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Monday, 03/11/2013, 10:16 am

VIDEO | Jon Fitch Not Surprised At UFC Cut | UFC NEWS

“It was a surprise, but not really. I’ve always felt there was some kind of issue between the UFC and me; I never understood what it was. I felt like – I never really felt like they were happy with me, they never talked to me or explained anything to me about how they felt or where they stood, so it was a surprise in that sense, but it wasn’t a surprise in that I kind of felt it coming.”


10 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Fitch Not Surprised At UFC Cut | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Maybe because Fitch has been stinking up fightcards with his fight avoiding tactics all the time?

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Fitch is top 5 UFC and he will be back. He’s better than everybody there but GSP and maybe Hendricks. But he could also beat those 2 dudes too. Look what he did to Erick Silva! Either Silva was way overrated or Fitch just took down a future contender? Lot more dudes should’ve been cut way before Fitch. But then Dana does not like AKA’s business practices. Plus, he doesn’t like wrestling domination either. I think the reason some have been so over the top hating on Fitch is because they don’t understand a fight very well. It takes two too fight and when a fighter can’t get up or make a fight while being dominated by Fitch, some may feel it is boring. I say the guy in the bottom more deserves to be cut because he sucks. Look what happened in the Silva fight. Silva tried to fight back and it was exciting. They should use Fitch as a gauge to cut shitty fighters who can only lay there and not do shit while being dominated by a superior wrestler.

    • Dis Guy says:

      i don’t think dana doesn’t like AKA… cain comes from AKA. i’m pretty sure he’s happy w/cain. bottom line, fitch’s last 4 fights went 1-2-1. not impressive for what is suppose to be a top tier guy. not to mention his style isn’t the most popular. so you have a guy with a less than impressive record coupled with a fight style most people don’t enjoy watching. kinda hard to keep that.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      No that fight against Silva was exciting because Fitch actually fought for once. He went for finishes unlike his normal MO of just holding down and wait for the round to end.

      Us ‘haters’ understand fighting very well, which is why we don’t like the way Fitch does his thing. I call it ‘his thing’ deliberately because it’s not fighting.

  3. KIDD433 says:

    Fitch was a cancer that was long over due to be removed.Glad the money I spend on fights is no longer wasted on cards with that can on it.1 entertaining fight on his whole boring ass career

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    I think the move to WSOF will be good for both his career and his fans. His rep was tired in the UFC (for the most part) and that can’t be too motivating. winning or not, nobody wanted to see this dude. But there is no question that Fitch is a top fighter; now he’ll have some promotional ‘backing’ to further prove that. but as a weathered warrior reborn, Fitch needs to recognize that ‘dry hump’ victories bring NO glory.

  5. Kong says:

    The fight against silva was a beating and he said after that fight he was going to start being more aggressive so he loses the next fight then gets cut what the heck. I mean I think his fights were not always the most entertaining either but c’mon he just tore silva up. I bet the ufc was planning to cut him after silva but fitch pulled Off the upset.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I agree with you. Ufc had him on the cut list prior to Silva, but once Maia nullified him they used that as their excuse. Bullshit decision. It;s funny though. Maia by far is much more boring than Fitch ever was. He should be cut soon.

  6. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    People are acting like the Fitch-Silva fight was a one-sided beating. Why do you guys say that? Don’t you remember Fitch was in great trouble several times fighting off submissions? It was a back and forth fight with Fitch as the winner, but it was close.

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