starting September 17th on the website.

Please do not share until voting begins on September 17th on the website.




26 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones Appears As Ring Girl In Speedo In This Invicta Promo | UFC NEWS”

  1. The natural says:

    Jackson had to have biggest part yea Nooo anything Jackson touches is gonna fall apart or run away Can’t support anything Jackson does

  2. kook says:

    jbj looks so @#$%&

  3. CodyB says:

    yay who ever CodyB is your shit is on my computer

  4. magoo says:

    Lol…. big Travis jumpin like a giddy schoolgirl!”
    !!!!!WARNING these ring men can seriously hurt you!

  5. ASDF says:

    Can’t stand Greg Jackson. Everytime, I see his face, or hear his voice, he brings forth this sneaky, b/s, untrusting, caniving personality. Just looking at him, makes me run.

  6. Jimmmmmmmmy says:

    This is the real reason he didn’t fight Sonnen, he had ‘better’ things to do.

  7. brian says:

    We know thats not real life, because Jackson never tells his guys to FINISH!!!

  8. Lino says:

    this girl make rousey look like s$%t

  9. O NO says:

    He must feel like a piece of meat now

  10. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    This is what Greg Jackson turned UFC into, freakin’ saturday night live. Turning down fights to do crap like this.

  11. bb says:

    i think they try to be funny so that they can gain some fans back

  12. Big J says:

    That was pretty bad….

  13. Bjj BB says:

    JBJ should’ve went with blue speedos in my opinion. Red doesn’t suit him. Or Black.

  14. aMMAzing says:

    Funny Video! Mr.Jon Jones (if you ever read this) I gotta tell you, that video was hilarious. People always talk about how you have no sense of humor, but you proved them wrong. Me and my girl are both big fans of yours and we will continue to support you. Never mind all the racist, negative, ignorant, trailer park trash, bipolar idiots that constantly disrespect you “online”. Even though it may seem like the internet if flooded with jerks that hide behind their computers, you have real fans out here. Much love bro!

  15. TheWholeTruth says:

    Actually, I just read your stupid a s s comment above. Yeah ASDF, you’re not a good decent person. I’m leaning toward ignorant as your subject matter.

  16. maurice says:

    i laughed pretty hard when they first showed jones. then when michelle woke up and threw a kick at jones and he just swats it away like nothing happend. funny shit. u butthurt fans need to kill urself. ppl can make excuses for why they hate jones, fake, bitch, etc etc.

    truth is everyone hates jones because he kicked the shit out of everyone lhw heroes. god knows i luved jones until he beat shogun like a dog. then beating rampage made me hate him even more. but beating machida i once again became a fan, and dominating that bitch rashad really made my day. only time i will root against jones again is if, shogun, page or anderson gets a shot at him.

    p.s. anderson and bones arent afraid of phael sonnen, fact that ppl think that is just silly. chael can easily manipulate the minds of u fickle ass ufc fans.

  17. Brend0magic says:

    Travis Browne’s little smirk and wave was the funniest part of the video imo.

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